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Rule Changes (08/06/2021)

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Hi everyone,

As a result of the most recent admin meeting, a new rule has been introduced regarding off-server transactions, gambling sites, item orders, loan systems and deposit systems. This change was made to sustain the in-character economy and allow for more oversight of off-server agreements relating to in-character transactions through use of "the Internet" section of the Forums. We also aim to encourage players to join the server to carry out in-character transactions and agreements rather than allowing for money to be made whilst players are not in-game.

We are, however, aware that players might have pending transactions that aren't resolved. To help smooth these over, we will be granting a 14 day grace period starting today to clear up existing agreements.

Off-server transaction disputes will henceforth no longer be settled by the staff team and can be resolved by the involved...

Community Spotlight #7 (07/06/2021) + Discord 500 Member Giveaway!

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Community Spotlight #7


Hello! This is the seventh Community Spotlight, albeit a bit late as I have had issues arise in reality! Anyway, since the last spotlight we have seen the release of Paralake V5 and a massive increase in new players (With 8 new players signup to the forums in the past 2 days alone), so if this is your first time reading a spotlight, welcome!​


@hotdog 6 is our new Event Lead, an internal role within our Event Team to help co-ordinate and plan out events more successfully, so if you have any ideas please do not hesitate to contact him, myself or Tyla as we are always on the lookout for new ideas. Anyway, Hotdog 6 has co-ordinated and ran a very successful and fun Blackjack event in the Subs houses! Along with the help of our amazing Event Team.​
Well done baller, you can claim your $50,000 reward...

Update Log - 02/06/2021

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Update Log - 02/06/2021

A map hotfix has gone live today in order to fix a few things from launch.
Here are the changes:
  • A couple of props in the hospital are no longer floating.​
  • One of the smokestacks' hitbox no longer extends to the interior of Parker.​
  • The bank interior is slightly brighter.​
  • Added a missing zebra crossing at suburbs.​
  • Removed some fire hydrants (there were too many of them!)​
  • Added a few street bollards in places cars shouldn't be able to drive to (examples include docks, small city park and business shops).​
  • The city hall balcony handrail's hitbox now matches the model.​
  • You can no longer drop items inside the PD toilets since the doors can not be opened.​
  • The taxi depot was added to the skybox.​
  • The path to the rear...​

Safeguarding Report System

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It’s no secret that this community has had safeguarding issues in the past. There is no need for details however, it is not something anyone ever wants to see again.

@Tyla Jai and myself have taken steps to prevent any safe guarding issues with a report system which is linked below and will aim to prevent any issue arising again.

I am going to lock this thread as it is a sensitive subject and this is a purely informative post and nothing to discuss.

The report system is here.

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