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PERPHeads Secret Santa 2020

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Hello all,

To continue with @Aquaa's tradition of Secret Santa I wanted to create one before the start of December so as to give people time to get ready at @curak's suggestion.

Majority of people know how Secret Santa's work but in our version, you get entered into a pool of names and get assigned someone to gift a Steam game to and someone gets your name to gift you a game. As we are a gaming community we will focus on games in tradition.

Here are the rules:
  • The gift will be from your Steam wishlist so please make sure your wishlist is public. If you do not make it public please accept anyone who adds you on Steam. Please make sure you choose at least one game valued 5 euros on your wishlist. If the person does not have a game valued 5 euros or less, choose any random game.
  • Tradable items from games such as TF2/CSGO are not allowed so as to avoid...​

Halloween - 2020

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PERPHeads - Happy Halloween!
We're exciting to announce that there will be a brand new Halloween event this year! There will be some aspects that you may recognise from previous years, but new mechanics have been added and it has been incorporated into the main event system. There will also be other surprise mini-events occurring before and after the main event.

All times are GMT.

Late Afternoon Events: Spooky Occurrences - 3pm to 6pm
  • Random spooky instances will happen across the city. These events will happen in parallel to normal roleplay and will be entirely optional to take part in. Each one will be a surprise and different from the last!​
Main Halloween Event: Patient Zero - 6pm to 8pm(?)
  • In the year of the pandemic, one player will receive a toxic infection. This will spread across the city rapidly unless it is...

Update Log - 25/10/2020

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Update Log - 25/10/2020

A mere week after the last update, a new update will go live on the restart tomorrow morning. Special thanks to @McGlinchy for helping to put together some improvements to some Police Vehicles, along with several other changes. Thanks also to @Samuel for code some of the features and fixes and @Clarky for creating TeamSpeak icons.

The updates are as follows:

Emergency Services
  • Added a Police Ford Transit van for Premium players
  • Added supervisor text to the main police vehicles if spawned by a supervisor
  • Added location to DNA uploads
  • Added automatic placement into units when joining a job
  • Added registration information on the Police Computer for unmarked vehicles
  • Added option to rerun previous Police Computer searches by right click...

Update Log - 18/10/2020

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Update Log - 18/10/2020

After a couple of months break, I'm back to writing updates. An update will go live tomorrow morning in a few hours at the daily restart.

  • Ragdolls
    • Players have a chance to drop weapons from their hands when they get ragdolled
    • Handcuffs and zip ties are now visible on ragdolls
    • Ragdolls can now be handcuffed and released
  • Messages
    • Report messages can now be copied
    • Links from chat and report messages can now be copied
    • [Chromium Only] Links from chat can now be opened in-game
    • Increased the number of OOC messages available when the server is not busy
    • Prevented players from being able to see IC text messages from near where they died
  • Emergency Services
    • Added L115A3 to Heavy TFU loadout
    • Added 1 splint and 2 stim packs to police first aid equipment
    • Added option to upload DNA...

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