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Alex Mills



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For those of you who don't know who I am, my steam name is nutrient10 and I go by the name of Alex, which is my in-game name. I have been a member of this community since late 2013 or 2014, but I was on and off quite often. I started to really get into the server early 2015 but I only really became very active in the community from late 2017 and early 2018 onwards. Throughout my time in this community, I have received some punishments in the forms of bans and warnings, as well as verbal warnings, which are completely acceptable and of my own negligence. However, I put my foot down a while back and decided that that isn’t going to happen again and swiftly began to improve my attitude. I haven’t received any formal punishment in over a year. My last ban was about two years ago on 25 July 2017 and my last warning was issued to me over a year ago on 18 May 2018. I believe this depicts that I have made a great improvement in my attitude in general and to the community.

Why I want to be an Enforcer

The most important reasons for me wanting to become an Enforcer is to help the community, aid with dealing with reports as well as assisting with the enforcement of the rules, and lastly just generally wanting to get more involved in the community I love. I have always had a passion for helping others and I believe I will find fulfilment in this role due to being able to assist the community even more than I can already by helping out with the enforcement of the rules. Of course, I have been trying my best to do all of this already by helping (new) players as well as being active in help chat and making reports and trying my best to enforce the rules myself where possible. However, as a staff member, I would be able to take this to a new level and assist the community even more than I can already. I often notice people complaining about the time it takes for their reports to be handled, I obviously know staff play on the server too, however, I believe I will be able to assist with cutting down on how long it takes for reports to be handled due to my activity, experience and devotion to this community.

To summarise, I love helping (people) out as much as I can and I also like to push myself further, because of this, I think this would be a great opportunity for me to take on the responsibility of being a staff member where I can help the community that I’ve been a part of for so long even more than I can already. Of course, I can already help members of the community by answering their queries and helping them get started and so on, which I constantly do, however, through my experience in the community I believe I would be of greater assistance as a staff member as I would be able to contribute my skills and experience gained to the staff team, as well as just be an extra pair of hands, and to the community as a whole.

Police Department

Some of my achievements in the PD are Traffic Trainer, Supervisory Investigator for Internal Affairs, People Services as well as becoming a supervisor. My experience in Internal Affairs, as a Supervisory Investigator, has taught me how to effectively investigate alleged misconduct and then come to a fair and neutral outcome. As a supervisor, I have gained a lot of essential experience in dealing with supervisor calls, handing out punishments such as reprimands where necessary, and other cases where I have demonstrated that I can easily digest information and then come to a fair conclusion that suits all parties.

Rule and law knowledge

Throughout my time in this community, I have been able to experience all sides of the rules and laws countless times. From legal activities as a cop or illegal activities as a civilian. Because of this, I am confident that I have been able to gain a very thorough understanding of all areas of the rules as well as laws through this experience within the community, which is another factor for me considering this position as I believe I can use this knowledge to assist others and help with the enforcement of the rules. Alongside this, I am always putting this knowledge to use by making in-game reports which I believe substantiates that I have a good knowledge of them.

Key characteristics

• I am independent
• I work well in a team
• I am dedicated
• I am understanding
• I am calm and approachable
• I am confident


Yes, I am very active on the TeamSpeak server and I am usually in-game or busy if I am muted.


Previous Enforcer Applications

Although my previous Enforcer Applications were rejected, they have been a great aid for me as I have been able to take in the feedback that I had received from them and then improve myself as much as possible in order to be able to fit into the role of Enforcer and have a better attitude towards the community in general. Because of this, I now feel much more confident than I was when I last applied for Enforcer as I have been able to change my mindset, improve on my weaknesses and improve my attitude for the better.

Feedback and improvements since my last application

After my last Enforcer Application that I posted over a month ago, the feedback I had received was centred around demonstrating that I am mature and able to handle myself in confrontational administrative situations to the admin team. I was also told to improve my presence on TeamSpeak, although I am usually on TeamSpeak for many hours a day, I noticed that a lot of the time I have just been sitting in a channel muted, while this is usually due to me being in game I have increased my presence on TeamSpeak a lot by engaging more with members of the community. I was also told that I have a lack of a presence outside of the PD which I thought was reasonable and I have improved on this and I have ensured that I am seen roleplaying as a civilian/criminal, I have also attempted to demonstrate that I have a good knowledge of the ‘civilian-side’ of the rules such as 5.1 and 5.3. I have attempted to demonstrate to the admin team that I am capable of handling myself in confrontational administrative situations through admin sits where I have reported a player, or when dealing with a dispute as a supervisor, mostly where there is someone being quite unruly and I have tried to show that I am able to keep calm and mediate efficiently in confrontational situations. I have also improved on my maturity a lot and I have tried to be as professional as possible in all situations while ensuring that I keep a level head throughout.


Your time played on the server must be at least one week. ✓
No warnings within the last month or bans within the last 3 months, this includes both the forums and the server. ✓
You must have an extensive knowledge and understanding of the server rules and laws to the extent where you can Enforce them. ✓
You must have access to and use a microphone. ✓
You must maintain an active presence on the TeamSpeak Server. ✓

Lastly, I am very welcoming to criticism and feedback. I am very adaptable and determined to improve on my weaknesses and it would be appreciated if you guys can point them out to help me improve.

Thank you for reading my application.
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United Kingdom
Nice lad
Top notch
very friendly and patient
for some reason has everything memorized (by this I mean the rules...)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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+support He's shown consistent seriousness and motivation in regards of taking responsibility and creating a copy of laws and rules in his mind for him to refer to. Honesly just a friendly guy and I'd absolutely recommend him as a staff member considering his current stage of maturity and development. I would consider him a role model.


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United Kingdom
+Support Active presence on the server, always attempts to help people, has experience and good law and rule knowledge. Been working with him in the PD for a bit, has great motivation, he demonstrates his good work-ethic in Internal Affairs & People Services, surely he'd make a great staff member, good luck. Always attempting to help people in OOC, don't really see no reason not to accept you, would make a good addition.
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Under a Rock, North Wales, United Kingdom
+Support, Nutrient genuinely cares about the server unlike some people that I've seen that apply for enforcer for either a powertrip or a fancy Physgun and a title, he's a competent officer and a genuine player rather than a minge raider. I seriously believe that he would be able to more than apply his Police Persona to enforcing the rules with solid ethics and quality of delivery.

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