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  1. CensoredExe

    What happened to blue duck?

    I’ve been kinda away from the community for a while and just happened to check paralakenews out of curiosity and realised that the article I wrote, that feels like I wrote it just a month ago, giving a look at blue duck before it’s expected January release has been out for a year today After a...
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    Your chance to manage ParalakeNews

    ParalakeNews I havent ran ParalakeNews in a while, but I still believe it has a ton of missed out potential because of my laziness and unwillingess to write articles. Please PM me on the forums if youre interested at all, you would be managing the website and discord and...
  3. CensoredExe

    Unnecessary toxicity towards minors

    I've been away from the community for a little while but have been keeping up to date on the forums and saw this post from Aaron. Im obviously not saying any of the "music" he made was good, or anywhere near it, but what baffled me is the amount of grown men replying with abuse thats insane. I...
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    I want to bring paralakenews back to regular posts and there are news articles i'd love to be written and covered! If youre interested in earing up to 75K per article, please contact me via the forums or apply at
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    People have probably been expecting someone to make a post like this eventually, but I really want to recommend GrandadPyjamas for being an amazing new member of the community and for his extremely entertaining streams! My limited experience with him has been all very good and I hope we get...
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    CensoredExe | Enforcer Application V2

    STEAM NAME: censoredExe STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:72160298 AGE: 16 WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE AN ENFORCER?: I've been a helper for nearly 3 months now, and I truly believe I'm ready for the Enforcer role. During the time span that I've been a helper, I've been given many opportunities to learn and grow...
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    CensoredExe | Enforcer Application

    STEAM NAME: censoredExe STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:72160298 AGE: 16 WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE AN ENFORCER?: Throughout the past month and a half, my time as a Helper has allowed me to grow as a person as well as learn from the current staff team. As a Helper, I've helped a lot of members of the...
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    CensoredExe | Helper Application V3

    STEAM NAME: censored.exe STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:72160298 IN-GAME NAME: Chris Jenson WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE A HELPER?: After being in the community for a long time now, since 2014 on and off, and becoming extremely active again for just over a year, for a long time I've wanted to give back. Some...
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    ParalakeNews The site is finally out! Currently, we only have 2 journalists and one article on the site, so we'd really appreciate new applications! View jobs here; The first article + Exclusive ParalakeNews interview...
  10. CensoredExe

    ParalakeNews reboot [HIRING]

    Hopefully, within a few days, we'll be releasing ParalakeNews. To start with, the site will only be available from a browser, though at a later date we should hopefully be adding it to the newspaper in-game. This, in my opinion, has been done wrong a ton of times. If you look back through old...
  11. CensoredExe

    Filip Larsson

    I know he doesn't use the forums, so he probably won't see it but, this guy is one of the most genuine guys I've ever met. I've never had a bad experience with him, and he's always been extremely kind and considerate, something hard to come across on here. I hope I continue to see him in game...
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    Burner phones and police "tracking"

    Description of the idea: Police can currently see who owns a phone number, but I propose to also be able to see the last 10 calls that phone has made, aswell as possibly texts. This would allow police to better chase down wanted suspects, and find out who they are in contact with. To combat...
  13. CensoredExe

    Opinions and suggestions on an idea

    Ive been thinking about releasing a new site, which will be somewhat similar to perpmarket (possibly a sub-section), though specialised for large orders. The current idea is as follows, Buyers can create an order, where they will give a description, and tinycalc basket data Crafters can then...
  14. CensoredExe

    Jay Hatch's ban appeal @Mim @Clarky

    Appealing for: Ban / Blacklist Appeal type: Apology Which staff member banned you: @Mimball for @Clarky How long were you banned for: 3 days Your Steam Name: jacob.hatch Your In-game Name: Jay Hatch Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:234554157 Why were you banned/blacklisted: 2.5, 3.4 - User had killed...
  15. CensoredExe

    Toilets in PD

    Type of bug: map Description of the bug: While this is less of a bug, its easily exploitable. The top of cubicles in PD toilets are open, which allows you to drop items in them, without any way of them being retrieved. This could allow for people to place bombs or other items in there that...
  16. CensoredExe

    CensoredExe | Helper Application V2

    STEAM NAME: censored.exe STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:72160298 IN-GAME NAME: Chris Jenson WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE A HELPER?: I've been apart of the perpheads community for a long, long time now - much longer than people may think. The first time I played was sometime back in 2014, though it may have...
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    Just came accross this gem
  18. CensoredExe

    Licence plate bug

    Type of bug: Unsure, Lua? Description of the bug: This license plate isnt showing a record How to reproduce the bug: ANPR and Search this vehicle Time stamp(s): 22:49 06/07/20 UK *Errors: None *Media:
  19. CensoredExe

    CensoredExe | Helper Application

    STEAM NAME: censored.exe STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:72160298 IN-GAME NAME: Chris Jenson WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE A HELPER?: There's a lot of reasons I want to be a helper but I think it can be summed up with a few main reasons. Perpheads has been a big part of my life that past 6 years since I first...
  20. CensoredExe

    Add ratings to the Ideas & Suggestions section of the forums

    Description of the idea: Add ratings to the Ideas & Suggestions section of the forums ( specifically agree and disagree ) Why should this be added? (pros): Allows developers and SA to gauge community opinion of someone's reply to a suggestion, without each one having the individually reply...
  21. CensoredExe

    Lots of game freezes

    My game keeps freezing (causing me to die often), and I know loads of other people get this. Is this server or client-side, and is there anything that can be done to fix or minimise this? inb4 get a better pc
  22. CensoredExe

    After a few sleepless nights of coding, I'm proud to present, in cooperation with @curak .... I got fairly creative with the product descriptions, and I'd love suggestions for descriptions I haven't yet filled in. How it works Deposit cash A crafter claims your order, and crafts...
  23. CensoredExe

    TFU Range Rover

    Type of bug: Texture Description of the bug: The front 'POLICE' was put on backwards How to reproduce the bug: Not really a bug, just look at the screenshot or spawn the vehicle *Media: [images/media of the issue]
  24. CensoredExe

    Any use for most this stuff? Stuff like toluene, acetone and a bunch of other chemicals in my 1k+ perp playtime ive never touched, is there any actual use for them?
  25. CensoredExe I just finished coding an online casino, exactly like the ones you see in bazaar shops, with 50/50 odds online. You can deposit money to the site by making a request and then sending the money to myself or palodhi, we offer instant withdrawals too, with absolutely no fees. The...
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    Your Steam/In-game Name: Chris Jenson/censored.exe His/Her Steam/In-game Name:bobo/edward hustle His/Her SteamID:n/a Why Should This Player Be Punished:2.5 Evidence (Demo Required): I genuinely didn't want any toxicity from any situations that we were apart of with bobo, but tonight hes been so...
  27. CensoredExe

    Ban Dispute

    Appealing for: Ban Appeal type: Dispute (part apology) Which staff member banned you: @Dom_ How long were you banned for: 1 day Your Steam Name: censored.exe Your In-game Name: Chris Jenson Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:72160298 Why were you banned/blacklisted: 3.4...
  28. CensoredExe

    Perpheads Automatic Demo Deleter

    Tired of that pesky 60gb demo folder? Can't be bothered to just go into the folder and delete them all every few weeks? Look no further! In all seriousness, Double J asked me to create a python program that would run on startup, check all the demos, and delete any that are over 21 days old, so...
  29. CensoredExe

    Actually do the suggestions

    Description of the idea: Staff actually process suggestions Why should this be added? (pros): There are 5 pages of suggestions waiting to be processed What negatives could this have? (cons): Sr Staff have more work to do *Other additions: Maybe process the suggestion exactly a week after its...
  30. CensoredExe

    AR on bill burton

    Your Steam/In-game Name: Chris Jenson His/Her Steam/In-game Name: Bill Burton His/Her SteamID: idk Why Should This Player Be Punished: 2.5, he wont stop calling me (ive blocked his number, which is broken), following me around, breaking dumb laws infront of me while im cop etc and just trying to...