nutrient10's Ban Apology

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Appealing for: Ban
Appeal type: Apology
Which staff member banned you: @Murtsley

Your Steam Name: [DPA] nutrient10
Your In-game Name: Sascha Miller
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:63141227

Why were you banned/blacklisted: "2.1|3.4 - Running on top of a fire truck going in excess of 30MPH for no reason (Not like there is an actual reason), users ban has been extended to 3 months for profusely lying during the admin sit. The user can demonstrate if their statement is truthful through using the ban appeal section."
Why should this appeal be considered:
I am very, very sorry for what I did, I know that I ran on top of a fire truck and in the admin sit I got quite nervous and anxious so I ended up lying... And then I knew that I made the wrong choice but I was just too scared to admit at that point I was lying because I thought it would make everything much, much worse. The person that was driving the firetruck knew I was there and did pretty much the same as me, just got a bit nervous and lied, but I don't understand why Chris gave him only a 2 week ban and Murtsley giving me a straight up 3 month ban (this being my 3rd ever ban). I already made an appeal apologizing and saying almost exactly the same thing here, if anyone wants to look at that the link is However, nobodies roleplay was ruined and I give you my word on that. The road was completely empty so I personally think that even 3 months is very excessive when we didn't affect anybody's roleplay, but then I apologize to Murtsley and then he extends my ban even though I showed that I'm very sorry and that it won't happen again.

Additional Comment(s):
In my appeal, I made it very clear that I was very, very sorry and that it will not happen again, yet Murtsley doubled an already very excessive ban, hence me now being banned for 6 months even though this is my 3rd ban from PerpHeads and we didn't ruin anyone's roleplay whatsoever.

I know that reading this and my last appeal may make myself and Kay seem like "minges" but there just wasn't much going on and we just got bored and made a very big mistake...

@Bolli told me to make another appeal and he said that he'll handle it.

Evidence (If Applicable):
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