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STEAM NAME: Hendricks

IN-GAME NAME: John Hendricks

STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:140276927

AGE: 17

COUNTRY: United Kingdom



Hello! I assume most of you know me otherwise, most know me as Hendricks, I have been a part of this community since early 2015 on and off though I only really started to dedicate my time to the server at the end of 2017/Beginning of 2018. I started off as a cop in the PLPD quickly rising through the ranks, on May 2018 I applied for Enforcer and got accepted. This embedded me into the community even more and most will know me through myself dealing with their reports and helping out in game. I have been apart of multiple large organisations (La Cosa Nostra, Nuestra Familia, Jedi Council, Waypo are some of the ones from the top of my head.) as well as started my own (La Camorrá) which helped me to understand both sides of roleplay and gave me enhanced views when I then put that to use within my staff duties and day-to-day situations. I have also been a Lieutenant for the Road Traffic Unit and Patrol department until the 10th February 2019. And now am a Captain in the Patrol division.
My staff resignation was on January 13th 2019.

The reasons in which I resigned was that I took a long LOA (~2 months) due to personal reasons which also knocked me off and lost a lot of my passion and motivation. However, since being back now again, I've quickly clicked back into my old mindset or in fact, an even better one and I'm ready to put my all into this again and show that I have the dedication and motivation needed for this role and that I'm willing to sacrifice roleplay time and such to be able to help players with their issues that arise and ensure the server functions smoothly.

As for my performance as staff;
In less than 8 months of being staff (Including LOA time) I have completed 919 in-game reports which have all been dealt with in a high quality and manner

My Personality

I myself, am a very laid back individual, along with more traits which will be explained in this/later section. Some Things I care about are discipline, favouritism, etc. I don't take favoritism and would deal with it appropriately if appointed this opportunity. Discipline: I'm very big on discipline. Even though I'm a very laid back individual who likes to have a good time and "chill-out", I will however strongly enforce things like breaking rules, and general incoordination. Do I like doing things like give bans, warnings etc? No, of course not. I don't think anyone does. However, it is needed and a proper way to discipline those who require it. Another part of my personality, which connects to this, is that I'm not afraid to challenge/call-out any wrongdoing, or stand up for someone, against anyone as a matter of fact. I would always be respectful to anyone I am talking to and with whatever action I am taking. I always try to put myself in other people's shoes/perspectives so I can make clear judgements which I believe I am able to easily do as being experienced with all sides of roleplay (Criminal & Cop/Any other jobs available) and I also do not ever act upon anything without the appropriate evidence.

Why do I want to be apart of the staff team?
Well firstly, I would like to be apart of the PerpHeads staff team for a multitude of reasons. Let's start off with I love helping people with whatever problems they have whether it is nominal or significant, which doesn't just mean the usual help chat, I want to assist and take care of reports that people have, a common issue that I see daily is that the wait times for staff is quite lengthy, I know very well that staff also RP and have stuff to do but even so, this is an issue where I see can be solvable, this is one of my motivations which is to help cut down on response times and take some of the pressure off the other staff by helping deal with cases as well, unfortunately, it seems that response times are larger than ever now so I just hope that I can assist as I witness this a lot which means having an extra staff member on and having all times covered will result in less wait times and quicker responses.

Secondly, I have always been drawn to service and this is just one of the many ways I could help and give back to such a great, unique community that strives to provides its players with quality RP, I often see nowadays that there are a minority of people who are starting to have complete disregard for roleplay and while other people are trying to have an enjoyable experience, others are ruining their immersion. Where I see this, I attempt to correct them in LOOC otherwise I would create a report but as I said earlier, there is usually lengthy wait times and with an active community, there are frequent reports coming in so it is easy for RP situations to be delayed heavily.
I try my best to give back to this community, just like any other player. I try to help out where ever possible and reach out to different branches of the community, if someone is having an issue, I try my best to sort it out for them and get to a conclusion. I also often donate towards the server as well as help some newer players and donate them VIP for free in a bid to increase the player base as well as get a wider variety of role players into the community.

Thirdly, I have had experience as a staff member before in this community being a moderator as well as in other communities (I will explain my previous roles at the end of the application), this Is obviously not required but throughout my time previously, becoming staff and working my way up and spending hundreds of hours doing administrative work has somehow not deterred me from these types of roles, I still hugely enjoy the role of a staff member and all the ups and downs of it is just apart of the experience. I still have all my chromosomes intact surprisingly and I personally believe I have a good skill set which I can use here and I'll develop on that point later.
I basically just want to try and assist the staff team to make a more enjoyable RP experience for the players where they would hopefully not need to worry about people breaking rules often.

Why should I be picked for Enforcer?
+ My skill set

To be staff I understand you need to be: Mature, a team player, a team leader, helpful and hardworking, furthermore, I believe I fit these characteristics well and I would carry on bringing these into the staff team throughout my time in it. I enjoy PERP and I see still a lot of potential with it even with it being up for all these years, it has come a long way and as I said I want to contribute to that even more.

I can provide a variety of skills such as my leadership qualities which I have learned throughout my life, and being a role model to other players as I have the highest and utmost respect for rules while still obtaining the ability to roleplay correctly and in an enjoyable manner. Firstly I can bring my listening skills to the table which is extremely important since you will have to listen to both sides of the story especially if it was in a serious and complicated situation and even simple ones must be investigated thoroughly and correctly to avoid error and the evidence presented and then make a fair and unbiased verdict, and having great listening skills as a staff member is vital to do what I just described. I will bring my dedication and tenacity every day to better the community and make sure all are having an enjoyable experience. During my time at my previous communities, I was tasked with different responsibilities, I rose the ranks quite quickly usually, it was my job to make sure the staff team felt needed and knew what their duties were, setting up the application as well as reviewing/interviewing/processing all the staff members that came through to ensure that they were worthy of the position and I was appreciated for it. Along with the userbase, I ensured that they are all up to date with community changes and ensured that they are all in good standing etc. I believe that I have a heavy staff experience which I take along with me from community to community, this is part of who I am and for me shows me what I am capable of, yes, I know that is not required but I just use it to show that I have the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to execute my duties to the utmost standard and that I can handle any scenario or situation that I am placed in.

Similarly, another thing which I find important and I do my best to stick to is to always look at both sides of the evidence and ONLY judge on evidence:
Obviously, as a staff member you cannot be biased in any situation you may come across, I would always check any evidence which is available to me, hear both sides and then make a judgement, If a well-known member of the community was reporting a sweater and the well-known member has no evidence of anything happening of the said situation, then I would have to disregard the case and let the person make an AR later once he gets video or any evidence unless he would be able to provide evidence at the current time as everyone deserves equal opportunities and the right to dispute/counteract actions and reports against themselves.

I have good communication skills and I work well in a team as well as individually, a big part of pretty much any role is communication skills, I can converse well with anybody and establish good bonds which helps a lot, especially with communication between the staff team, without upholding that, there will be constant disagreement and confusion between each other and that is why I ensure I stay open to everyone and converse to fellow staff on my actions, thoughts and so on.
I am a current Captain (Head of Patrol) and an ex-Lieutenant & IA & Staff - This means I am already trained and prepared for the situations that would come my way, I know how to successfully deal with incidents and issues and be able to handle them and find a suitable resolution where each party whether the reporter or accused is happy and that my actions would be completely justified in what I do. I know how to deal with in game reports, Action requests and help with any technical issues or questions that people may have. I am already trained with the admin tools and such and due to me only being resigned from staff for just over 2 months, I will have no issues when jumping back into this line of work.

My knowledge of the server rules and laws
I would personally say that I have a very thorough and in-depth knowledge of all the server rules and laws as do many other frequent members. I am confident to say I basically know the entirety of the rules and can spot them easily in any situation that is presented to me, I also try my best to help staff members by reporting players who break server rules but what I try not to report is sweaters, unless they are completely uncompliant and have no intention to RP, I try to help them out, start them off and teach them the server rules and laws and how they can follow it and expand on their progress. As well as laws, I am a Captain within the Police Department so that has given me a lot of law knowledge which I use every day to execute my duties correctly.

Helping people OOC via /help or /ooc
I try to help people with whatever questions they have in OOC or help chat when I see it, I would say I am also pretty good with technical support and just normal enquiries, so I can help people with most issues that I am physically and mentally able to help them with, I enjoy helping others with their needs and curiosity and giving them that knowledge or helping them sort out issues they may be having with their PC and so on.

My Roleplay Style
I try my best to split my time between cop and civilian to ensure I get the best RP from both sides. I pretty much do not grow anymore as I am instead getting into more passive RP where I can help change things up and as a way for myself to not get bored from doing the same thing over and over, I am currently in my old organisation now, I participate in criminal roleplay as well as shootouts whenever I can but as well as help create firearms for them and craft for other people too, I am just constantly looking to expand myself to different groups of the server and interact with everyone. Usually what I also did was usually let sweaters drive around my Ferrari for the time that they were on or my raptor if they can't handle it to help them travel much quicker and get themselves started as well as giving them 10-20k to get them the mini cooper as their first car, I try to offer people a base to stay in or base with them and offer them my planter boxes and some seeds as well as offer protection so I can help assist their growth and let them have a good chance in the server. I try to create whatever I can from scratch to enhance other people's RP such as multiple PassiveRP ideas that I have created with @Mango and others.

ARE YOU ACTIVE ON THE TEAMSPEAK: Yes, I try to be as active as I can interacting with different people as well as being on pretty much all the time I'm at my PC

DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING ELSE TO SAY: Here is my previous experience on "large" servers:
Executive Director on Evolution Network (18.6k+ members)(Shut down)(Most Recent)
Founder of Viscosity Gaming - 1k members (Shut down)
Delta networks Director - 5,700 members (Shut down/idle community)
PsiSyn Staff Manager/Founding staff member - 13k+ members (Resigned from role - Shut down)
ALRP Lead Administrator - Around 7k members (I think shut down now)

Perpheads - Moderator
Werwolf Gaming - Server owner & Global superadmin ~6k members at the time (Resigned - Still up and running)​
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Hendricks has previously shown that he is able to fullfil his duties as a moderator in a professional manner. He's an overall great guy and easy to talk to, would love to see him as a moderator again!
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United Kingdom, Devon

Good knowledge of the rules, always willing to help. Need more active staff, believe Hendricks has a more than satisfactory work ethic. Best of luck.

John Daymon

could probably buy your whole family.
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IKEA - Northern Europe

nice application by the way

Just because you copied your old one I'll just drop a -support, just shows how creative you are in my eyes to be honest, you're great I'm not gonna lie but take some time and actually write a new application.
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because it's in some way beneficial to write some fat paragraphs over again saying the exact same shit as you did last time because "muh effort"

resourcefulness is a trait i'd rather have than someone willing to put in meaningless effort to "show dedication"


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Stop saying oh no every time you see me!!!! :mad:

+support though, you know the rules and have been a very big boy through Arma and gmod!! <3 <3 <3 <3
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