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Ron Jeremey for most of my time in the server but leading up to my ban I changed it to Lewis Pugga

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Multi Hack

Why should this appeal be considered: Well, first of all, I would like to say I am extremely sorry for my actions on the server as most of you know I invested a lot of time into perp and the community in general and deeply enjoyed the community. But then I made the immature mistake of hacking/cheating on the server, although I did not hack for a prolonged time I still hacked none the less and I accepted that I am 100% responsible for my action on the server, I have been banned for just over a year now and throughout time I have mature a significant amount and now understand move than ever how my selfish and immature action affected many people on the server in a way that I would have never thought possible, I have personally apologized to who I affected the most IE: @Glacial_Subzero as that is who I used hacks against

This screenshot was taken a long time ago but I hope he still has the same feelings towards me being unbanned

The story is that one morning before school (About 7am-8am UK time) I decided to hop onto the server with citizen. I then proceeded to raid glacial and kill him with a shotgun. I then proceeded to bleed out and die, Then I proceeded to leave the server and play without cheats for about 5 days, basing and doing as I normally would

I also ban evaded in November 2017 I think (I cannot find ban date) for about 1 week but then I was caught by Lewis, Keep in mind when I ban evaded I never received a warning/ban nor did I break any rules. I even donated when I was ban evading and by ; Gifting people VIP, Selling VIP And buying VIP for myself. This shows I still supported the server.

I know many of the server will say "Why should we unban you" , "You will cheat again" and I can swear down on anything or anyone I will not cheat again. leading up to my ban I was close to clean. I had a few hiccups when first joining the server. Hacking is not what I do anymore neither am I that immature anymore.

I still regularly check the forums and keep updated with the server as I enjoy it, I noticed that I've seen people PayPal scam and mass rdm being unbanned. I know this is not an excuse for my actions/ a free passage to being unbanned for my actions but I myself believe that everyone should have a second chance.

I have been banned for nearly 2 years now (7th March 2017) and I have changed a lot since then. I am now beginning my exams and I would love somewhere to come and enjoy myself when I am not revising

I know this will probably be insta denied but I would love for you, and everyone else at perpheads be able to give me another chance.

(my little own take on this (smo))

I genuinely feel like pug would come back to this server and play serious, he has been nagging me about getting unbanned and it clearly has shown his dedication and work he's put in to try get unbanned. I don't feel like they'd be any issues if pug was to be unbanned and played on the server as he as a down to earth person.

Once again I hope you can forgive me and allow me back onto the server, Thanks for reading!
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