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Youseff Alardin


16 (Born 6th of March 2000)


Hello my name is Matias most likely known to you guys as Youseff i have currently 5 bans and 11 warnings on record last one dating October 2016. I want to become an enforcer as i have fell in love with this community and it's players since i first joined in around March 2015.

I have played on this server for a quite long time now i have reached over two months of gametime. I feel during the period from my last ban and to now i have shown to the community that i am no longer the rulebreaker i used to be and that i have achieved a great understanding and knowledge of the laws and rules.

And hopefully have i shown the community that i am fully capable of enforcing the server rules by posting & responding to action requests, making reports in-game and being a previous ex-moderator. Being a ex-moderator, i was not demoted and i showed the community that i was dedicated by having a positive report count every single week as a moderator. This was my main goal when applying, and it will be this time aswell. I will not slack off, and i will not let the community down.

Infact one respected member of the community said the following :
Youseff is always dealing with reports everytime he is online. I find that he does them quick but still ends up doing his job perfectly and giving fair punishments to the rule breakers!
Some accepted action requests i've made.

Feedback and help given in others actions requests.


Key qualities

* Got a cool head in roleplaying and administrive situations.

* Friendly, fair and active member of the community.

* Being helpfull to other players and dedicated to administrive work.

* Being able to enforce the server rules and deal with administrive situations.

* Complete knowledge of the server laws and rules.

* Ex-moderator, familiar with conduct and commands.

I am on the teamspeak server everytime i join the server, so i am on the teamspeak alot. I also try to be in general channels in order to speak to other members of the community and help people if needed.

I appriciate all of the feedback regarding my application no matter if it is positive or negative, i would rather have 1 detailed response than 100 ratings. I also want to thank you for taking the time to read this and if you doubt on my rule knowledge you can question me on Steam if wanted.

Your time played on the server must be atleast one week.
(I have over two months of gametime.)

No recent bans and warnings on record for at least a period of a month, this includes both the forums and the server.

You must have an exstensive knowledge and understanding of the server rules and laws to the extent where you can Enforce them.
(I have exellent understanding and knowledge of the laws and rules.)

You must have acess to and use a microphone.
(Obviously i do)

You must maintain an active presence on the TeamSpeak Server
(I am on the teamspeak server almost every day)
Youseff is a great guy, knowledgeable of the rules and shows great strides in wanting to keep the server clean of filthy rulebreakers
and I guess another Olsen Banden plant in the staff team wouldnt be too bad either :booty:
Can't disagree with this, from what I've seen, both in this community and others, Youseff is a very level headed guy. Knows what to do and when it's appropriate to do it. He's done it before and by joe he can do it again.

Knowing youseff for over two years I can say he is the perfect candidate for enforcer, he has kept his head cool in situation I find very difficult to. He was a good moderator before and I know for sure he would be an excellent moderator now.
Youseff is by far a great candidate who is fond of the rules and enforcing them, even to me. Despite his application being closed last time, he has taken on the opportunity to develop himself and become even better for enforcer. His rule knowledge is excellent and I know for sure that he will be a good staff member.

He's a person who has helped me with understanding the rules a lot, when I first joined, I didn't have a clue of what the rules mean't or what they were. I asked Youseff and he answered every question I've made about the rules and helped me become a better role player. I believe he would make a great staff member. I'm not saying this because he's my friend, but this is absolutely genuine.
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I would love to see Youseff as a staff member again, he proved he could do a great job previously at enforcing the rules and I don't see why that would change, regardless of him being inactive for a small period I still believe his rule knowledge in-game hasn't dropped at all. He was a great moderator in my opinion and did reports very frequently, was very chill in admin sits and did a great job at dealing with rulebreakers.
A definite +support
I imagined this individual as a reckless and disrespectful individual. However, Youseff proved himself also as a friendly individual with good rule and law knowledge. He is friendly and respectful when he wants to.


i love irish people

I support Youseff's application as he is very active within the game and Teamspeak. He was also a staff member before so that's a bonus. Also he is probably blind because he can't spell 'ridiculous'.
Tbh with you, before you got inactive i always thought you were very aggresive and not really here to help people. However since you came back my opinion has changed about you. You seem to be a very calm guy, which i think is a very important quality for being enforcer. Although we do not share the same opinion about a lot of stuff, i think you would be a good addition to the staff team and wish you the best of luck!
Youseff would be a great addition to the staff team and a great moderator overall as he has already proved to be in the past.
Since he came back to the server he has improved on many needed aspects for a moderator like his attitude and patience.
In my opinion and from my observation and experience with Youseff I can surely tell he'll be a great moderator.
I really do believe that your application is going to be successful. I really do enjoy you, and your application a lot. Youseff, you knows the laws and the rules very well. I am going to be supporting you throughout your application.
+Support , Youseff is one of the greatest members ive saw in this great community , being an ex-moderator and him dealing with reports quick and dealing with the rule breakers is what we need in the staff team , his Rules/Laws knowledge is more than acceptable and being active on the server most of the day is also another reason for supporting this application . helpful in /help chat , good person , always calm , funny guy .... IM +SUPPORTING THIS

Good luck Sweat-T :booty:
I've seen you alot within the police department and what I can see from that you're a friendly and a calm person. I have also seen some LOOC actions regarding rules and so on and you seem to have a great knowledge of them.

So from all that, +Support

Good luck!
Youseff was a good mod before his resignation. He was active all the times I was on was a very helpful staff member. The twat even gave me my first ban (Joke)! Idk about you guys, but Youseff could do a lot of good if he gets reinstated to his position in the staff team.
Youseff, the former moderator.
If you managed to handle this position before, I am no way in doubt you'd be able to do it again.
You are a very mature person, you take things seriously, not as serious as @LEWIS 088 (No I am not calling you that one word, which I will refuse to mention, some will get this, some won't. Personally because I find it disrespectful)

You know the laws, you know the rules, you essentially know your shit, so why not go for round two of banning micspammers and warning cheaters? Oh wait, that's supposed to be the other way around, oh well my backspace isn't working, seems to be too lazy at the moment.

You were usually the one to respond to my reports whenever I needed something dealt with, and this happened in a timely manner.
@Youseff, you have done nothing but handled your position like a pro, much like @John Daymon has, I feel that you should be allowed back on the staff team, there's nothing wrong with what you did when you had such a high rank, you had your best interests, wishes, and even acted upon them, for others, for us as players, to let us enjoy the gamemode the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

Best of luck.
I'm still salty from that one time you backstabbed 4 members at once, one being me.
Admit it, I tricked you with the red text.
I've known youseff for a while trough different communities. And i can say he is the perfect canditate yet again for enforcer, previously when he was a moderator when he was on he always dealt with report instead of having fun trough roleplaying. If youseff gets accepted the staff team gets another hard working member. + Support
I have known of Youseff for a while and he used to hate me. Aside from that I still have seen him a lot recently and he is very knowledgeable of the server rules as in many sits he has easily explained what the opposing player has done wrong. He'll make a good staff member again as I do remember him to be fairly good and reasonable as a staff member. I wouldn't mind him being a staff member again and can say I give my support to this application.
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