Frequently Asked Questions

You can find our content guide by clicking here. If this doesn't solve your problem then contact a member of our helper team on Discord #help-and-support.

The fastest way to get help is via the Discord #help-and-support channel or using /help in-game. If it is a slow time problem then creating a support thread may be more appropriate.

We have a guide detailing this, you can view it by clicking here.

If there is a staff member available you can report the player by pressing F6 whilst you are in-game. If the player has disconnected or there are no staff members available then you can make an action request by clicking here.

We list all of our banned publicly on SCAMBans, you can view all bans by clicking here. If you need help finding your ban then contact a member of staff.

You can appeal a ban by clicking here.

You can dispute a ban, warning or blacklist by clicking here. You will need to submit evidence otherwise the appeal will be closed. If you still don't agree with the decision on an appeal you will need to make a staff complaint.

You can make a staff complaint by clicking here.

If you have lost items as a result of a rule breach, you must first have an accepted report or action request. If you lost items as a result of a bug report, you must have an accepted bug report. You can then request items to be refunded by clicking here.

We have released a guide on how to use our Internal Affairs system, you can view it by clicking here.

You will need to contact the Server Owner, Fredy#0988. He can be reached on Discord.

We would greatly appreciate you reporting this bug on our forums by clicking here. If the bug is of a strictly private nature for example serious exploits, you should contact a senior member of staff directly. You can contact Fredy, TinySlayer, a Developer or Community Manager for this.

You can post Ideas & Suggestions on our forums. Please make sure your idea hasn't already been posted. You can view this section of the forums by clicking here.

You will need to contact a member of Community Management, you can do this by pressing F6 if you see one of them in-game. A member of Community Management is any staff member who holds the rank of Community Manager.