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    About the " new player " apartments

  2. Askasta

    About the " new player " apartments

    @Zepol fuck perp all my homies love monoforth
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    About the " new player " apartments

  4. Askasta

    thank you

    thank you
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    Update Log (11/01/2021)

    A Updaten none asked for but a update we needed.
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    Police Punishments Overhaul

    Damn thats actually a good idea so new officers or anyone else can't abuse by giving over the limit. However what if the Officer lies and just selects the wrong charge ?
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    $2 Million Dollar Giveaway!

    ayyyyy lets goooooooooooo inshallah i win cause broke life rules me so i dont need to sweap the floor clean after raids xd
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    thehomelessdude's re-Introduction

    why did you get banned for metagaming permanently ? wtf ?
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    PERPHeads 2020 Community Awards - Vote!

    i see the biggest mingegrabber category is missing
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    Hahhahaha well yes

    Hahhahaha well yes
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    PERPHeads Secret Santa 2020

    i wish everybody a happy christmas its the roachs time to give something back
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    bye bye for another 3 months

    bye bye for another 3 months
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    Gun Jamming???

    @Collier what a could feature it would be that guns actually jam and if you press a button you rack the bolt to unjam it or in this case to feed another bullet into the chamber
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    My final goodbye

    @rogue damn you wanna eat mine too ?
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    My final goodbye

    @Husky no i msorry i meant food only
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    My final goodbye

    @Kempotent yes
  17. Askasta

    My final goodbye

    @Husky in germany i could if i really push it
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    My final goodbye

    @BigBenji Intel Pentium E7500 the market worth of it its like 10 euro or 5 euro the water damaged raspberry pi is even better
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    My final goodbye

    @GringoHead with 30 euros i can get a whole working PC off ebay wich is better then mine i use
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    My final goodbye

    @Husky hey i didnt know at the first place that they ever get money. 30 Euro is quite good you can live off a month with it alone if you really want to and if he works he can use his income to payback his depth etc. you know.
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    My final goodbye

    haha no haha
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    My final goodbye

    @CaughtRed yea i heard people talking about some christmas pay or something like that. i think it was that
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    My final goodbye

    why not stay in staff team from what i heard they pay people who are staff ? however like everyone else i also wish you good luck to get out of that situation.
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    20/06/20 - Community Updates

    bro what no way only 4 people applied for the position. I though many would apply and i just applied to see if i even get considered lmao
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    Update Log - 13/06/2020

    lately the perp developers are working hella good. I can remember that once updates came kinda rarely and after a time but now it feels like there is every week a new update. Awsome ! keep up the good work bois
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    JRW - Helper Application

    no i got fired before the server went down because some punks provokated me and they took a sentence and missunderstood it and made a staff complaint. My english back then was much worser i accidently said "i can do anything i want" as mod in ooc lmao
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    JRW - Helper Application

    correct me if im wrong but i was in melonstick aswell and if im not wrong you actually sometime got "fired" from ur staff position cause you did something bad ? or i think you left it as you got annoyed not sure.
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    why did you do this ???

    why did you do this ???