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Rule Changes 14/10/2019

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There has been some minor updates to the following rules: 3.4, 3.18 and 5.3.

3.4 Putting your Life at Risk

A few examples has been added to the rule, to hopefully help clarify it a bit more.

3.18 Storages and trunks

The rule now specifies that this also includes government officials, this has always been enforced but this should help clarify it.

While their life is in immediate danger a player must not use their storage boxes/trunks to avoid losing valuable items that the player is currently holding on their person, this is also including the confiscation of firearms or illegal items whilst on duty as an LEO. This also includes detaching weapon attachments with the intention of avoiding their loss.

5.3 Raiding

Civilians can now return to raids where they died, as long as it is the same raid/RP sit.

Civilians are not allowed to raid, or assist others who are raiding, an occupied property more than 3 times in a 60 minute period, or raid the...

SERVER EVENTS - 05/10/2019

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05/10/2019 - SERVER EVENTS

Been a while since we have done some events, so it's time to host a few!

Each player is given a bat, the goal is to knock everyone else out and be the last man standing.

TIME: 6:00PM BST (GMT+1)

WINNER (ROUND 1): Whitetiger
WINNER (ROUND 2): Team Blue

$50,000 for each winner

One in the chamber tests your ability to aim quickly and precisely. If your bullet hits, you'll kill
the player and get another bullet in your magazine. If you run out of bullets, use your knife!


WINNER (ROUND 1): @Al Capone
WINNER (ROUND 2): @Al Capone

$50,000 for each winner

Participants are teleported onto of a floating wooden platform, that slowly decays.
Each player is...​

Update Log - 24/07/2019

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Update Log - 24/07/2019

An update went live this morning. It mainly contained bug fixes, but it also contained and important piece of code in preparation for something that I have been working on.

Here is the change list
  • Added automatic Job Playtime tracking, meaning that I don't have to spend time running a report for the PLPD
  • Added the Police Handbook to the Police Computer (Note: You need to be on a Chromium enabled branch for this to work)
  • Added to the Police Computer, including an automatic login system
  • Added computer desks in the City Hall that allow access to, which includes an automatic login system
  • Changed the entire back-end of to Python to make it much faster and easier to develop
  • Changed the Dispatch office doors to be slightly harder to break into
  • Fixed radio...

Update Log - 03/07/2019

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Update Log - 03/07/2019

A new update just went live, with a very long list of changes! All of this has been possible due to the hard work by @Carrot, @Fredy, @Bolli and myself. This is also the first update that @Ayjay has helped to write some of the code for.

Firstly, we have added Vehicle Registration Plates:

Here are some of the features of the new plates:
  • All cars get given a random plate when you purchase them
  • Most job cars have their own distinctive plate, including the badge number for the PLPD
  • Custom plates can be purchased at the City Hall front desk
  • Vehicles no longer display the owners name on the HUD
  • The police computer can search for vehicle owner by the car registration plate
  • The vehicle registration will appear on the HUD...

SERVER EVENTS: 30/06/2019

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30/06/2019 - SERVER EVENTS
These events will take place on Sunday.

Hey, we're doing some events this weekend, make sure you stop by!

Just like the much-loved Parker Raid, one team will spawn inside a base (office) and have a basic defence.
The attacking team will be tasked with raiding the office, and killing all individuals inside.



PRIZE: $25,000 per winner (of winning team)

Parker raid is simple. Two teams fight to the death in a giant raid on the Parker and Glass Co buildings.
The defending team will be given a basic defence and a gun, the attacking team will be tasked with raiding the property...

Update Log - 16/06/2019

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Update Log - 16/06/2019

An update went live this morning, here are the changes!

After the first phase of weapon balancing, I have gone through every pairing of firearms to make sure there is always at least reason to choose one gun over another. Previously there were several weapons that were worse or equal to another in every variable, but costed more. This is no longer the case. The following changes are to make this happen:
  • Reduced the recoil of the Spas-12
  • The MP7 Grip now requires 3x25% Refined Metal and1xChunk of Polymer
  • Fixed bug in the crafting mixtures of the following magazines: HK45, MP7, MP9, MP5K
  • The HK45 now requires an additional piece of metal
  • The Luger now requires 1x25% Refined Metal instead of 1x50% Refined Metal
  • In varying amounts, reduced the recoil of the following firearms:
    • FN SCAR-L
    • Colt M16A4
    • Famas G2
    • Enfield L85 A2...

Update Log - 31/05/2019

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This is an update that @StephenPuffs and @Fredy have been working on for a while, although few gameplay elements were changed, a very intricate day/night cycle has been introduced. A few other things are included in this update.

What we've done:
  • Realistic day/night cycle (longer days during summer, longer nights during winter)
  • Visible moon with phases.
  • Clouds
  • Solar system model
  • Emote wheel with selectable acts
  • All car sounds have been levelled due to being too loud (thanks to @Bolli, if there are any missing or broken sounds submit a bug request or contact @Bolli)
  • Lighting has been improved generally
  • Weather effects have temporarily been removed (will be included in future update)


Update Log - 27/05/2019

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Update Log - 27/05/2019

Following on from yesterdays update, a smaller update went live this morning. The focus of this update was to provide a first phase of balancing to firearms, while we have feedback from the small group that helped test the changes, there will be a further phase of updates after monitoring the impact of the changes for a period of time. Please continue to provide any further feedback in the community discussion thread.
  • Added new settings for gungames
  • The spread of shotgun pellets is no long impacted by marksmanship level
  • Marksmanship for lower levels no longer has as much recoil
  • Crouching has a more of an impact at higher marksmanship levels
  • Changed the recoil reduction calculation so that...

Update Log - 26/05/2019

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Update Log - 26/05/2019

As some of you may have noticed, an updated went live earlier today. Here are the changes:
  • Added new "Raid" events
  • Notifications are rendered over all UI, so that they are visible when your phone is out
  • When your gun is not in passive mode and standing next to a vehicle, you do not change to keys when changing firemode
  • Dispatcher Office doors can be locked
  • Wrenches can be used to repair non-disabled cars
  • Removed hold animation for chemical tables
  • Shop items can be purchased when the owner is far away
  • Taking a gun out of passive stops the dragging animation
  • Added chemical table spawn locations to Puffer Mart
  • New players now receive some core items when joining for the first time
  • Lowered mini cooper price by $10k
  • Garbage bags can no longer be spawned as props
  • Disabled physgun for dropped items and explosives...

Community Discussion - What do you want?

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Community Discussion - What do you want?
A lack of discussion between the staff team and the community has been apparent for a long time now, it's important that we get your input on the prevalent issues
and concerns that you all have so we can work toward fixing these. This thread will be an opportunity for Senior Administration to respond to your questions and queries.

I hope this thread can generate some positive discussion, and won't turn into a massive bitch-fest. We really want to see what you guys want, so I do ask that you remain
respectful and dignified when posting here.

For housekeeping sake, can we try keep the topic of this thread around these main issues:

  • Gameplay Suggestions & Discussion
  • Rules Discussion (including enforcement)
  • In-Game Organisations
  • Paralake Police Department
  • Staff Team

@TinySlayer and I will do our...

Update Log - 22/04/2019

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Update Log - 22/04/2019

There have been a few updates in the past couple of months, but I didn't get around to write an update log for any of them, and they were all relatively small on their own.

  • Added OOC timeouts
  • Improved the report menu
  • Improved how fire looks with smoke
  • Improved how fire gives money to firefighters
  • Consent cannot be refused when being searched in the jail
  • Fixed taxi driver spawn points
  • Fixed actions being cancelled when typing 'c' in chat
  • Fixed chemical table explosions
  • Fixed certain items not burning properly
  • Fixed the piano crashing players
  • Optimised serverside voice chat code when there are lots of players online
  • Blocked keybinds running when typing in console
  • You can now dry 3 cocaine leaves on one cooker at the same time
  • Rules around bank robbery are now self-enforcing...

SERVER EVENTS: 06/04/2019

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06/04/2019 - SERVER EVENTS
These events will take place on Saturday.

Short notice, but due to the servers high population of recent we thought we'd give you some events this weekend.

Just like the much-loved Parker Raid, one team will spawn inside a base (farm) and have a basic defence.
The attacking team will be tasked with raiding the farm, and killing all individuals inside.



PRIZE: $25,000 per winner (of winning team)

Parker raid is simple. Two teams fight to the death in a giant raid on the Parker and Glass Co buildings.
The defending team will be given a basic defence and a gun, the attacking team will be tasked...

Update Log - 09/03/2019

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Update Log - 09/03/2019

As some of you have already noticed, an update went live on the server early this morning. This update has mainly been focused on revamping some PLPD features, along with a few minor tweaks here and there. I'm also happy to say that our very own @Bolli has started to develop some of the code and has fixed several bugs in this update.

Here is a brief summary of what has changed:
  • Revamped the Police Armory
  • Added Light TFU Gear
  • Added a weapon locker to the shooting range
  • Added permission for low ranking officers to view the employees tab on the Police Computer
  • Added ability for all officers to remove warrants or remarks that they issued
  • Added badge numbers to the police computer
  • Added the ability to synchronize your account from the desk sergeant
  • Added an unmarked police car for Traffic Officers, limited to...

Update Log - 03/03/2019

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After a few days of hard work, we're happy to announce that 10 new cars will be added to the game. This selection is the remaining few from TDM, consisting of a range of less sporty cars. We hope this gives you a couple more options when it comes to buying a new cars. There has also been a few changes to the events.

New Vehicles:
Volvo S60
Volvo 850R
Vauxhall Agila
Vauxhall Corsa
Vauxhall Astra
Vauxhall Insignia
Nissan Leaf
BMW 340i
Chevrolet C10

Other Changes
  • Beach Derby has been tweaked, parts of the platform will be highlighted then fall throughout the course of the game.
  • Farm Raid event added.
  • New location for one in the chamber.
Thanks to @Fredy , @StephenPuffs, @Ayjay , @Carrot , @Sdac2 , and...

Server Events: 02/03/2019

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02/03/2019 - SERVER EVENTS
These events will take place on Saturday.

It's been a long while since we've had Server Events, so next week we're hosting a few for you.

Players will spawn inside a car on top of a platform, when the starting sound plays they will
push all others players off said platform. The final remaining car wins the derby.



PRIZE: $75,000 per winner (of each group)

Just like the Parker Raid event you all know and love, two teams will be given
weaponry to fight to the death. The defending team will be given a basic
defence to fend off the attacking...

Chemical Table Update Log - 22/02/2019

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Chemical Table Update Log - 22/02/2019

After many months of hard work from the entire development team, we are pleased to announce that the Chemical Table update has been released. This is has been one of the more complex updates, stretching some of the limits of what is possible with the engine, with complex and dynamic models that can be added to and adjusted on the fly.

Chemical Table

Chemical Tables can be placed in most properties on the map, but there are specific locations inside the properties that they can be placed. Simply equip your chemical table in a property that you have keys for, and you'll be able to see where it can be placed. Each property has a limit of how many chemical tables can be placed there.

Things that can be placed on the Chemical Table:
  • Propane Tanks are use...

PERPHeads Community Awards 2018 - Results

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After a week of voting, the community awards this year has come to a close. I'd like to personally thank everyone for taking part for the past five years, and I hope you can join us next year for a bigger and better community awards.

Here are your winners for 2018:

Funniest Member

Most Creative

Biggest Troll

Most Helpful

Friendliest Player

PERPHeads Community Awards 2018

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Oh hey, has it really been a whole year since the last awards?

Yes, it's that time of year again, the fifth annual community awards, it's time to vote for most notable players of the year!
Over the course of the year we've seen a bunch of people join us, leave us and every single player has made an impact on the server.

Announcements & Updates:
Xenforo 2
Drug System Update
Event System
TV Update
Katana Update...

Update Log - 10/12/2018

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Update Log - 10/12/2018

The following changes should go live tomorrow morning.
  • The bank vault restocks slightly faster
  • Added a couple of new tools for staff
  • Removed the old dispatcher exam
  • Police are now only allowed to take the pots and water from planter boxes
  • The Car Dealership now asks for confirmation before you sell your vehicle
  • Buffed first aid and repair skills slightly
  • Civilians can now use their bandages directly on other players
  • When there is a firefighter on duty, fires may randomly occur in abandoned locations
  • Fixed the fractions of dollars being handed out after bank robberies
  • Fixed various problems with 911 calls and smoke alarms
  • Fixed players being very slow when being dragged are being tasered or revived
  • Fixed some bullet hits not being correctly classified as headshots
  • Fixed cop slots changing to 8 briefly after the Mayor...

Update Log - 26/11/2018

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Update Log - 26/11/2018
There will be a significant update tomorrow morning, mainly focused around helping various aspects of the server stay balanced at all levels of activity. While I'm not going to go into detail on all of the numbers that we have chosen, then general approach is to aim for low risk resulting in low reward and high risk resulting in high reward if successful. As we have only been able to test balance settings on spreadsheets, once these changes have been live for a while we can tweak them if we receive detailed and constructive criticism on how fair and balanced they are.
  • Added another radio station
  • Added a new event
  • Added a /call command to speak to people you are on the phone with
  • Stopped adverts being anonymous
  • Improved how the Mayor Election runs
  • Mayor can now adjust the Road Crew salary and job slots
  • Mayor can now pay Medics and...

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