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  1. Kelson

    Car dealer scammed me $160,000!

    lul get scammed
  2. Kelson

    Lag spikes

    How to get in rid of them? Help pls
  3. Kelson

    Smart cars

    u could just add fiat multipla pmsl
  4. Kelson

    water levels on planter boxes keep resetting

    I have that issue too. Its aids
  5. Kelson

    Material prices / gun crafting

    please our lord @Fredy
  6. Kelson

    Simultaneous autism montage

    u would do better if u simply uploaded it without music lol
  7. Kelson

    Simultaneous autism montage

    enjoyed the blocked screen
  8. Kelson

    Material prices / gun crafting

    200 IQ
  9. Kelson

    tazers kill

    oh god
  10. Kelson

    Material prices / gun crafting

    I just think, that the prices and crafting needs a change. It's just time consuming, boring and expensive.
  11. Kelson

    Material prices / gun crafting

    It's just a bullshit, that gun prices are so astronomical, and it's basically unballanced, since when you fight cops, you can lose gun, drugs etc (which can be worth about 60k), but when cops die, they lose nothing, and they get money from confiscation. Just unballanced
  12. Kelson

    Material prices / gun crafting

    Also, m4 costs like 2800 dollars. But on perp it's 25000 $ with mag and compensator and shit xd
  13. Kelson

    Material prices / gun crafting

    I bet theres a lot of people using it rn xd. I mean, crafting is a cancer thing
  14. Kelson

    Official goodbye lel

    you probs made this post only because you cant shoot for shit and you are salty because everyone raids you, i bet you dont even have a gf and job pmsl
  15. Kelson

    Update Log - 08/08/2018

    oh fuck yes daddy
  16. Kelson

    Material prices / gun crafting

    btw it takes about 1.5 hour to craft 5 fucking m4s
  17. Kelson

    Material prices / gun crafting

    I mean, honestly most people who usually play as cops will disagree lol
  18. Kelson

    Material prices / gun crafting

    Discussion Post: N/A Main Idea: Make the material prices cheaper Full description of the idea: Make materials cheaper or make the gun crafting system somehow less complicated Why should it be added?: It would be easier for new players, to get themselves some guns. I believe it would help to...
  19. Kelson

    How can we revive?

    Honestly, I think they should atleast make the guns cheaper, and bring back old drug system, swat and many other cool features. This drug system is too hard for new players. And when theres a sweater, that's basing with pistol, which he can barely afford, it's 99% sure, he will get fucked, when...
  20. Kelson

    Anyone able to give cash in GTA Online?

    sir, what are you talking about, i never cheat!
  21. Kelson

    FPS Drops

    It will remove shadows, lights, and the r_3dsky disables something like background, but it wont do anything with your view distance
  22. Kelson

    FPS Drops

    r_3dsky 0 r_shadows 0
  23. Kelson

    504 Gotti Boyz Applications

    (OOC Questions): Out Of Character name: Kelson Total playtime: 2 months 1 day Do you have Premium: Just came back so no, I will buy it Age: 15 (IC Questions): In game name: Frank Taylor Current list of car ownership: Maseratti Ghibli S Previous organizations: Wagwan, GSE and some others Are you...
  24. Kelson

    When did you start playing?

    You can easily figure it out by clicking on the profile...
  25. Kelson

    back at it again

    noob 1 v 1 me on roblox, since im vac banned
  26. Kelson

    Icekiller's forum ban dispute

    Appealing for: forum ban Appeal type: Dispute Which staff member banned you: idk Your Steam Name:not needed Your In-game Name:not needed Your Steam ID:not needed Why were you banned?: rule violations Why do you feel the ban's invalid?:i dont even know what post i was banned for but im...
  27. Kelson

    Cody's forum ban appeal @MrLewis

    Appealing for: Forum Ban Appeal type: Apology Which staff member banned you: MrLewis How long were you banned for: Permanently Your forum name: Cody Garrett Why were you banned/blacklisted: Disrespect behaviour via the shout box. Why should this appeal be considered: I told a racistic joke in...
  28. Kelson

    Summer Giveaway - 325K !!!

    pick number and mabye
  29. Kelson

    Ban dispute

    im pretty sure i said it ic