How to make a Ban Appeal

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Ban Appeal Information
  • Ban Appeals should be made if you wish to apologize for the actions that have lead to your ban , If instead you are looking to dispute the ban then go here.
  • Ban Appeals must follow the given template below and all fields must be filled in correctly.
  • You MUST tag the staff member who banned you in the title and use the following title format - (Ban Appeal - Your Name - @StaffMember).
  • Ban Appeals will be dealt with by the staff member who issued the punishment and one other staff member ranked Enforcer plus.
  • Ban Appeals should be dealt with within 48 hours, failure to do so will result in any Administrator being able to deal with it themselves.
  • Appeals with a punishment longer than 1 month will be dealt with by Administrators and Senior Administrators in a weekly meeting.

Ban Appeal Tips
  • Make sure you put in a decent amount of effort, If its clear you haven't put effort into your appeal then it won't be accepted.
  • Write a detailed and sincere apology aimed towards the staff member who banned you and those who your actions have affected.
  • If you have either just been banned or had an appeal denied do not immediately make an appeal, You need to show that you have taken the time to learn from your mistakes.
  • Be patient, poking or harassing staff members to look at your appeal will get it denied.

Ban Appeal Template
Appealing for: Ban / Blacklist
Appeal type: Apology
Which staff member banned you: (See: ScamBans)
How long were you banned for:

Your Steam Name
Your In-game Name:
Your Steam ID:

Why were you banned/blacklisted: (See: ScamBans)
Why should this appeal be considered:

Additional Comment(s):

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