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  1. WheSky

    I wish i had more chance keep in touch with you all. Still, that was a great experience for me...

    I wish i had more chance keep in touch with you all. Still, that was a great experience for me to meet you all.
  2. WheSky

    Take care of yourself people, i never used hacks... believe or not. This community and members...

    Take care of yourself people, i never used hacks... believe or not. This community and members of this community are so lovely.
  3. WheSky

    Ban Dispute

    Appealing for: Ban Appeal type: Dispute Which staff member banned you: Bolli Your Steam Name: WheSky Your In-game Name: Michael White Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:40498668 Why were you banned/blacklisted: Cheating Why should this appeal be considered: Cheating? What i have done to receive this...
  4. WheSky

    Pelle Famillia

    ✮ ✮ ✮ WAR DECLARED ✮ ✮ ✮ White Mike and Mad Dog cant take your shits anymore, your behaviour is unacceptable against our hood. "War does not determine who is right — only who is left." ✮Traveling Vice Lords✮ Lil' Jones - Mad Dog
  5. WheSky

    It's been a good ride PH

    Dont you fucking dare...
  6. WheSky

    ParalakeFM - Phone App [IG]

    Topic: ParalakeFM - Phone App (IG) Short explanation (in notes): - Being able to listen ParalakeFM on phone - Via App - Be able to request music/song - See current music/song being played - See current DJ - Only owner of the phone would be able to hear the radio - Play - Pause option. -...
  7. WheSky


    That would be great if you can create a radio app for iOS and Android.
  8. WheSky

    AR on 90sd8fß0hgß0a2kl / David Green

    Alex maybe you should have just shot him if you feel he broke 3.4, cant you aim? Well, there is really nothing to discuss since you cannot keep two person under gun point. (Thats what i have been told.) And maybe you should stop making AR on every person.
  9. WheSky

    ✮Traveling Vice Lords✮

    ☆☆☆CHIEF NOTE☆☆☆ ☆☆War Information☆☆ ☆The Awareness☆ Since some retarded fake muslims declared a war on us, i would like to say you boys and girls have to carry sidearms in any circumstances and keep your autos on your car's trunks or right next to you on passenger seat. BE AWARE, this...
  10. WheSky

    Paralake Private Militia

    I have seen recently, disallowed activities in Suburubs area, last warning. Stay away from the Suburbs area, do not bring your stinky smell to our lovely crib. I say again, LAST WARNING or we'll make a clean up and make your bloody and dead bodies burn in the trash can. - Travelling Vice...
  11. WheSky

    Pelle Famillia

    Can yo' dumbasses afford an AK-47? Nooo way homie... You cant even afford a milk to drink. Stay away from our territory, you have been warned, next warns will come out of my and homie's gun barrels. Stay away... Stay alive. 'White Mike' - Chief of the TVL
  12. WheSky

    Character Kill [CK]

    CK? There will be no point on saving money then... Not even talking about storage system and firearms level Perpheads is pretty original community and it has own ways in the server, if you dont like the way of this community and want other ways, feel free to go other servers. Perp is a...
  13. WheSky

    So, for police

    Phone, use it.
  14. WheSky

    AR Alexander Fernadez

    Well, can you provide the PROOF of metagaming? Maybe he just used the org chat and brought his friend(s), thats so simple.
  15. WheSky

    hi guys

    Welcome, enjoy your stay.
  16. WheSky

    Kitty's Ban Dispute

    As much i can see in the video, he's shooting at her before saying "Stop" and causing her to bleed, well she can do anything to save her own life after that point, because he's posing a deadly threat against her, his shots was totally to kill her when she's in the car. (Tires popped after a...
  17. WheSky

    AR on Alex by Sam

    OK, Hold on there, why did you make an AR for someone else? I believe Agent Green can make an AR if he wants to, right? Alex might be annoying sometimes also i really dont believe he can aim properly(lol) so that was a miracle to kill Agent Green anyway... Okay lets get back to the...
  18. WheSky

    Shield for swat

    Well, nice idea but would be so excessive and so overpowered in my opinion. This is not a "Riot" shield, i suppose. You are suggesting a Tactical Shield(aka. Ballistic Shield), right?
  19. WheSky

    AR on CHADD

    As far as i remember, a citizen provided a glock 20 and reported the regals for the murder, LT was also murdered at the Regals Apartment. (There were more reasons for raid, like Boarded Window [Considered as suspicious activity.] and more, Garret should remember.) But we had a valid reason to...
  20. WheSky

    Bertie *TRADING* - Punchwhore and rdm.

    Such a minge. User seems broke multiple rules by abusing SS job for ATTEMPTING kill you, kill mayor and such more. (He needs to know how to control a mouse, obviously) The guys whoever voting this thread as "Dumb" actually quit mocking the situation. +Support, User should receive a...
  21. WheSky

    7 Game pick-up line giveaway

    Be my christmas doll and let me touch all over your body, oh dear...
  22. WheSky

    People who only raid

    Then dont try to grow with empty berettas. You should learn the techniques like how to take out a retarded radier while he/she pinning your door and you should learn the basic sounds of actions like changing weapon mode, bandaging, moans, bomb sounds, bobby pin breaching sound, lockpick...
  23. WheSky

    Sweatervests with Guns

    Almost same "Skills of Acquiring Dumb Votes" with a guy called "Ryan the Russian Dog" Do you guys know eachother? :booty:
  24. WheSky

    Bats to be able to finish off people with satisfying effects.

    That sounds cool but also extremely madness side of realism. Still +Support
  25. WheSky

    Action Request - Stomper By Ljungberg

    I dont want to get myself into this huge and complicated situation but i really dont think Stomper would really break any rules, you guys probably over reacting, maybe not but why dont you guys sort this out over steam chat? (A bit late but yeah.) (Well okay when EVER we hang out together ICly...
  26. WheSky

    Brandify / Brandon

    You need to provide a demo.
  27. WheSky

    Question about orgs

    Just use your common sense; Citizens should not be allowed to help government workers in raids or catching a criminal, you should have to follow the laws like other citizens else you end up in jail even you get a permission from LT (Which i can bet my ass off none of the LT's would NEVER give...
  28. WheSky

    Ban apology

    Creative forum names 101
  29. WheSky

    No healing when full health

    I wasted around 100 bandages on my first times because i didnt know only one bandage was enough to stop bleeding. But now, still keep wasting my health vials and bandages while trying to eat food, drink coffee and mostly while trying to equip my binoculars on. Yes, +Support
  30. WheSky

    Exnem's enforcer application.

    Maybe you should just trust yourself to see what REALLY gonna happen, If you get declined nothing is gonna be different, you can try later again when you feel ready. I suggest you to edit your application and make a tough application and begin with removing the shitty note at the beginning of...