Action Request: Template and Guidelines

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Caught a rule breaker? Follow the below application:


Your Steam/In-game Name:
His/Her Steam/In-game Name:
His/Her SteamID:
Why Should This Player Be Punished:
Evidence (Demo Required):
Your Steam/In-game Name: MoronPipllyd / Hugh Jones

His/Her Steam/In-game Name: Loejseren / Abdi Abdullah

His/Her SteamID: STEAM_0:1:61029503

Why Should This Player Be Punished?: The player broke rule 3.9 by placing an oven in the Uncle COS Hardware store to craft with.

Evidence (Demo Required):

Tick: 3400

If you need to find a player's SteamID use THIS website or if you're in-game simply type 'status' into the console.


When submitting a Action Request we ask that you follow these guidelines, this will make the whole process easier for everyone involved:
  • Be Descriptive: When posting your action request try and be as descriptive as you can regarding the situation, for example simply writing a chain of rule numbers won't help the Admin who is reviewing the Ban Request. If you describe the situation clearly it will help us Admins to find the situation within the demo.
  • Review the demo before posting - By doing this you can spot at exactly what tick the situation starts and have the chance to re-watch the situation and decide if there were any rule infringements. This will also help you to be descriptive in your Ban Request.
  • Provide a tick - If you provide the tick in which the event happens it makes the reviewing Admin's job a whole lot easier.
  • It's fine to upload a youtube video and/or screenshots however if you chose to do this it is also necessary that you provide a link to the demo of the incident.
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