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    Action Request (Taliban Katten)

    They were in the correct lane initially and seemed to have just overshot a turn, clipping you. Reviewed with @A1L
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    Action Request (Frikandellen Likker)

    @Poopbooba will receive a 1 week ban for their actions.
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    Moon's and ICEKILLER's PERP Montage

    Your crouch fatigue suggestion is about to drop your KD by 60%...
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    Hello Sparro_w, welcome to PERPHeads.
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    Action Request (Tyler)

    Please provide your POV of the situation as soon as possible.
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    Action Request (Nottoc)

    Do you have a video of them breaking character? @Adrienna Kali do you have anything to say about this?
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    Refund Request (Envy [SLAY])

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    Refund Request (Auston)

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    Refund Request (Hodgparjor)

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    Refund Request (GainAxe)

    I have messaged @Super_ about this.
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    Refund Request (Florpy)

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    Refund Request (ati)

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    Refund Request (Daedra)

    @Daedra if you could prove the coke plants were there and not the weed ones seen in the video in 48 hours that’d be great otherwise it’ll be omitted from the refund and you’ll get weed seeds instead.
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    Action Request (Frikandellen Likker)

    @Poopbooba could you give your side of the story before the demo is reviewed later this week?
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    Action Request (Taliban Katten)

    @bent can you give your verdict before I review this demo?
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    Refund Request (ALOO89)

    I'll go through and accept it for the items that matter. 8x bandages 1x flashlight 1x life alert 6x stimpacks 1x fuel can 11x HK45ct mags 2x crowbar 3x pistol ammo 1x ACOG Sight 10x lye 2x bobby pin $2422
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    Refund Request (ALOO89)

    After speaking with @Super_ we have decided that you losing items to the mug was a result of a rulebreak. I will now go through the logs and list all lost items.
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    Current favourite songs

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    anyone who makes music/experienced in music please help!

    Shure microphones are pretty much the set standard for music and has been for decades now.
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    anyone who makes music/experienced in music please help!

    What do you intend on using it for exactly?
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    I will contact you if I need any Sakos bro.
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    Summer Building Competition

    Spring cleaning to end the client overflowing reliability buffer?
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    Summer Building Competition

    Sadly I put my passive building days are behind me when a billboard got featured over the 20ft stage and the night club I built the same month. Why is this?
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    Community Spotlight - May 2023

    Due to hi-ping‘s technology shop being ignored, 24K will be molotoving a VoM zergbase. I don’t make the rules, I just enforce them...
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    Action Request (dunno)

    I don't really think that it would have reasonably occurred to @Harris that they should comply given the nature of the situation, Nor do I think that you would even have been able to successfully gunpoint the officer with just a pistol when several more were around the corner anyways.
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    бапапа gапg

    Banana gang makes it to the big screen...
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    Literally me
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    Friend zone is a lie to sell Reddit gold