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  1. Goonsberg

    Police Suggestion Passenger ANPR

    Suggestion Title: Passenger ANPR Suggestion Description: Make it display the ANPR detail (registration and WANTED) for the passenger aswel as the driver. Why should this be added?: -allows passengers to know what the random beep means! What negatives could this have?: - 
  2. Goonsberg

    Server Suggestion SS Spawn witth medical

    bloody duplicate
  3. Goonsberg

    Server Suggestion SS Spawn witth medical

    Suggestion Title: SS Spawn witth medical Suggestion Description: Spawn SS with their medical supplies rather than forcing them to get it from PD. This was previously suggested however closed. In my opinion it makes no...
  4. Goonsberg

    Action Request (Gorilla123)

    Your Steam Name: Goonsberg Your Roleplay Name: Ben Goonsberg Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:80215125 Player's Steam Name: Gorilla123 Player's Roleplay Name: Jerome Hennesy Player's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:557937403 Why should this player be punished?: Sweater came up and started punching me for no reason...
  5. Goonsberg

    Server Suggestion Make reticle designer MUCH cheaper

    Gotta agree. I am fuming as I’m too poor to afford it. However, as a seasoned PERPer there is very little to aim to afford! Got to keep us grinding for something
  6. Goonsberg

    10.4 Unlawful Assembly & 2.3? Right to Lawful Assembly

    Would create more RP in these situations. At least it would feel like it’s escalated to a violent point!
  7. Goonsberg

    iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB Black Titanium Owners Club

    @rxmeo defo the type of guy to be still repping this bad boy -
  8. Goonsberg

    Custom Weapon Skins - FOR SALE

    Weapon Skin Shop Due to the high demand of Custom Weapon Skins in Paralake, we at ACAB have decided to open the first Weapon Skin Shop. There are lots of purchase options, the key to our shop is that it is entirely up to you. We make the skins for you, no skin will be the same. Dont forget to...
  9. Goonsberg

    Blacklist Apology (ZBM)

    The blacklist has already expired. Blacklists are not removed from your history.
  10. Goonsberg

    Money Sink

    Yeah, I can’t wrap my head around the rule. It’s kinda grammatically written to allow them to decide what is allowed & what isn’t which makes sense tbf
  11. Goonsberg

    Ban Apology (Nazeer)

    The punishment was issued on behalf of @Nazeer i have renamed as appropriate
  12. Goonsberg

    steelo - Making The Band (A PERPheads Montage)

    Some clean editing at the slums bit
  13. Goonsberg

    Money Sink

    is it against 2.4 for me to sell skins for in game cash?
  14. Goonsberg

    Money Sink

    I thought of another one Purchasable government vehicles So for example a Tesla taxi which you have to actually buy to access it. Could add cool cop cars, ambulances etc and just get people to drop $$$$
  15. Goonsberg

    Money Sink

    Love it, shame it would take creating a whole new car pack really.
  16. Goonsberg

    Money Sink

    Yeah would love to see more depth with cars tbf
  17. Goonsberg

    Money Sink

    Ultimate flex when you are being raiding
  18. Goonsberg

    Money Sink

    Thought it would be funny to hear everyone’s ideas of money sinks, currently we have the casino, billboards & license plates. What are the other money sinks we could have that would get people spending their money on shite. Make them wacky, make them silly. I’ll start off with - Gold guns...
  19. Goonsberg

    Server Suggestion Roadcrew side missions

    I like the suggestion apart from the repairing randomly spawned cars. What happens once they are fixed? Do they vanish? They can’t be impounded as they are parked legally so do they just sit there forever?
  20. Goonsberg

    Server Suggestion Roadcrew side missions

    But at what population would you stop it, you say low population but we all know there are times with over 80 players and the server feels dead because everyone’s growing!
  21. Goonsberg

    Server Suggestion Roadcrew side missions

    So I don’t agree with the random cars, simply because with the chop shop missions we will see so many server cars taking up space. However i do like the idea of roadcrew doing more than just fixing cars. Should this be implemented i believe it would be good even when server pop is high. Would...
  22. Goonsberg

    Reasons i should be staff

    ALOO is the model on the old Hollister bags
  23. Goonsberg

    Server Suggestion Emergency Lights auto-shut

    but there should be flashing lights when police are parked at a scene, it shows there’s an emergency and to stay away
  24. Goonsberg

    Server Suggestion Dark Web item shop

    Crypto is cool, but in my personal opinion this would over complicate perp. Perp is simple, that’s why it works. I like your ideas with tooter and feel that would add the correct amount of depth for the crooks
  25. Goonsberg

    Server Suggestion Dark Web item shop

    Couldn’t this be tooter?
  26. Goonsberg

    Server Suggestion Dark Web item shop

    I think the 16:9 boys have proved that it’s just about skill. @rxmeo @Dave etc raid just using pistols and win (most of the time) civ will always have risk & PD should always have an advantage - however, if you actually apply skill you will win
  27. Goonsberg

    Server Suggestion Self-serve money laundering

    Arguably a duplicated idea tho - (is there anything @Bnje hasnt suggested!)
  28. Goonsberg

    Server Suggestion Self-serve money laundering

    Totally agree with it with @Fielding would add to the normal shoot em up crime we have!