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  1. Tyler Joelsky

    Police Guns

    Suggestion Title: Police Guns Suggestion Description: For balancing purposes give officers scopes for their pistols As an officer you have a pistol no scope vs AR's, Shotguns, Snipers and Grenades and it is hard to combat that . It is also frustrating being a officer sometimes due to the fact...
  2. Tyler Joelsky

    Server Suggestion Remove FF dieing penalty.

    If you feel like you wrongfully killed report through F6 or forums, only a few people can give you that XP back. If it gets accepted make a comp request In no circumstance should firefighters and medics should walk into an active shootout, You are risking your life to heal on officer (Which...
  3. Tyler Joelsky

    Server Suggestion Server Wipe

    Suggestion Title: Server Wipe Suggestion Description: Wipe EVERYTHING Excluding ranks. People play on the server and get into gun fights constantly because they have NOTHING to loose. People dont care about losing items due to real consequence as they are like max lvl weapons has over a mil...
  4. Tyler Joelsky

    Community Suggestion Web Dark Mode

    me wetawded
  5. Tyler Joelsky

    Community Suggestion Web Dark Mode

    Suggestion Title: Web Dark Mode Suggestion Description: Have a toggle option to put this website in dark mode Why should this be added?: - better for eyes What negatives could this have?: - none Useful Images:
  6. Tyler Joelsky

    Map Bug Report (See through map)

    Type of Bug: Map Description of the Bug: See through map How to reproduce the Bug: Go there? Time Stamp: N/A Errors: N/A Media:
  7. Tyler Joelsky

    Server Suggestion Add a confirmation before event start

    Suggestion Title: Add a confirmation before event start Suggestion Description: So once you opted in for an event when event start is ment to happen it puts a confirmation up like are you in an active rp situation? Why should this be added?: - Stops people disappearing from traffic stops...
  8. Tyler Joelsky

    Content Bug Report (Radio script error)

    Type of Bug: Content Description of the Bug: Radio script error How to reproduce the Bug: Talk on radio (happens to everyone on duty asked and it is not only me) Time Stamp: ? Errors: [ERROR] stack overflow 1. GetTable - [C]:-1 2. __index - lua/includes/extensions/player.lua:28...
  9. Tyler Joelsky

    Server Suggestion Medical Vehicle Change

    Suggestion Title: Medical Vehicle Change Suggestion Description: Change the sign on the medical car Change "Police Emergency" to "Medical Emergency" Change "Stop Your Vehicle" to "Please Slow Down" or "Slow Down" or "Drive with cation" Why should this be added?: - It is not a police car -...
  10. Tyler Joelsky

    Server Suggestion Mayoral Computer

    Suggestion Title: Mayoral Computer Suggestion Description: Put a computer in the mayors office where he can edit taxes and all that jazz Why should this be added?: - More roleplay What negatives could this have?: - n/a
  11. Tyler Joelsky

    Server Suggestion Modernise HUD

    Suggestion Title: Modernise HUD Suggestion Description: The vehicle HUD that we have has not been updated for years and looks bad (IMO), What I am suggesting is make more smaller and more modern. Why should this be added?: - Updates are always cool - Looks better What negatives could this...
  12. Tyler Joelsky

    Server Suggestion Merge Medical and Firefighters

    Suggestion Title: Merge Medical and Firefighters Suggestion Description: So the way i see it the firefighter job is not used as much and fires happen everyday from Meth, random events, car bombs and Molotov's. My suggestion is the merge firefighter and medical together so it can be more useful...
  13. Tyler Joelsky

    Server Suggestion Vehicle maintenance additions

    Suggestion Title: Vehicle maintenance additions Suggestion Description: Adding more options for vehicle maintenance. Additions - Oil Change. After a while your vehicle will slow down in performance like 3 to 5 MPH, then if you goto Roadcrew Station you can get it changed and It will give your...
  14. Tyler Joelsky

    Model Suggestion Road Crew Vehicle.

    Suggestion Title: Road Crew Vehicle. Suggestion Description: Replace the Tow Truck to a Flatbed Why should this be added?: Because the towing system is not the best rn, the way you tow cars look shit as you drag the bumber along the floor and the vehicle has a mind of its own. By having the...
  15. Tyler Joelsky

    Current Roleplaying state

    I'm not quite sure what it is you are asking for people to change. Just because people grow drugs, raid, do bank robberies, or whatever else does not mean they aren't roleplaying. What i am trying to say is all i see everyday is killing constantly, this server cannot go for 10-20 mins without a...
  16. Tyler Joelsky

    Current Roleplaying state

    Does not help it when nearly all updates are combat related, staff not giving 2 shits about proper RP or the meaning of RP.
  17. Tyler Joelsky

    Current Roleplaying state

    I like that you tried but the amount of trouble that caused for people, all cars dont have perfect turning. The amount of times i had to get people unstuck because it was such a pain. Again i like you tried with something but in my opinion that didnt / wouldent work.
  18. Tyler Joelsky

    Current Roleplaying state

    Take this how you want, RP is about being creative, interactive, cooperating and respecting the situations that build around you. RP is not chain robbing people, raids, banks over and over. The server is dam near full with triple digits of people active and RPing and people are killing and...
  19. Tyler Joelsky

    Server Suggestion Ranks

    Description of the idea: Add non whitelisted ranks to Fire, EMS, Roadcrew, Courier and Secret Service and each rank increases the pay. Levels can only be levelled up by playing on the job through time, set it to where it will take a while to get each level. and make admins able to take ranks...
  20. Tyler Joelsky

    No refunds [a cheffz] [th13 distrack]

    Got to give it to you it takes balls to even try and do this but not everyone can perfect it. I suggest to practice more and you will do better!
  21. Tyler Joelsky

    Server Suggestion Mayor Events

    Description of the idea: Add mayor events for eg. a message pops up on your screen saying "New notification, please press "key" to open you messages" and it will be something random like "Paralake City roads are damaged What should we do?" "Invest $5000 to repair the roads" "Ignore it and hope...
  22. Tyler Joelsky

    Community Spotlight - July 2021

    @Tyla Jai I have come back after a permaban. I used to make other peoples experience shit and disrespecting the community. I wanted to prove myself that I have matured and here to help and be involved with the community, Thank you for the 35k and Thank you for what you do!
  23. Tyler Joelsky

    Add the ability to chop heads off of ragdolls

    Turning perpheads into doom?
  24. Tyler Joelsky

    Donator skins for Medic & Fire department

    Oh, never knew that ill change to suggestion to EMS & FD
  25. Tyler Joelsky

    Donator skins for Medic & Fire department

    What I am saying something that looks different obviously not saying DONATOR, but like all departments have their skins and supervisors have the white skin maybe either a special skin for all vehicles or a new vehicle that can only be accessed by donators, not making it OP maybe a escalade skin.
  26. Tyler Joelsky

    Donator skins for Medic & Fire department

    Description of the idea: Special skin for Medic's & Fire Department vehicles for donators Why should this be added? (pros): Gives donators a extra benefit for donating and it will boost up fire & ems for a couple of weeks. Love to see new skins for all departments, as ems and fire has been...
  27. Tyler Joelsky

    Ban Apology (CONSOLE / Dom_)

    Punishment Type: Ban Appeal Type: Apology Which staff member issued the punishment?: CONSOLE / @Dom_ How long were you banned/blacklisted for?: Permanent Your Steam Name: Tyler Your Roleplay Name: Tyler Joelsky (I think) Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:59977455 Why were you banned/blacklisted?: Alt...
  28. Tyler Joelsky

    Ban Apology (Senior Administration)

    Might be, like I said I have multiple on record and thank you for helping me here
  29. Tyler Joelsky

    Ban Apology (Senior Administration)