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    [CLOSED] 2 issues that need to be fixed

    Dear admins of perpheads, I have 2 issues the first one is that I can't hear anyone using voice chat and other people can't hear me too. The second one is that if I try to get a job I will not get the test to get the job. Your faithfully, TheDutchScorpion Uhm yeah on all other servers i...
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    Ban Appeal @Blicky

    Appealing for: Ban Appeal type: Apology Which staff member banned you: @Blicky Your Steam Name: TheDutchScorpion Your In-game Name: - (no idea) Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:92884458 Dear admins, I got banned about 2 years ago (20-Oct-2015 14:43). At that time I couldn't speak and understand...