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  1. Fredy

    Premium expired even when I payed for 30 day

    You paid with eCheck twice, which doesn't work and basically always fails. Don't use eCheck.
  2. Fredy

    Do you enjoy 128 slots?

    Trust me when I say that we are doing everything we can to improve the lag situation. How much we can improve it is not quite clear yet but it will definitely be better.
  3. Fredy

    I made a screenshot

    Hi, as the others already said, this would look awesome in our loading screens. Can we use that screenshot?
  4. Fredy

    Lua Bug Report (Police computer memory leak)

    This should be fixed whenever we merge in the changes the next time.
  5. Fredy

    Lua Bug Report (Police computer memory leak)

    Is this still happening to you? I tried opening the police computer a good 100 times (even switching through the tabs) and it did not break for me.
  6. Fredy

    Content Bug Report (The return button to go back to other clothing vanishes on ring menu)

    Fixed. You can also back out with right click by the way.
  7. Fredy

    Sidds enforcer app

    Maybe if you return the 60M that you stole from me
  8. Fredy

    April Fool's

    Today, we are pleased to announce Perpheads' legacy beyond Garry's Mod. As many of you are already aware, some of our developers were given access to s&box in mid 2021 and we have been developing in secret since then. We have decided to start with the best part of the Perpheads gamemode: The...
  9. Fredy

    rxsm for helper

    rxsm for helper
  10. Fredy

    Update Log 21/02/2023

    Some new Variations for familiar Faces Today's update will add a total of 10 entirely new face variations for two models without any variations yet, brought to you by @Jyrgen. These variations are mainly for some of the models that were already being used a lot but had no variations. In the...
  11. Fredy

    How much time is an in-game hour?

    One Perpheads day is 3.5 hours, which means time is passing ~6.857 times faster on Perpheads than in real-life. This means that a Perpheads minute is roughly ~8.75 real seconds and a Perpheads hour is similarly ~8.75 real minutes.
  12. Fredy

    Update log - 15/01/2023

    Today's update includes mostly much needed bug fixes but also some cool new features from @Jyrgen and @_Muffin. Two new police barricade models Added ability to refill fire extinguishers at FD for $250 per extinguisher Removed option to adjust items on sale Items on sale now always display...
  13. Fredy

    Lua Bug Report (Game freezing when buying large quantities of items from NPC)

    This is not an issue anymore
  14. Fredy

    Lua Bug Report (Can't talk in local voice while seated as a dispatcher)

    I just tried it and talking in local chat does work for me as dispatcher, same with 911 calls. Do you maybe use a different key for local chat?
  15. Fredy

    !RIOTING! Storm the intersection they can't stop us all

    I will add a mini gun just for this occasion.
  16. Fredy

    Model Bug Report (Emote animation in corner disappears)

    This is now fixed
  17. Fredy

    Update Log - 11/01/2023

    Today's update is the continuation of an update I worked on months ago, attempting to reduce server lag at high player counts. Back then, we added "packs" of drugs rather than having individual items to reduce server load. Unfortunately, this also caused several issues such as them not...
  18. Fredy

    Update Log - 08/01/2023

    A small update to the update: Added Land Rover defender to be purchasable Reduced distance items on sales will start rendering their text Made text of sales items render in front of everything (might render through props!) Items on sale you are looking at will now have a halo Fixed mayor...
  19. Fredy

    Update Log - 08/01/2023

    Today's update includes a few minor changes, but I also want to take the opportunity to welcome 2 new developers into our development team. @Jyrgen, who already made, and will be making textures and models for us, as well as @It's ANGRY MUFFIN time!!! who will do some Lua coding and who is...
  20. Fredy

    Ban Dispute (console?)

  21. Fredy

    Sindarin's Confession

    Comparatively, you have probably been banned longer for how long you cheated compared to the months that Tyla cheated, so it's a fair comparison. As such, I will accept this ban appeal.