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  1. Christopher Sharpe

    JD's Casinos & Crafting - Applications

    OOC NAME: Ryder IN-GAME NAME: Flacko Williams TELEPHONE NUMBER:891-0843 WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN JD'S CASINOS & CRAFTING: I have recently came back to playing perp and im just looking for friends and people I can trust. WHAT ROLE DO YOU WISH TO UPHOLD : crafting
  2. Christopher Sharpe

    Refund for my Colt Python

  3. Christopher Sharpe

    Refund for my Colt Python

    Your in-game name: Christopher Sharpe Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:183104843 What do you need refunded: Colt Python (FULL) Why do you want your item(s) refunded: I've been rdm'd Evidence: I do not have any video proof evidence nor picture evidence but a staff member "Racxes" told me to tag him...