Warning Dispute, once again.

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Your Steam Name: TheOriginal_j
Your In-game Name: Jack Jerryson
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:150576215

Why were you warned: '3.18 - User stored items while being raided by the police. '
Who issued the warning: Racxes
Why is the warning false: Basically Marcus Hudson made an AR on me for storing guns while being raided. This was false. Marcus for some reason keeps targeting me and trying to accuse me of shit I wasn't doing. Marcus then kept accusing me of storing guns during a raid. I made a comment 'mocking' his accusations. He then took it as an opportunity to make an AR and try to get me warned for it. In the image he provided someone even said that I wasn't raided but I guess some staff love to warn me any reason they can lol. Also, it's pretty obvious it's a comment to mock his constant accusations.

Evidence to show why it is false (preferably a demo): 1547157460583.png

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@Racxes mate, honestly if you look it was legit 2 minutes after I stored my shit I was killed by him. How am I suppose to know I was gonna get raided in 2 minutes? If I knew that I wouldn't have stored the gun would I? Honestly this warning isn't fair and I can't provide proof as the demo is probably gone. But the proof is right in front of you.