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PERPHeads 2022 Community Awards - Results!

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Awards Introduction

Welcome to the PERPHeads Community Awards for the Year 2022. This is now the nineth annual awards celebration post with it being the biggest yet. This year we have had a total of 2,220 nominations across 74 votes which as you can imagine I was very busy converting all of those free text responses into actual usable data. We have had an increase this year in different players being represented but still examples of players such as Jamie, Jenga and Rogue coming up in multiple categories both as winners and runners up. This is the second year of me hosting the awards since becoming Community Manager. A total of 377 nominations were missed because players have chosen to ignore the category or because it has been eliminated for being a troll vote such as entering a name that isn't a real person.​

Award Results...

Community Survey 2022

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Long time since we have done one of these, mainly because it wasn't the most useful for anyone really. However, I would like to see current community opinions at the moment regarding the Community Team including Helpers and Community management.

All questions are optional except for which group in the community you belong to. It would help if you filled out the name part but it's not necessary.​
We may share some aspects of the results but not others. It isn't as big as some surveys in the past have been but that's because a lot of the feedback we got wasn't really useful.​

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the survey if you do!
Community Management.

PERPHeads Community Awards 2022 - Vote

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Awards Introduction

I am very excited to be hosting this year's PERPHeads Community Awards, following on from the last one this is going to be a big list of available awards. This is the biggest community awards we have ever seen with 30 voteable categories for our nineth annual community awards. The community has continued to grow year after year, with the biggest growth being seen this year in both players and the staff team. That is why this year we have increased the number of categories to 30 so that more of the community can be represented. There will be some information below on how to submit your votes however before that I would like to reflect on the changes made this year.​

Updates this Year

Community Spotlight - October 2022

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Halloween Competition Winners

A regular in the community spotlight, Ellie submitted her Paralake Gunstore for the halloween competition. I am excited to award Ellie with community spotlight recognition but also the first place prize of a rare 2016 Halloween Broom.​
A spooky bathroom build by another one of our staff members, doge submitted this build in the halloween submissions and I am excited to award him with second place. This means doge will receive community spotlight recognition and a rare ghost prop.​

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