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The PERPHeads community are arranging a meetup next year! It’ll be a great opportunity to meet up with some members of the community. We’re planning on hiring out a venue in London. During the day we’re not concerned about ages as we’re planning on having a trip round London, however during the evening at the venue it will have to be at least 17+ due to ethical reasons. Obviously drinks can only be served to 18+.

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Location: United Kingdom, London, VENUE TBA.



Want to get on the guest list? Please contact Jordan, people will be let invited to the event by Jordan’s discretion. We’re only going to be inviting credible members of the community. If invited to come, you will be required to pay a deposit of £25, this covers the cost of your place in the venue if you fail to turn up, as the payment of the venue is per head, obviously if you do turn up, you will get your deposit back. Deposits are due on 01/08/2016.

Guest list;

@John Daymon
@LEWIS 088
@Bamarin [IT]
Some of you probably already noticed some of the changes that were added yesterday. Well considering I didn't know exactly when we might roll it out I didn't make an update log but here we go as there are some new changes for today as well.

Organization Update!
Now you can organize your organization more than ever before! (plus that's fun to say) Including ranks, permissions, and more. Your organization will be limited to 250 members maximum and a total of 20 ranks. So here's a run down of the different permissions.

  • Can edit/add organization ranks
    • By far the most powerful permission as it allows a person to potentially create a rank with more permissions than their own and assign themself to it (this may be addressed sometime). So use with caution and only for people you highly trust.
  • Can edit organization information
    • Allows members with this permission to set the MOTD (message of the day) on the main page of the organization window. Only the owner of the organization may change the name of the organization, and the name can not be the same of one already on the server.
  • Can kick members
    • Self explanatory
  • Can access organization storage
    • The storage window slightly has changed to show a new tab for your organization's storage where you can collectively deposit/withdraw items if you have this permission. [​IMG]
  • Can access organization bank account
    • This currently does nothing. We are looking at ways to incorporate this, but we may scrap it in place for something else.
  • Can invite new members
    • Self explanatory

Government radio muting now works fully for all jobs that have access to it, plus we recently reversed an old decision to have the radio be muted on a toggle so now you can. This will be changed later on as to allow the notification that they need to unmute their radio....
Whitelisted Police Department: Information and Q&A


Why hello there guys! A new idea for the Police Department is currently in the works, it could quite possibly be one of the most controversial ideas that has been implemented for a long time which is why I'm creating this post so we can clear up some questions!

Over the past year, the Senior Administration team and I have been trying to solve issues within the Police Department, it's quite apparent that the roleplay on the server can be quite ill-mannered by the Police and it creates a lot of issues with people's experiences. Over the past year we've introduced the Exam for all of the government jobs which was to be the 'safety net' and make sure that people had to use some common sense to become said job. It may not be that noticeable now, but it really did improve the quality of roleplay. After that, we had the idea of introducing the Police Supervisors, it's safe to say that, that has been the best improvement of the Police Department. Now, we're deciding to take it a step further by whitelisting the entire Police Department. To this there are countless of positives and a few negatives, hopefully we can see past the negatives and only time can tell if those will even be negatives. At the moment the Police Board has been set up and are working close with the development team to incorporate the ideas.

The Paralake Police Department
The new revamped Police adds a whole new roleplay opportunity for the community, not only does it tackle bad roleplay from the Police but it adds a whole new spectrum of roleplay. We're currently liaising with XQuality to create all of the playermodels for the different divisions and ranks.

The Police Department will be...​
Police Supervisor - Application Cycle: OPEN


Why hello there guys! The application to become a Police Supervisor is once again open! Unsure on what a Police Supervisor is? See here:

Applications will be open from when this post is created. There is no set closure date for the applications so they will remain open for now. Best of luck if you're applying, I look forward in hearing from you.

Though I'm not sure what there's to be happy about. Humanity is on the verge of collapse, zombies are starting to infest our cities, Paralake included! Stock up on your guns, ammo, grenades, any type of firearm you can get your hands on, it's not safe out there! If you're not careful you might end up a victim to this plague yourself. If you see a zombie be sure to aim for the head. Sure some may go down easy but believe me, not all zombies are the same. We need to all band together and convince this new Police Board lead by @Jordan that firearms are a necessary tool in wiping out this zombie scourge! No one will be eating our brains today! Again word from all other cities dealing with this pandemic suggest that aiming for the head is the best bet to stop these suckers. Let's hope we don't have to deal with them for too long and this is all a bad experiment that the government cleans up soon.

On a more positive note I suppose, available only for Halloween are pumpkin seeds found in Uncle Cos' Hardwares in the city. Keep in mind these seeds will more than likely expire the next day so use them quick. Plant them in some dirt or other suitable ground to grow yourself a pumpkin! Pumpkins can be refined into some pumpkin spice for a nice addition to your coffee for an added boost of energy in the Cooking section of your mixtures menu or just use your pumpkin as decoration at your property. The choice is yours, but seeds won't last forever. (They will make it back in for an update at a later time though)
Edit: Seeds will last until 7th of November due to bugs that were found.

Keep in mind... gun pointing people, murdering, etc over pumpkins is not allowed, unless the pumpkins are an object to be handed over during a mugging. However, this should not take place because of witnessing someone growing them.


I don't know the actual times we'll be doing huge zombie waves,...
The update everyone has been asking for, for the longest time! Updated storage! Now you can find any item you may have never seen since that one time you had it out but then had returned to you. Enjoy it!


Features include:
  • Items are sorted by category type, then alphabetical by item name
  • Personal inventory weight indicated at bottom of panel
  • Name of the item mouse is hovered over at the top center of the window
  • Scroll bar if you have too many items to show on one side
  • Search box for finding a specific item by name, searches both sides
  • Left click - withdraw 1
  • Right click - withdraw 5
  • Drag and drop - transfer up to 100 items at once either way (limited by weight, category limit, etc.)
  • Number in inventory indicated in bottom right of item box
  • Ammo boxes are withdrawn by the most full box to least full
Server Events: 27/09/15 - Sunday GMT+0

Hello there guys! So, the results are in and the events listed below will be the ones being hosted on Sunday. Hope to see you all there!


TIME: 5:00PM

EVENT: Beach Derby

Description: People that would like to participate in the event will be instructed to take their cars to the beach. A platform is built which is erected above the sea, same place as the 6x6 event. One by one, people will start having their cars brought up to the platform by a staff member and everyone will be placed next to each other and the same on the other sides of the platform. When the go ahead is given, everybody then just unleashes into each other until there is only one car left on the platform.

WINNER: @jjjackier

TIME: 6:00PM

EVENT: Bat Battle

Description: An area for the event is chosen by the staff team before the event then some construction will take place to make it look like more of a war zone. Everybody who would like to participate in the event will be taken to the location and put into a queue where they will receive their bat, they will also be screened for any bandages/stim packs, they're not allowed in the event and they will be taken from you. Once everybody is given a bat, you will be instructed to start then the last three standing will be the winners. We also have the choice to do a teamed bat battle.

1st Place:
2nd Place: @Sir CaptainSpaghetti
3rd Place: @WolfyLuxion

TIME: 8:00PM

EVENT: EB110 Race

$50,000 per person


Description: 15 people line up at the intersection for a race around the whole highway dodging...​
Smallish update that has some big changes involved but nothing that radically changes the entire gamemode. I will underline the biggest change in my opinion that will take some getting used to.
  • Big drugs if lost in a server crash will now restore large pots instead of 5 small pots
  • Courier job can now unlock/open their warehouse
  • Admin tool fixed (staff feel free to ask me for more detail)
  • Binoculars now show in hand, it's not perfect like cuffs and such but it works well enough
  • Voice/text chat in water disabled (OOC type messages obviously still work but not recommended as you can still drown)
  • A lot of police gear except for items that an officer would have directly on their belt is now an item that must be equipped. (e.g. binoculars, roadspikes, battering ram, etc)
  • Remote explosives are now craftable using an explosive, cell phone, electronics chip, and glue. When placed it will text you with a 5-digit number to call. This number upon being called will detonate the explosive, anyone is able to call this number though.

Ok first off let me start by saying the largest feature of this update will be released for testing by a select few as we are looking at ways to improve it before allowing others.

So let's hop to it shall we?

Police dispatcher!!!
They will have the dedicated task to organize, manage, and maintain a proper coordination among all emergency services. This includes setting of patrol areas, assigning incidents, and grouping people into units. This addition will be opened more to the public but on a separate whitelist system than the sergeant/lieutenant as it requires far more skills and training. While we tried to take some care as to make it easy to use, the current control is a bit complex and may need improvements based on what we discover with it. If you're interested in what the current control is like... Here is a preview image. [​IMG] This is subject to change but as you can see, there is a lot to be had and controlled. This change introduces a new key that you are able to rebind in the F1 menu that will be important for talking directly to dispatch (default is the N key). (This addition was coded mostly by @Fredy with only a few changes that I did as well)

Besides that though there are a number of other changes to be found.
  • Weather effects got a massive change and overhaul to look far better and be set up in a way we can do changes easier for it.
  • Weather/time system now reacts better to the time of year it is, so the in game date now matters more. Some very minor things included but good for the detail of realism.
  • The time/date of the in game time are now persistent and kept between sessions, so when the server restarts it will pick up where it realistically should be at. Instead of resetting to a certain date and at noon each time. This means you'll get a...
@Ben Lockwood

24/08 Schedule
de_Goons vs ETC - 5PM vs Feng Carry - 7PM
TBD vs TBD (Group A Qualifier) - Approx. 8PM​