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  1. Hayden

    Better luck next time

    Better luck next time
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    What do you guys think of this?

    kinda funny
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    Server Suggestion PLPD Image Section

    I would rather we think of some cool/useful signs to have, then get them added as models (maybe made by @Lelios1) to the barricade SWEP. Mainly because if they're individual models, they tend to look a lot better as opposed to be all in the same frame.
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    What videogame are you most passionate about?

    @Collier @Mim @SamSN see this guy gets it you absolute nerds
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    What videogame are you most passionate about?

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Amazing story, graphics and gameplay. Other games I've played a lot of and enjoyed: Garry's Mod, Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto 5.
  6. Hayden

    Changes to Paralake Law Reform

    Voting will be done via motions which means once you join the server, anyone will be able to vote on a computer inside city hall. This functionality is still being fixed so I don’t believe it’s live just yet. As for deciding what laws get moved to selected for voting, that’s up to me and...
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    9.8 Theft while armed with offensive weaponry

    There are already several robbery/theft suggestions in law reform.
  9. Hayden

    Reword Paralake Penal Code section 7.7

    Duplicate of
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    7.7 Sale of Offensive Weapons

    Selected for voting
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    Fruit from a poisonous tree

    Selected for voting
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    12.3 Edit - Right Turn On Red (RTOR)

    Selected for voting
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    Changelog - 28/11/2022 Recruited two new FlyLo employees (Tom and Roy) Allied with Wakey Wines and Monzo Rivals with Londis Added pussy wagon to fleet Song to listen alongside the changelog:
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    nice selfie bro [ATTACH]

    nice selfie bro
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    skill issuue [MEDIA]

    skill issuue
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    Ban Apology (Admin Meeting)

  18. Hayden

    Ban Apology (Admin Meeting)

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    PERPHeads 2022 Community Awards - Results!

    that's cause you suck
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    found your dinner [IMG]

    found your dinner
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    Happy birthday mate

    Happy birthday mate
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    12.3 Edit - Right Turn On Red (RTOR)

    Regardless of who is at fault, ultimately prevention of serious injury/collisions is significantly more important than the small number of benefits of adding right on red brings.
  23. Hayden

    12.3 Edit - Right Turn On Red (RTOR)

    Given that most people drive like absolute twats on this server (myself included), the last thing we need is someone pulling out on a red light coming from PD to go right and some mad man going 130MPH in their generic supercar from the Suburbs area which then will end with them smacking the...
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    Separating unmarked vehicle slots

    @TinySlayer @noodle can we make it so that each division by default can spawn in 1 unmarked car? If the policy goes active, then that extra car slot gets shared between them or just give them an extra slot each. Tiny and I had a discussion about this when we implemented the patrol unmarked cars...
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    Ban Dispute (samsn)

    User failed to provide any crash logs and the server logs show you disconnected by choice.
  27. Hayden

    Ban Dispute (ellie / efan)

    The ban seems fine to me based on your actions with the molotov as there was no real value in you trying to burn down the police station alongside your previous conduct within the community. As for the length of the ban, if you feel the extension is too excessive, you're free to make a staff...
  28. Hayden

    Ban Dispute (@mallard)

    Even if it was an accident, you still technically broke the rules by killing these two individuals, meaning that you will need to make an apology instead. Ultimately, it's on you to make sure you're careful when you have a gun out in attack stance.
  29. Hayden

    Ban Dispute (Ellie)

    Even if in this particular example where you sold them for 2k to a new player, you weren't aware of his malicious intent, there are still a significant number of logs where you've even handed over molotovs for free to new players. Even though it's not against the rules to sell items to new...