Unban Request - RAW @Brinch

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Reaction score
Appealing for: Ban
Appeal type: Request
Which staff member banned you: @Brinch
How long were you banned for: Permanently.

Your Steam Name
Your In-game Name: John Bello
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:61364

Why were you banned/blacklisted: Not Providing Demos
Why should this appeal be considered:
The situation involved me and three others. Me, Tyler Mckraken, Fizz, and Nuggerkeller. I was talking on the phone with a cop on the server because my friend was pulled over on the highway by him. While this had happened, I saw a car driving through the forest and I knew that It was my enemies. I talked on the phone with the cop, saying "I think Im getting raided." At the time, he was the only cop on and didn't act on what I said (most likely because he was getting off). He told Tyler, who came to our house (hicktown). Tyler showed up, to see two guys pointing guns at me. He walks into the house, goes into the chest, and gets shot. After that, the two muggers make me drop all of my stuff. Meanwhile, my friend who had no idea of the situation pulls into the forest. He sees a unfamiliar car there, and acts on it. He kills the two muggers, while they had killed me. Then this is where the situation ends up bringing me, here.
Additional Comment(s):
I admit that I was in a discord channel with one of my org members, one of whom was Tyler. I had said in discord that I was getting mugged, but It was already communicated in game while it was happening (as I said earlier I informed a cop). Tyler had no correlation between my friend killing the two muggers and them dying. This is where the problem is with this admin's accusation. Even if I told Tyler, he wouldn't have effected them in any way because they didn't die from him.

Brinch wanted me to get demos of the situation, but my game had to be uninstalled due to a lack of space on my computer. I had accidently downloaded a shit-ton of addons from another server, (like literally 600) which my computer space could not handle. This caused my computer to literally crash and me having to clear all my files in the Gmod folder so I can reinstall it again. Prior to that, even when I had the demos, I was having errors with it and I even said in a forum message to Brinch that I cannot obtain the demo. We also had a conversation on teamspeak regarding this.

I also would like to point out, and on behalf of many people Ive spoken to on the server, that Brinch isn't a very trustworthy and reliable source. He seems to have a friendly relationship with the "victims," which I point out in my staff complaint against him.

Evidence (If Applicable): As much as I would love to give evidence, I dont have it because of the incident I noted above.
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