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  1. BigBenji

    Economic inflation in perp

    It’s obviously the case, when not only is an AK47 made in someone’s garage worth more than a SCAR or a desert eagle (also made in a garage) but the fact that a pristine condition vintage car is worth the fraction of a Chevrolet Blazer. For gameplay reasons literally nothing on PERP is priced how...
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    If you’re getting banned at any point in perp history, it has to be for a funny reason.
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    Economic inflation in perp

    All I know is 15 per mill from @[REDACTED] Items on PERP are adjusted by price depending on the function of said item rather than its actual base value and any attempts at comparing it to real life prices would just result in an unnecessary amount of overthought.
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    Phantom Forces

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    “Raiding isn’t realistic roleplay” Why you’re technically wrong.

    I’ve seen this all to much, people claiming that “raiding” isn’t roleplay, and that its responsible for killing the game mode. Ive disagreed with this fair bit. Allow me to explain the mechanics of it and how it correlates to actual roleplay: 1: The drug dealer and growing: The way perp...
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    short return montage

    I’ll make a fucking roleplay montage then if you lot really fucking want that. Give me 5 days.
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    Phantom Forces

    no mad cuz too good apparently if you look at the above post,
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    Description of the idea: Drastically reduce the weapon sway of the M24, or remove it entirely unless aimed whilst running. Currently the M24, even when taking a step whilst crouch walking, sways as if you’re doing a fucking Morris dance with the gun. It’s also worth noting that the M24 is...
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    Returning your car back as civilian

    The potential for abuse here is massive and this would primarily be used maliciously to avoid tickets or car thefts.
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    Phantom Forces

    Freeup DestroyerOfBottomz Wasnt even that impressive of a streak tbh but not even a votekick stopped tha frag
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    About the " new player " apartments

    Unpopular opinion: There's no such thing as "new player immunity" and anyone whos basing and growing drugs should expect to be raided by other players.
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    Phantom Forces

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    Phantom Forces

    Anyone else fucking hate this game and its community? Currenly rank 114 or something.
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    [OFFICIAL] Current favorite songs

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    He had 1 job and got you kidnapped...
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    Official Statement from PLPD Captain ”Benj”: The Paralake Police Department do not consider paramilitary styled patrols in residential or otherwise public areas as a legitimate form of business or public safety and for these purposes all members of this organisation shall receive formal warning...
  19. BigBenji

    Lower respawn timer and increase NLR timer

    No. If the 5 minute black screen is really that annoying then that shows that it’s serving its purpose as self enforcement of 3.4 and 3.6. There’s also the fact that so many people reenter their NLR zones constantly, especially if it’s near slums or PD. The current NLR system only stops you...
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    Office Window

    Moved to map suggestions.
  21. BigBenji

    The Fall Of The Third Reich | 1945 (This is a goodbye post)

    Ngl this hits almost as hard as when I found out you weren’t actually German. Best of luck for your future and try to stick around.
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    We are now fully stocked on: Pop star Herbal incense mix ($400 per 1.5G) Whiteout plant power powder ($600 per 1 G) Nevermelt Crystal ”plant supplement” (750 per 1G) Mushroom Cloud research specimen ($200 per unit) Nopain synthetic opioid research pill ($400 per dose) Pumpkin spice mix (flavours...
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    Content Bug Report (Magic Mushrooms and pumpkins can be planted in funny places.)

    Type of Bug: Content Description of the Bug: Magic Mushrooms and pumpkins can be planted in funny places. How to reproduce the Bug: Its currently possible to plant pumpkins on the roof of certain buildings, such as gas station roofs and business shop roofs. Its also possible to plant...
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    A method of threatening the mayor

    If thats how you want to spend your money then its fair game imo.
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    Join perp NOW and setup a store at the office!

    Puffermart would have worked better imo because by law no one can sell guns legally in office
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    Whoever’s perspective was the one with 5 million errors on their screen should probably fix that ASAP, imagine playing like that. Other than that Idk I just stopped watching on like the 9th pixel peek clip.