Patch's Ban Apology

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United Kingdom
Appealing for: Ban
Appeal type: Apology
Which staff member banned you: @Dom_ @Samuel @Ayjay @Fredy @TinySlayer
How long were you banned for: 6 Months

Your Steam Name
: Patch
Your In-game Name: Tonine Leung
Your Steam ID: (See: STEAM_0:0:84694348

Why were you banned/blacklisted:

Why should this appeal be considered:

So I’d like to firstly apologise to all the players I’ve effected – which is to be honest, a big portion of the server. I’ve had a step back and realised that the reason why rule 2.4 exists is to make the server fair for anyone – regardless of money – but those who put time into the server are able to buy Ferrari's, etc. By buying RP cash, I went against that – I put to shame the hard work and the long hours people have put in to get their cash, cars, and items, and I am greatly sorry to all those who I have disrespected as a result.

I would also like to extend an apology to Fredy and the rest of the staff team – what I did was wrong, and cost you guys a lot of time trying to sort out – time that you could’ve spent doing other things, and I greatly apologise for my actions, and I can promise that I will never repeat them again.

In the couple of weeks that I have been banned, I’ve had time to reflect on my actions – and as touched on above, I feel that I have learned my lesson. The money that I spent buying the RP cash has been lost, along with the RP cash itself, and the stuff that I did buy legit has also been lost, which, again is a real shame. I do feel, however, that I do deserve another shot, or a shortened ban. I cooperated with the staff team, and I’m sure half the server hate me for that now, but I didn’t want to waste any of Fredy/senior admin teams time by making them look through the logs. If anything, the complete destruction of my already piss-poor reputation is punishment enough. I know that my record isn’t perfect, but I have contributed a lot back into the server through legitimate VIP donations, and such, and I can promise to you all that nothing like this will happen again, and I also promise that I will come back on the server with a more open, yet rule-oriented mind.

I hope you can consider a reduction to my ban, and I would like to apologise again to everyone I have effected through my actions.

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