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  1. Brandify

    Introduction - Lewis

    Welcome if you have any questions add me on Steam!
  2. Brandify

    Introduction Nicolas Blake

    Welcome man, if you have any qurstions feel free to add me on steam!
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  4. Brandify

    Refund Request (Dom (͡o‿O͡))

  5. Brandify

    Server Suggestion Vehicle interaction improvements

    I think this would be a good addition as currently waiting 5 minutes when you have incompetent roadcrew is too long it feels like half an hour.
  6. Brandify

    Refund Request (Voyd)

  7. Brandify

    Congratulations man!

    Congratulations man!
  8. Brandify

    Just doing the reward mission

    Welcome to the community and enjoy your reward!
  9. Brandify

    PARALAKE's Psychopathic video.

    Good video! I like the editing!
  10. Brandify

    Model Suggestion Add cat decal

    I don't see why not we have both dog and a bear so let's add a cat!
  11. Brandify


    I'm at atleast 10 mil lost, just stop when you've had fun instead of trying to earn back what you've lost
  12. Brandify


    Mackerel is pretty good I can't lie
  13. Brandify

    When TS becomes your new bed...

    This is actually funny
  14. Brandify

    Refund Request (Clarky)

  15. Brandify

    Refund Request (Jay)

  16. Brandify

    Hi there!

    Welcome back man, hope you're enjoying it!
  17. Brandify

    Thomas Guns & Goods is now open!

    Good luck with your business! I will pop by and say hello!
  18. Brandify

    Thoughts on University?

    If you want to learn a new skill or are looking to go into something specific then yes it's good, if not then no.
  19. Brandify

    good after morning

    Welcome to the community if you have any questions feel free to add me on steam!
  20. Brandify

    Map Suggestion Remove the tables present in Bazaar

    I think we should have the option to be able to have the tables or not.
  21. Brandify

    I'm back from 5 years

    Welcome back man!
  22. Brandify

    Hypixel Skyblock nerds

    I've always wanted to get into hypixel skyblock but nobody wanted to start fresh with me :(
  23. Brandify

    Mallardtage no.1

    Nice to see a montage without shooting clips 10/10
  24. Brandify

    perp's new international soccer tournament

    Team Name: Y Dreigiau Team Captain (you): @Brandify Team Members (roles): @rogue (player) maybe Alex (coach) @Alex_:D Team Nationality: Welsh Team Flag (optional); Team Anthem (optional):
  25. Brandify

    I just graduated

    Congratulations man!
  26. Brandify


    You can usually get them around christmas time, you can obtain one and they are like a keep sake. But they are not currently available unless you buy from another player.
  27. Brandify

    Happy Birthday @Super_

    Happy Birthday @Super_
  28. Brandify


    Nicely done but I like the originality of the 21 sounds instead of 21 sound
  29. Brandify

    Stream Deck config

    This is mine The Lisa Simpson is a rewind gif (shadowplay). The PH is a folder and it takes me to (pictured below) The Discord folder is just controls for discord Mute/Deafen
  30. Brandify

    Server Suggestion Being able to transfer a certain amount of drugs

    I believe that this is already planned I think that's what Fredy said