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Rule Changes - 13/06/2024

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Hello everyone,

After some miscellaneous rule changes have been discussed and implemented over the last month or so, but only been shared in existing posts, I have decided to collect them all in this thread.

  • 2.5 Excessive Negativity
Players may not excessively impact the experience of others in a negative manner, unless the actions are a proportionate escalation of negative actions that have been performed against the original player.

Additionally, players have a 2 hour window to seek revenge on another player, provided they are unaware that the target has died and started a new life.

When participating in raids, players carrying visible weaponry whilst entering, exiting or inside of the property that is being raided are considered to be significant enough threats to be killed justifiably without prior verbal commands or interaction.

For example, it is not acceptable to:
  • Intentionally mug and target new players.
  • Destroy...

Community Spotlight - May 2024

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Community Spotlight - May 2024

Player Showcase
Recognising Players for Roleplay, Creativity or Helpfulness

Welcome to the Community Spotlight. The player showcase portion of the Community Spotlight is designed to showcase players, staff and developers have made our community great this month. Any players featured have been noticed by Community Management for good roleplay, creativity or helpfulness. Anybody that is featured in this section are awarded the Community Spotlight trophy on their forum profile in recognition.

Ellie's Munition & Lounge
Created by @Ellie
A fantastic looking stall made by @Ellie in the business area. Ellie has consistently made it to the community spotlight for similar builds.

Loading Issues - 24/05/2024

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Loading Issues - 24/05/2024

Hi all,

A number of you will be aware we are having network and freezing issues which are preventing players from joining the server. We are aware of the problem and are working on a fix but the issue is currently out of our control. We will update you as soon as the server is in a playable state. Some players have reported that waiting a few minutes and reconnecting has allowed them to play. Thank you for your patience and deep apologies for the inconvenience caused to your weekend.

Thank you
Community Management

Update Log - 15/05/2024

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Update Log 15/05/2024

Today's update is quite extensive with some medium sized updates and many small ones.

Swift Prop Manager​

This has been requested for quite sometime now and even if this panel will only be available to Staff Members I think it will have a very positive impact in everyone's gameplay.

This panel will allow Staff to interact with any dropped / placed player props.
It will facilitate finding items that get lost and will allow for props to be sent to storage without needing to teleport to the player.

Organization Trophies and Leaderboard Reset​

It is time to finish the first season of the org leaderboard. The organizations in the first three places will receive a prize to remind everyone of their past glory.


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