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Update Log - 23/08/2020

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Update Log - 23/08/2020

The changes @TinySlayer @ StephenPuffs and I have been working on will be live on the next restart.
This update will require updated content, so you will have to restart your game after the restart to fetch the updated content.

  • Made it so you can no longer perform acts while frozen.
  • Made it so the phone is moved out of the way of the vehicle spawn button while in Garage UI.
  • Improved vehicle damage and repair logs.
  • Going AFK on the job only results in demotion when the server is not busy.
  • Added revolvers to the Police Department Armory.
  • Made it so Emergency incidents don't close if somebody is assigned.
  • Made it so Flappy Bird only resets when pressing space.
  • Low health blood effect now only goes on the edge of the screen.
  • Added new Sweater variants...
Update Log - 23/08/2020.

2020-07-05 PH 7th Anniversary / Change Log

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Let me start off by saying thank you all for helping make the community that we are today, without your support we wouldn't be where we are! I personally cannot believe it has already been 7 years since PH officially launched, it feels like it was really just the other day. Looking back to then, so much has changed, improved, evolved, however you like to think about it; overall I like to think it's way better than ever before. Of course there is a lot more we can do and will do looking forward so I hope you can stay with us and enjoy what all is yet to come such as a Paralake City V5 where there will be even greater things to do and participate in! We continue to listen to your...

Update Log - 02/07/2020

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Update Log - 02/07/2020

The following changes will go live on the next restart.

  • Removed the max 50 item limit when ordering via the Delivery App.
    • It will now be based on how much weight you can carry.
  • Added the Water Tank to the Delivery App.
  • Added more logging points.
    • Most ingame actions are now logged.
  • Made changes to the staff extinguish tool.
    • Staff can now extinguish larger areas without having to spam the tool.
  • Added "Force Sell Property" tool for staff.
  • Added option for admins+ to give new players some basic items.
    • Such as a M9 base defence props etc...
  • Added a Roleplay Event chat.
    • This can be used by the Community Team to perform roleplay events.
    • The chat is to be considered an in character chat. So everything...
Update Log - 01/07/2020.

28/06/20 - Staff Meeting Notes

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28/06/2020 - Staff Meeting Notes

Helper/Enforcer Changes
  • Helper requirement for Enforcer removed
  • If an Enforcer candidate has potential but isn't quite ready for the role, they may be given Helper and reviewed for a temporary period.
  • Training for Enforcers will be improved.
  • A section for staff will be added to the help page
Ban Lengths
  • Players will not receive such long bans for minor rule breaks
  • Players who consistently cause problems and do not learn will still receive lengthy bans.
  • Bans for 3.20 will have more consistent lengths.
Bombing in raids
  • The excessive amount of bombs used in raids will have a solution in the coming days/week.
  • One way defenses, head glitches and pixel peeks will be enforced more strictly.
3.4 Enforcement
  • Clarified that...

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