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  1. Kelson

    Icekillers RR

    Your in-game name:Jack Richards Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:87262869 What do you need refunded:Scar L with a red dot stock and full mag Why do you want your item(s) refunded:aids defence Evidence: Tick: @Henk
  2. Kelson


  3. Kelson

    Medellin Cartel -Applications =OPEN

    I hope u know Pablo was working with cocaine, right?
  4. Kelson

    Samsung x iPhone

  5. Kelson

    Icekillers RR

    Your in-game name: Jack Richards Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:87262869 What do you need refunded: m4 full mag m16 stocks aimpoint sight Why do you want your item(s) refunded: demo restart as soon as i peeked,i wasn't paying attention to the countdown since I was in a shootout Evidence: Tick:
  6. Kelson

    Firefighters and Blood

    Its easier to write it in the console, even tho its client side, it's still more practical
  7. Kelson

    Firefighters and Blood

  8. Kelson

    Nerf fishing

    we are already fixing it by mugging fishing people
  9. Kelson

    Nerf fishing

    I mean, you can literally get a bugatti after 11 days of fishing (dono). I like theres more ways to make money, but this is a bit... broken.
  10. Kelson

    Car RR

    Your in-game name: Kelson Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:76603209 What do you need refunded: 15k Why do you want your item(s) refunded: A guy drove into me on purpose Evidence:
  11. Kelson

    TFU application (PERPHEADS $hootage #8)

    where is the vid mang
  12. Kelson
  13. Kelson

    Taser faceplant

    10/10 Audio
  14. Kelson

    AR on Aaron:Azza

    what does it say?
  15. Kelson

    AR on Aaron:Azza

    Your Steam/In-game Name: Kelson / Frank Taylor His/Her Steam/In-game Name: Aaron:Azza / Aaron Cummberland His/Her SteamID: STEAM_0:0:419521971 Why Should This Player Be Punished: Drove into me on purpose for no reason, causing me to wreck my car Evidence (Demo Required): Tick: watch from 0:50
  16. Kelson

    Dropped My ESP | Tyla Jai Ban Explanation

    dude, just say ur pc got hacked and someone else used ur account
  17. Kelson

    Possibly a great FPS fix for police lights?

    Or simply after like 2 shots into the car
  18. Kelson

    Cops and NLR

    didn't play today :P
  19. Kelson

    Cops and NLR

    Main idea: Cops should have some timer after which they can return to a raid Description: Basically everytime someone gets raided by cops, the shootout can last like 15 mins sometimes. Cops can return in that time, because their NLR timer simply ends. Crims have a rule that they need to wait 30...
  20. Kelson

    Scripted RP events?

    just do more gun games and everyone will be happy ;-;
  21. Kelson

    AR on Stav

    very good evidence
  22. Kelson

    dont even think about hurting my mayor!

    i9 is trash compared to ryzen
  23. Kelson

    dont even think about hurting my mayor!

    he has i7 8700k i believe
  24. Kelson

    dont even think about hurting my mayor!

    u r more gay tho
  25. Kelson

    dont even think about hurting my mayor!

    ur mom gay
  26. Kelson

    Lag spikes

    How to get in rid of them? Help pls
  27. Kelson

    Smart cars

    u could just add fiat multipla pmsl
  28. Kelson

    water levels on planter boxes keep resetting

    I have that issue too. Its aids