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    XenForo 2

    It even has nested comments (up to this depth)
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    XenForo 2

    It's done
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    ---Leave For FREDY Please ! ---

  4. Fredy

    How to fix in-game Televisions

    This will also enable playback of the videos in 1080p (if you have the maximum quality selected in the options).
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    Revert To Old Drugs System

  6. Fredy

    Reece Arnolds @Fredy

    None of you will ever unbanned. Have a nice day.
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    Update Log - 22/08/2018

    Update Log - 22/08/2018 We have another small quality of life update today bundled together with a whole bunch of things @TinySlayer fixed. Added a visible timer when in jail The backdoor of the PD now opens automatically (like the front door) Added cool down to stim packs and slightly...
  8. Fredy

    Little bit odd refund request

    It is indeed a bug and I fixed it. I increased your crafting level significantly.
  9. Fredy

    Update Log - 16/08/2018

    Update Log - 16/08/2018 Today we have a slightly bigger update for you that mainly focuses on changing crafting drastically and adding smoke detectors. Here's the full changelog: Reworked crafting to not be as interactive anymore and generally much easier to use You don't have to click on...
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    Ability to use Storage in a Job

  11. Fredy

    Update Log - 08/08/2018

    Next time try aiming at her head and not to the left/right of it ;)
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    Update Log - 08/08/2018

    Update Log - 08/08/2018 After some time without any updates (mostly because of me being extremely busy) we now have a semi-heavy update for you. While most of the changes are relatively small I think they will improve the experience of everyone a lot. Changes: Fixed legs not being shown...
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    Dispatcher AFK Timer Edit

    This already exists. Any dispatcher action resets the AFK timer to 5 minutes
  14. Fredy

    TFU Armor

    Denied The realism argument does not make any sense here. TFU has head armor to balance the gamemode, regardless of whether or not they actually do have a helmet in game. If they didn't have any head armor TFU would be extremely weak. The sweater argument does not hold any water either since...
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    RR for VIP

    I fixed this yearsa go
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    Update Log - 27/05/2018

    Wallpapers are now customizable: Wallpapers should be in 2:1 aspect ration to be displayed properly. This is one of the ones i used:
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    Update Log - 27/05/2018

    But it's 41k not 8k, and it's obviously spread among 8 people. If you were to rob the bank with just one other person, you'd get 150k each.
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    Update Log - 27/05/2018

    I think the first time was just bugged, you are only supposed to get 10% of the money you steal as real cash spread across the entire crew.
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    Update Log - 27/05/2018

    Btw. it was a joke, this will be added.
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    Update Log - 27/05/2018

    Just so you can get some weeb background? No thanks!
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    Update Log - 27/05/2018

    Amended with new phone model:
  22. Fredy

    Update Log - 27/05/2018

    Update Log - 27/05/2018 Today's update is mainly focused on revamping the new phone as well as releasing new server events. Full changes: New phone model, now based on the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, (Thanks @Hendricks for helping with the texture) New phone model: (Thanks @Carrot, @StephenPuffs)...
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    Battlefield V

    That's the same shit they said for battlefront 2, and look how that went...
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    Ban Dispute for Nade @Ayjay/Fredy

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    Update Log - 10/05/2018

    No, only some part of the community has been asking for it for ages. Look at the ratings for the suggestion, how can you possibly claim this is something the community wants? Please look for example at the swat van update. I can even show you your very own post. You claim it was something...
  27. Fredy

    Update Log - 10/05/2018

    Really and you can't even name a single thing? The suggestion page is full of not feasible suggestions. The fact is everyone thinks they have some amazing suggestion that would make perp great, and we can't implement all of them (or even a small percentage). There's more than 2000 threads in the...
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    Update Log - 10/05/2018

    There's not going to be any PD update anytime soon. The PD is the single most updated feature on perp, what more is there possibly to add?
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    Update Log - 10/05/2018

    Yes especially being able to change volume while the tv is playing has been requested several times. Sorry that I am updating the server with stuff that I think will improve the overall gameplay at least some. Clearly your ideas of improving the server are much better so please care to...
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    Update Log - 10/05/2018

    Just a quick follow up to the update from yesterday. We updated the TV model to give it a more modern look. (Thanks @Carrot) The volume setting for TVs in the F1 menu now takes effect immediately, even while playing a video The video does not restart anymore after having been fully played