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Appeals Process
An explanation into the appeal process

  • You can create either an apology or dispute, you choose this when creating the appeal.
  • You cannot dispute a punishment because you feel the length was unjust, this must be done via a staff complaint instead.
  • You can only dispute a punishment once, if you still disagree after it was denied then you should make a staff complaint.
  • If you create an apology then you accept you broke the rules and are apologizing for your actions, in hope for your punishment to be reviewed.​
  • If you create a dispute then you feel you haven't broken the rules and want to dispute the legitimacy of the punishment.​
  • You must include the staff member that issued your punishment, you can find this information on your ban here.​
  • A warning can only be disputed, they will never be removed through apology.​
  • A dispute must contain sufficient evidence such as a video of the situation or a demo with the relevant tick provided.​
  • If you're forum banned and want to create an appeal please use this alternative link. The appeal is sent for approval before going public.​
Reviewing Appeals
A brief summary of how appeals are reviewed

  • An apology can be dealt with by the staff member who issued the punishment, up to 6 months.
  • A dispute can be dealt with by alternative staff members, or a senior member of staff ranked administrator or above.
  • Any bans from 6 month to permanent are usually dealt with in an admin meeting which occur every few weeks.
  • The above mentioned meetings are not scheduled, please do not ask staff when the next one is.
Reasons for Denied Appeals
A list of common reasons for denied appeals

  • You should not automatically expect an unban, you are not entitled to play our server.
  • You may not be unbanned if you use an AI/ChatGPT to assist in writing your appeal, if you do your ban could be extended.
  • You may not be unbanned if your ban is deemed to be a suitable length of time.
  • You may not be unbanned if you have ever demonstrated a course of conduct that is toxic, disrespectful or a safeguarding concern.
  • You may not be unbanned if you have an extensive history of rule breaks, regardless of how long ago they were.
  • You may not be unbanned if you have previously broken the rule that you were punished for.
  • You may not be unbanned if your presence here is not in the communities interest, or you provide little to the community.
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