Ban Appeal

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Paralake Police Department Cell 7
Appealing for: Ban / Blacklist
Appeal type: Apology
Which staff member banned you: Dom @Dom_
How long were you banned for: 2 Days

Your Steam Name
: Ryan
Your In-game Name: DeShawn Mendez
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:42747555

Why were you banned/blacklisted: Retaliation/Arguing in OOC (Aparently Bullying)
Why should this appeal be considered: I would accept a ban normally, especially for 2 days. But you need to take it in to consideration as this is not about bullying, grief was coming from both sides. I was told I was gay, I aparently cry? & Lots of other stuff was said from Cup_Master. It was retaliation as I would suggest maybe he should atleast get the same ban as me if im not unbanned? Maybe I am toxic :) but I am not a bully in any way as everybody who says im toxic is quite toxic back to me in chat so..?

Additional Comment(s): I do apologise for having this grief in OOC chat however it is not 100% my fault.
Evidence (If Applicable): Theres evidence in blogs also look at the AR made against me, some evidence is there.. the chat is full of grief from both sides!

In this next one you can literally see him typing im not loved at home?

Maybe I did go to far? But I was only ARGUING Not Bullying. I know I should of left it from OOC.

Thank you for reading :)
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United Kingdom
After checking your OOC logs in particular there was a lot of toxic comments and generally a toxic attitude which is why your punishment was more severe than Google Chrome's. Cup_master's comments were also disrespectful, however he did not call you out in the ways you did to him.
I hope this can help you understand why I decided to punish you more severely than others.

It's unclear whether this is a dispute or an appeal so please clarify within 24 hours.
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