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  1. Chris_

    Omar's Leave

    Cya man wish you the best!
  2. Chris_

    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
  3. Chris_

    Server Suggestion Perpheads US based Server

    AFAIK it's hosted in London through OVH don't quote me on that though
  4. Chris_

    Server Suggestion Organization activity tab

    This would be such a good QOL improvement! +support
  5. Chris_

    O ( Shootage )

    W shootage from voyd again
  6. Chris_

    Action Request (Liam)

    User has been banned for 1D for 3.4. -Reviewed with @Collier
  7. Chris_

    Action Request (Oscar The Shark Slayer)

    The original video posted had sound on the situation, can you post the original video without Eminem? @Master Kief
  8. Chris_

    Action Request (Liam)

    @Liam can you explain your actions in this situation.
  9. Chris_

    Server Suggestion Job Milestones

    Amazing suggestion, can see this bringing more fun to the people who grind gov jobs.
  10. Chris_

    My goodbye

    Valentine for honorary
  11. Chris_

    My goodbye

    Take care man, sad to see a familiar face go!
  12. Chris_


    Some cool ideas, but as said by fielding idk it it would fit In perpheads
  13. Chris_

    Server Suggestion Remove ability to cancel reload anim before new round is fed

    That's true, holding an ak and a phone whilst firing isn't realistic in the slightest.
  14. Chris_

    Server Suggestion Remove ability to cancel reload anim before new round is fed

    Definitely need some way to combat this, been killed many times due to this.
  15. Chris_


    Yeah sounds about right.
  16. Chris_


    Hm yes fish.
  17. Chris_

    Map Suggestion Prison area change, expansion, and jailing feature overhaul

    Love this suggestion, when bring sentenced to jail it feels a bit dry nothing to do there no one to rp with +1 from me.
  18. Chris_


    What a lovely cinema, pretty well put together for a femboy
  19. Chris_

    Chris' Enforcer Application

    I appreciate all the kind and positive responses from everyone, it genuinely brings a smile to my face knowing you guys support me!
  20. Chris_

    Chris' Enforcer Application

    Thank you for your reply Sorale, id like to address some of your concerns. My lack of forum presence is something that I will begin working on, thank you for bringing it to my attention. My decision to post a punishment apology from perpheads as a community and it to be accepted is something I...
  21. Chris_

    Chris' Enforcer Application

    STEAM NAME: Chris STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:43608080 AGE: 21 WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE AN ENFORCER?: Over the past few months, I've been enjoying my time at perpheads, I'm happy I appealed my ban for my stupid idiotic actions in 2016 going as far as being trusted to become a helper means a lot to me...
  22. Chris_

    Spooky's Enforcer Application (V2)

    I can't name 1 bad experience I've had with spooky. He's an happy face to the community and I always enjoy having a conversation with him. I hope to see him achieve this position!
  23. Chris_


    Yeah that's actually our flanking theme tune mate
  24. Chris_


    I appreciate the genuine questions / replies instead of the standard flaming.
  25. Chris_


    That is the plan Bnej, it was set into motion yesterday.
  26. Chris_


    To start with as an organisation we lost alot of raids / defenses due to disorganisation and not paying attention recently that's started to turn around. Percentage wise I wouldn't know as I'm not on 24/7
  27. Chris_


    You forget we also have allies such as imperium romanum, I doubt there was 19 of us inside glassco max we've had basing at once from just our org was around 13 and that was office.
  28. Chris_

    Jyrgen (Boris Lagunov)

    Really good interactions with @Jyrgen, everytime I meet him ingame its a pleasure. Keep it up Boris!
  29. Chris_

    Share your cooking thread

    what's that sussy bag in the top right :laughcry:
  30. Chris_

    Server Suggestion Add an organisation number

    An ability to turn it off would be a good idea to combat the spam calls.