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  1. Fredy

    Tooter Revival - 09/05/22

    And one last update, after which I will develop other things: Toots now indicate whether or not you retooted/favourited them You are able to remove favourites and retoots by clicking the corresponding button again Made links work in toots Enabled links/hashtags/mentions in profile descriptions...
  2. Fredy

    Tooter Revival - 09/05/22

    Just a small update: Added ability to delete your own messages and profiles All admins can now delete other people's messages and profiles Fixed replies loading infinite messages When you reply to a toot, it will now prefill the toot box with the corresponding account's handle Fixed settings...
  3. Fredy

    Tooter Revival - 09/05/22

    Tooter was broken since roughly a year ago and it was not fixed because it was always too much trouble. I finally had enough time to get it working again and make sure that it will not break in the future anymore. Tooter is safe from now on. While fixing the backend I also noticed that the UI...
  4. Fredy

    Wardrobe Update - 04/05/22

    A month ago we made a poll about what we should develop next. The wardrobe system won that vote and I am very happy to release it in today's update. Here is how it works: When approaching the mirror in Jennifer's you are now greeted with two options, either purchasing new clothes or go to the...
  5. Fredy

    Map ideas needed

    I wish there was an Evil rating
  6. Fredy

    Map ideas needed

    @Kay @Ellie @Creepis Having more than one shop area (i.e. city shops + bazaar) is almost certainly a bad idea. People will always gravitate to only one shop area and the other will become insignificant (at least at our player count), so if we add city shops this might kill bazaar. Is that really...
  7. Fredy

    Server Suggestion Remove player names when crouched

    Done, but better. Player tags when crouching will only show when you are much closer to the person (can be removed in the future if this is annoying) Only draw player tags if the head of the player is actually visible
  8. Fredy

    Small Demo Update - 16/04/22

    This is just a very small update that changes the location of recorded demos from the demos folder to the data/phdemos folder. The reason we decided to change the folder is due to the demos folder being backed up by Steam Cloud. This is not exactly great since it forces you to upload large demo...
  9. Fredy

    Mission System Part 1: Linear Tutorial - 09/04/22

    One of the biggest issue that our server faces is attracting new players. While we have an incredibly dedicated player base with many people who have played on our server since years and even people who come back after year long bans, new players often find it very difficult to get started...
  10. Fredy

    FPS Drop Fix - 06/04/2022

    Same logic applies, you are probably rendering police cars in the parking lot below. So my statement stands, remove cars from police.
  11. Fredy

    FPS Drop Fix - 06/04/2022

    Just to give a bit more depth to what Creepis said, checkout this video which shows which part of the map are drawn, you can get the same view by using mat_leafvis 3 in singleplayer. As you can see, the PD parking lot is drawn when you step outside the toilet, which presumable contained a load...
  12. Fredy

    FPS Drop Fix - 06/04/2022

    Because I already fixed it
  13. Fredy

    Future Development Projects (Poll)

    I am not gonna edit them but someone else definitely will.
  14. Fredy

    Future Development Projects (Poll)

    Just for the record, the gun update will not improve any guns, it is just there to make coding it easier, so there will be literally no change to the players.
  15. Fredy

    You TinySlayer wannabe

    You TinySlayer wannabe
  16. Fredy

    FPS Drop Fix - 06/04/2022

    Except that unlike the old sleeves which were just the generic sleeve model colored with whatever color you were wearing, this is your real sleeve from your current model!
  17. Fredy

    FPS Drop Fix - 06/04/2022

    Many users have pointed out in the past that certain areas of the map sometimes cause massive FPS drops. These could be noticed by just entering a certain area of the map, during raiding or even just standing still. Some of the worst areas that were noted were the area around the beach, the...
  18. Fredy

    New Sweaters and April Fool's

    The very heavy TFU gear has extremely strong head armor, I recommend using it
  19. Fredy

    New Sweaters and April Fool's

    Today's update adds some cool new sweater skins made by @TkToaster and gives the PD some more tools to more effectively raid heavily fortified bases. Here's the full changelog: New Sweaters @TkToaster has graciously made some new sweater skins for us, big thanks to him! Thanks to our system it...
  20. Fredy

    Advertised as Serious Roleplay Server

    Is this the real Tanges or was your account hacked? For the record, he was one of the original owners but left to manage a supermarket.
  21. Fredy

    Update Log 10/03/22

    Seems like a lot of people here are butthurt that there will never be a chess app or game!
  22. Fredy

    Server Suggestion DNA from explosions

    Shooting someone usually also does not leave DNA in real life, this is purely a gameplay mechanic that is not meant to be realistic. I do not see why it should be special for explosions.
  23. Fredy

    Server Suggestion More recreational things

    No chess, did not meet the terms. Denied
  24. Fredy

    We are so sorry for what we did to you

    We are so sorry for what we did to you
  25. Fredy

    Operation Break Perpheads

    Thanks for everyone participating, it has really been a blast today and been better than any of our expectations: Congratulations to @✪ lencz for winning the trike today (as well as @Bolli and @Collier, @Collier already owned it so he received half of it's $1 value instead.) We also had the...
  26. Fredy

    Gmod keeps crashing (ive tried basically EVERYTHING)

    Not gonna be helpful, but congrats for winning 3 months of premium in the giveaway today!
  27. Fredy

    Lua Bug Report (Clothing colour bug)

    I'm much more interested in whatever you were talking about in the clip, also fixed.
  28. Fredy

    Community Decal Update - 09/02/2022

    A few weeks ago we had a community decal competition where we chose 4 decals that would be included in the game. Since then, a lot of other community members have also submitted some cool decals, some of which we also added today. Today's update also adds the ability to have both a full size...