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  1. Allen Kennedy

    Server Suggestion Props listed for sale freeze.

    that's true, but if it's for sale, why should it need to be unfrozen anyway?
  2. Allen Kennedy

    Show Off Your Advertisements!

  3. Allen Kennedy

    Show Off Your Advertisements!

    And a bit of love for those jobs that new players tend to gravitate towards, as well as the PD's most unappreciated division.
  4. Allen Kennedy

    Model Suggestion Binoculars are weird

    It's cause it uses gmod camera swep animations for third person. Honestly a lot of third person animations need a rework, but it's unlikely that stuff like this is a priority.
  5. Allen Kennedy

    Server Suggestion 4 Seats 4 Chairs

    And that's why it has two seats mate. EDIT: Also, the TL;DR of this whole ordeal is basically you just saying 'buff my car please'
  6. Allen Kennedy

    Server Suggestion 4 Seats 4 Chairs

    we already have cars with 2 doors and 4 usable seats but they're mostly cheaper cars, under 1mil. It's clearly a balance thing so that the city isn't flooded with supercars cause with 4 seats why would you use anything else? The fact that the tesla is nearly the fastest 4seater in the game and...
  7. Allen Kennedy

    Server Suggestion 4 Seats 4 Chairs

    idk bruh, it's a sports car, not a people carrier. If you want fast with 4 seats, buy something that has four doors.
  8. Allen Kennedy

    Server Suggestion 4 Seats 4 Chairs

    if it had four seats it would make basically every other sedan except the tesla obsolete.
  9. Allen Kennedy

    Show Off Your Advertisements!

    Roadcrew gets some love too. Also updated the posters with credits for the participants.
  10. Allen Kennedy

    Show Off Your Advertisements!

    Just need @Jyrgen to be the model for the photo
  11. Allen Kennedy

    Show Off Your Advertisements!

  12. Allen Kennedy

    Show Off Your Advertisements!

  13. Allen Kennedy

    Server Suggestion Bigger crackdown on Mayors breaking 4.5

    Honestly, adding elections every hour which include the incumbent might fix all of this, so voting the mayor out is actually possible, instead of having to resort to violence.
  14. Allen Kennedy

    Until another day

    Toxic individuals eventually end up washing out of the community, it just takes a while. Except me, I'll be here until the end of time. If this situation is affecting you so drastically, take a few weeks away like I did after resigning from helper. You'll find a bit of time away helps you...
  15. Allen Kennedy

    PLPD Unofficial employee survey.

    If I get written up for my response I'm gonna rdm u. I'm not a shitposter I'm just passionate.
  16. Allen Kennedy

    PLPD: Takedowns and Shootouts #3

    This is indeed the car's intended purpose.
  17. Allen Kennedy

    Action Request (Allen)

    I saw no reason as to why the suspect would be armed, as he'd just been revived on a somewhat secured scene, so I followed the officer, with the plan being to position myself in an opportune location somewhere around swooper road or puffer street and report what exit out of suburbs he took. My...
  18. Allen Kennedy

    Action Request (Allen)

    post what you like, I did nothing wrong and you're still malding.
  19. Allen Kennedy

    Action Request (Allen)

    If you watch the clip you'll see I was still going about 30 mph and attempting to slow down. I realised that either way I was gonna end up hitting you so I floored it and you got pancaked and it was fucking funny.
  20. Allen Kennedy

    Tainted Love - PERPHeads NWA-tage

    im gona rdm u now ok?
  21. Allen Kennedy

    [22/07 - 26/07] Corporal [23/07 - 26/07] TFU Footage

    0:38 I'd like for you all to know this made the driver literally ragequit on the spot. It was immensely entertaining.
  22. Allen Kennedy

    Argue about PERP guns thread

    Thank you. 15 rounds of 10mm is far superior to 10 rounds of .45 ACP
  23. Allen Kennedy

    Allow TFU to use /pbc

    if a lowly traffic cop like me can be trusted with it, I don't see why TFU shouldn't.
  24. Allen Kennedy

    Server Suggestion Add an auto spin feature to the slot machine

    Enabling gambling addicts is not a moral good, -support
  25. Allen Kennedy

    Server Suggestion Reduce TFU movement speed

    Would it? I mean, speed is already decreased when you're cuffed, bandaging, using items, crafting, crippled, splinted, all sorts of stuff. Also having the speed debuff apply to cops holding a <=1lb pistol is kinda stupid. Having the shotgun remove the spped buff is more of a balancing thing, so...
  26. Allen Kennedy

    Server Suggestion Reduce TFU movement speed

    I'd make it so cops with shotguns get civ speed as well, so only chad pistol cops can chase down suspects. After all, being able to sprint after a fleeing suspect and catch up, with a big fuckoff shotgun on your back or in your hands is a bit silly. This might actually make people think twice...
  27. Allen Kennedy

    Model Suggestion Change the secondary sight on the ACOG

    why even make sights other than acogs if this is added though? It's already really good as is, and adding a red dot to the top of it would make all other unmagnified optics essentially obsolete.
  28. Allen Kennedy

    Hello everybody

    "Free thinkers" be like