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We have never had a community survey and I thought it was time to fix that. Within the survey, there will be two compulsory sections and four optional sections.

The compulsory sections will consist of questions designed to put data into categories so we can see what groups have what opinions. The survey will also be followed by a short questionnaire regarding the survey itself.

The optional parts will include questions from the following groups:

  1. Community Management​
  2. Senior Administration and Administration​
  3. Development​
  4. Police Chiefs​

If you want to have your voice heard within the community, please take the time to fill this out. It would be greatly appreciated if you didn't submit silly responses. I really hope this can help give us some insight into what the community wants.

You can fill out the form...

Update Log (11/01/2021)

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Hey there guys! Another update has gone live today which has been in the works over the past week, although seemingly small changes, having the mouths move with the newer models was no easy feat and proved to be pretty complicated behind the scenes, but we got there in the end. We've also added long-awaited facial variations back to the game, along with the ability to change your eye color at Jennifers.

  • Mouths now move when talking along with blinking​
    • A few models will still be missing the mouth animation but they will be added very soon#​
  • Player face models now have variations
    • Some variations will be mismatched...

Community Spotlight #2 + Secret Santa Recap (03/01/2021)

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Time has flown past this month, sorry for the late post but here's the Community Spotlight #2. Sadly this month we have lost one of our best developers, hopefully temporarily, but I hope you can all join me in thanking @Samuel for everything he has done for the community as he was often underappreciated. But we can also welcome @roxie and the return of @Ayjay to active development!

Anyway, hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year, without further ado let's get into the spotlight...

Roleplay Acknowledgement

I have seen many exemplary examples of roleplay so there will be a few people to mention this month...

@You sure -.-' ? aka Duke Ford has been outstanding in his roleplay this month. I am sure we have all seen his cigarette shop and interesting mayor roleplay...

Update Log (01/01/2021) - Happy new year!

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First off, an early-happy new year guys! I hope you all have a great start to 2021, here's a few small updates along with a few which weren't mentioned in previous update logs. These changes will go live tomorrow morning.

Here's the changes:
  • 2020 Holiday Snowman added (thanks to @roxie)
  • High visibility vest added for RTU (thanks to @Tyla Jai )
  • Porsche Cayenne police car handling has been adjusted (thanks to @Tyla Jai )
  • Free premium now lasts 5 days rather than 2
  • Announcements can now be toggled (@roxie)
  • Added some new ringtones
    • Ponpon Shit
    • Spongebob Theme
    • Awesome Face Song
    • Megalovania

A few other updates from a couple weeks back:...

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