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Community Spotlight - June 2022

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It's pretty rare we acknowledge organisations for roleplay however the members of Paralake Partnership, including but not limited to just Brinch have shown that criminal roleplay can be a thing and it's something we used to see a lot of in the past but the members of Paralake Partnership have clearly revived this in the past week. You have been awarded Roleplay Acknowledgement for your efforts. This photo shows an organisation meeting put together by Aquaa, Mina and Legion.​
An event hosted by Mallard on Friday which was certainly a smaller scale but looked...​

New IP 11-06-2022

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Today we will be switching to a new IP from the current one. Nothing will change if you type


But if you have the server in your favorites you can also connect to the new IP at:

We hope you can find the server and if there are any issues feel free to contact either me or @Fredy

Community Spotlight - May 2022

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A simple bazaar shop construction made by Lucius Husky, one of our helpers. It's a gun store which makes use of various props including the standard market table which comes with the store. This was taken from a nomination in Discord.​
A number of players including @Sean, @Bojing, @Snusmus, @Mallard and @Hayden were involved in setting up a Boxing Event on the Car Garage Roof, more photos can be found on Discord however here is my favourite that I picked out.​

Paralake Mugging Map

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Hello Friends!

Early this month, the staff team came together to discuss the final solution to muggable locations.
After much deliberation and a variety of ideas, our general consensus as to what is and what is not allowed came together and was displayed visually
on this 'Mugging Map' as we have decided to call it.
This map shall serve to better understand what a 'Public Area' is as per 5.1 Mugging and is subject to change in the future depending on a number of factors.

If you have issues with this map, feel free to send me a PM so we can discuss it with the rest of the staff team.


The Green Zones on the map indicate where you can mug people and they will be completely out of the public view. The Forest is a huge zone where you can basically mug anywhere due to the...

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