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    Jacobs Unlucky Day

    I'm gonna jump off a bridge.
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    Illegal Industries

    Steam name:Toxic SteamID: STEAM_0:1:49330075 Age:14 Playtime:1 week. Are you VIP?:Yes. IC: Name:Jacob Morris Age:20 Current car: Dodge Ram Phone number:990-9102 Firearms/Crafting level:Crafting level 6:Firearms level 10 (Still working on it need money to craft more items.) Reason you're...
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    Crafting + Application

    In Character Information: IC Name:Jack Winter Favorite weapon:Benelli,M4A1 Current Vehicle(s)Dodge Ram Crafting Level (Not required to be high):6/8 Previous Organizations:Riddle Family(Disbanded),Church Of Tadge(Disbanded) OOC Information: Steam Name:Toxic Playtime:1 week Age:14...
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    Grow + - Applications

    Forename:Jack Last name:Winter How did you hear about Grow+:I heard about the org through old friends of mine. Why would you like to JOIN:Because I am looking to make some reliable friends and to grow drugs as I am running very low on cash. Previous organisations:The Riddle Family and the...
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    The Church Of Tadgee APPLICATIONS

    OOC Information Steam name:[GOH] Toxic Playtime:5 days Age:13 IC Information Name:Jack Winter Age:21 Backstory:I got hit by a car and then I was revived by tadgee ive followed him ever since. What qualities do you have?:Cheeky Are you good at banter:Cheeky nandos