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  1. Nafe

    AR // Ibraaa ~ Luke Jefferson

    Your Steam/In-game Name: Nafe / Nathan Ross His/Her Steam/In-game Name: @ibraaa / Luke Jefferson His/Her SteamID: STEAM_0:1:202214913 Why Should This Player Be Punished: 1.1 - Clearly chose to insult me in LOOC after throwing a grenade at me. It's worth mentioning I did retaliate in OOC as I...
  2. Nafe

    I am Nafe / Sorry for towing your cars all the time.

    Hello I am Nafe, I have actually decided to take the server seriously after not being able to since 2015. I mainly got banned because I made big brain decisions to constantly minge as medic or RC. I am actually taking the server serious now because I have friends playing. Idk if it's metagaming...
  3. Nafe

    Nafe's Ban Appeal & Apology @Tinyslayer

    Appealing for: Ban / Blacklist Appeal type: Apology Which staff member banned you: @TinySlayer How long were you banned for: Permanently Your Steam Name: Nafe Your In-game Name: John Murcielago (unsure.) Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:80532056 Why were you banned/blacklisted: 4.1, 3.22...