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  1. Ayjay

    Community Discussion - What do you want?

    We've recently uploaded the last few cars from TDM, it took @D3V a while to configure them! There's a huge variety of cars, however we rely solely on TDMCars and to remain consistent this won't be changing. If you'd like more, I'd suggest contact TDM himself but I doubt this will get you anywhere.
  2. Ayjay

    Community Discussion - What do you want?

    I totally agree, it does seem that consistency is missing in enforcement of the forum rules. We've combated this quite a bit over the last year in-game, and also lowered punishments by a lot. I plan on rewriting the forum rules, and also having guidelines for staff to follow in regards to this.
  3. Ayjay

    Community Discussion - What do you want?

    @smo This is something I've addressed above, nerfing big organisations is a huge want of mine. We'd also like to add incentives to actually being in an organisation, and splitting up these 'zergs' to create more balanced gameplay throughout.
  4. Ayjay

    Community Discussion - What do you want?

    Could you list a few of the ones which you'd like changed & also a list of a few which might be worth adding? I'd love also alter the current decals we have, and make the police cars look a little better generally.
  5. Ayjay

    Community Discussion - What do you want?

    Not sure how this is relevant at all, seems more like an attack than anything constructive.
  6. Ayjay

    Community Discussion - What do you want?

    The people who have been unbanned recently have not played for an extremely long time, it's true that the presence of many of these players caused a massive backlash a year back, but I do believe that everybody deserves another chance. After speaking to each person that has come back recently...
  7. Ayjay

    Community Discussion - What do you want?

    We try ensure our staff remain at the highest possible standard, but sometimes it can be hard to monitor individual progress and quality of our staff members. I plan on doing a lot of things behind the scenes to ensure that staff are remaining professional, are knowledgeable in all aspects of...
  8. Ayjay

    Community Discussion - What do you want?

    Certainly talked about a lot, and quite a prominent topic. I'm not too aware of how much this has changed, @TinySlayer might be best off answering this one.
  9. Ayjay

    Community Discussion - What do you want?

    I've been putting it off for a while, but a big priority of mine is to get the help resource out in the form of a wiki and throwing everything relevant to the game-mode inside it. We need something like this to make sure that new players have a reference for the core mechanics of the game, which...
  10. Ayjay

    Community Discussion - What do you want?

    Yeah this is certainly true, but development is hard given the fact that we don't have many developers. Hiring more developers isn't really an option either, as the server doesn't generate enough income to justify this. We're trying to prioritise the things that people want (hence the thread)...
  11. Ayjay

    Community Discussion - What do you want?

    Fredy and I are going to be working on organisations together once he's released the stuff he's working on. One thing we certainly want is some form of levelling system which will hopefully add more incentive to being in an org. A few other things that are being discussed are: Hard limit on...
  12. Ayjay

    Community Discussion - What do you want?

    Community Discussion - What do you want? A lack of discussion between the staff team and the community has been apparent for a long time now, it's important that we get your input on the prevalent issues and concerns that you all have so we can work toward fixing these. This thread will be an...
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    Unban please @Ayjay

  14. Ayjay

    Ban Apology for Code Monkey - @Collier

  15. Ayjay

    Which famous people have you met

    Can you tell him I want a refund for my SouljaGame, absolute scam.
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    Ban Appeal - @ayjay

  17. Ayjay

    Killed by the hacker Sossa

    We don't refund for scenarios like this.
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    Rafxl_ Ban appeal

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    Ban Apology

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    Ban Appeal for Dimitris Kowalski @Ayjay

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    Mystic's Ban Apology

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    Martino / MachineGunO Ban appeal.

  24. Ayjay

    Nade's Ban appeal.

    Accepted Your ban has been lowered to a year.
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    Husky's Ban Appeal

  26. Ayjay

    Forum Profile Pic ban appeal

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    Apology for Dai

    Denied Evading your ban just proved how little remorse you have for your actions, I appreciate you have personal issues but that does not excuse the repeated toxicity and silly decisions.
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    Staff Team tier list

    far below it
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    Accepted The extension will be redacted, thank you for this sincere apology.