oscar holmes' ban appeal

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Korea, South
Appealing for: Ban
Appeal type: Apology
Which staff member banned you: Console
How long were you banned for: Permanent

Your Steam Name: oscar holmes
Your In-game Name: Frank Sandlers
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:83204982
Why were you banned/blacklisted: Using an alt account
Why should this appeal be considered: Hey all,
All I would like to say on this ban is that I did not mean any harm by using an alt-account. Before I used my alt, I got banned for a week because I ran over crowd of people with an ambulance (accidentally). Afterwards, I went on with an alt account of mine, because 1, I clearly wasn't thinking right at that time and thought it would be fine going on with an alt-account, 2, I really wanted to play again because I returned after a 6 month hiatus of not playing the server and I just got back into it and really liked it. I just want to say I am sorry and in no way did I want to make anyones lives harder. I just want to be unbanned so I can play on the server again because I really liked it.

Thanks for reading.

Additional Comment(s): im probably retarded for using an alt
Not open for further replies.