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  1. CensoredExe

    What happened to blue duck?

    I’ve been kinda away from the community for a while and just happened to check paralakenews out of curiosity and realised that the article I wrote, that feels like I wrote it just a month ago, giving a look at blue duck before it’s expected January release has been out for a year today After a...
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    Bazaar shop do be dead

    This is the only thing stopping bazaar from being active imo, just need a new system that makes running a legal business actually a viable choice if you want to make money
  3. CensoredExe

    Gold thread archive

    Found this one on my site titled "JAY HATCH RAPIST"
  4. CensoredExe

    Current Roleplaying state

    You never see the community pull together like it does to collectively criticize a sweater LOL love it
  5. CensoredExe

    GCSE 2020-21

    Shoutout to all the man that failed their tests and are now headed cunch
  6. CensoredExe

    5.X vehicle theft

    Rules being vague like this are why people complain!! Please elaborate
  7. CensoredExe

    Content Bug Report (Mirrored texture)

    I made this mistake too dont worry
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    Murtsley's Janitor Application

    You're obviously going to get the role and you're confident enough that you know that, which is why you presumably haven't written a very long application. Ive never had a bad experience with you I can remember, I'm sure you'd be great for the role, id just prefer some more effort put into the...
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    Diss Track on Aaron Davidson

    I wonder who the single dislike was?
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    Drill Radio

    @Auris *fastens black airforces*
  11. CensoredExe

    Drill Radio

    Nowadays in the UK the average listener is @Auris
  12. CensoredExe

    Server Suggestion Natural disasters and adverse weather

    Unless the code for this already exists, I dont ever see a world where something this big and extensive will be created for a community that isnt that keen on it. It would be cool I guess, but it would probably get old really quick.
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    Server Suggestion [Suggestion] Sell from storage.

    This idea would be very cool, but will kill bazzar. I believe this is (somewhat) the reason they banned sites such as
  14. CensoredExe

    Drill Radio

  15. CensoredExe

    Hi, bye

    Just pour absinthe all over your motherboard, usually does the trick.
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    Hi, bye

    I cant tell if this was a thermal paste job gone wrong or creepis just reallly likes CPU's
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    im guessing the first username you tried wasnt allowed.....

    im guessing the first username you tried wasnt allowed.....
  18. CensoredExe

    why are you irish

    why are you irish
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    Server Suggestion Question mark rating

    Id love this but we all know this would just be used as a dumb rating lol
  20. CensoredExe

    Till next time

    When will @Auris receive his tape?
  21. CensoredExe

    5 Million Giveaway
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  23. CensoredExe

    Your chance to manage ParalakeNews

    @money Just look at previous articles for inspiration if youd like to stick to that, but ofcourse the manager gets to decide whatever they want to post, topics and content.
  24. CensoredExe

    Your chance to manage ParalakeNews

    @Benj We dont plan on slandering anyone, i dont see how this is relevant unless i slander people.
  25. CensoredExe

    Your chance to manage ParalakeNews

    @Benj This is exactly why I want it community run lol Noone wants to read about a fire in game, or a raid or some dumb shit, which was what the old original paralakenews was, which is why it died. People actually read this one because it had topics that they wanted to read about, such as PLPD...
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    Your chance to manage ParalakeNews

    Once fully active again, you will most likely be reached out to by journalists if youre running events, however if youre not approach us and were more than happy to give publicity to the event
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    Your chance to manage ParalakeNews

    @Benj Because its not in-character news, the majority of stories we cover are related to OOC, Staff, PLPD or Development.
  28. CensoredExe

    Your chance to manage ParalakeNews

    Im split between wanting it to be run by a staff members (more likely to work harder and be passionate about community) and a community members (no staff bias)
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    Your chance to manage ParalakeNews

    ParalakeNews I havent ran ParalakeNews in a while, but I still believe it has a ton of missed out potential because of my laziness and unwillingess to write articles. Please PM me on the forums if youre interested at all, you would be managing the website and discord and...
  30. CensoredExe

    How to rob the slots TUTORIALS

    all it takes is a strong mentality and 150k