NEED EVIDENCE? - How to find your 'demo'

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It's rather common that a staff member might ask to see your demo. Not only that, you can use your demo to look back at any of your gameplay on the PERP server at any given time, with only few limitations. This guide will help you locate evidence.

Tips and Tricks (for general usage of demos)
  • Note down the local time of significant events so you can find the right file.
  • Shift+F2 opens the demo playback menu.
  • If you need to rewind a demo, always reopen it from the start as sometimes it can crash the game.
  • There's approximately 11500 ticks per 10 minutes on a 60 minute demo, you can work out roughly where a situation starts by comparing your timestamp with the time on the file, working out the difference in minutes, and multiplying this by 1000 will always get you to some time just before it happens.
  • You need to join the server before opening up the demo. Otherwise, you'll receive an error saying that the map is missing.
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