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Hello everyone,

Due to recent events these rules will now be placed in full effect via the queue server:​
  • 1.0 Basic Conduct rules apply.
  • Rule 2.2, 2.3 and 2.9 applies.
  • No usage of the tool gun in any malicious way.
  • No spamming of props via the tool gun.
Hey everyone! Today is the day that I announce a new senior admin. It’s been awhile since we had one, yet I feel like another senior administrator is needed to help run the staff team. So I hope you can all congratulate @MrLewis on his new promotion. Lewis has been a dedicated staff member for over 2 years and has had a great impact on the staff team and will be a great addition to the senior administration team. I hope you can all give him a warm welcome!
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- Stat from this quarters employee satisfaction survey
Good morning folks! It seems it's the most wonderful time of the year. It is absolutely crazy to see how far we have come within the Police Department, what we've created and what we have achieved as an organisation. Can you believe that the modern Paralake Police Department has been running for almost 2 years now? That's a pretty long time in my books. On the 15/01/2015 the Police Supervisor System was added, which whitelisted the jobs Sergeant & Lieutenant, then to now where the ranked section of the Police Department is whitelist.

Taking a step back and looking at the Police Department, significant progress has been made and we're heading in a very nice direction. As many employees may be aware, we ran a Employee Satisfaction Survey last month where this was mentioned in one of the responses:

Credit to @LordTyla for banner =]
PERPHeads Christmas CS:GO Tournament
19th-20th December
Registration now open!

Provisional Dates
Monday and Tuesday 19th-20th December.

Provisional and subject to change. (but probably not going to!)

Changes in response to Feedback!
(you'll like this bit...)

In response to feedback, some things will be done differently. Although the full rule document hasn't been created yet, these changes involve some important rule amendments:

Casters will be screened prior to selection.

If a team cannot play 5 listed players/reserves despite everything practicable having been done in attempt to correct the issue, they will automatically forfeit that match.

The rules requiring each team's members to be within a certain rank range have been removed, but it is still in the best interest of any team to try and be as balanced as possible due to undisclosed changes in matchmaking. Rules for team members needing to be/have been active members of the community remain in place.

For any player to be eligible for a prize at the end of the tournament, they must have played at least one match. This means that reserves are also eligible for prizes, and people should have no motivation to 'leech'!

Only listed players are eligible to play in matches.
Today we released an update that most of you probably haven't even noticed yet. We have fixed one of the main issues of our gamemode which caused many ARs and reports and often overwhelmed the staff team. I am of course talking about items disappearing after you leave the server.
As of today any dropped items and planted drugs will stay around for up to 5 minutes after a user disconnects. If you reconnect during that period those items will stay around and they will still be "yours".
So not a huge change log this time, but some useful things included. Enjoy!

  • If you have had issues with the "reliable buffer overflow" disconnect, it was likely due to you having too many drugs in your storage. While we strongly suggest you sell them before you have several thousand as it still could happen but we have tried to meter it out so you won't get this error as soon as you once did (even though this was already quite a large amount).
  • Rings are now shown on your hands in first person, so you can enjoy them more, rather than just being a sort of nonexistent thing. The positioning/angles on some are incorrect and we have other fingers that rings can be attached to that won't show in the store, but that will be fixed in time.
  • Zip ties can now be used to tie people up rather than "/me ties their hands" so by Rule 3.26, using this /me is now invalid and can not be used. This effectively also ties their legs as well so do not think that /me is valid either. We are looking into perhaps having other restraints that a person can use, but for now you can at least do that. You can free anyone from being zip tied by right clicking them with your fists. Zip ties can be crafted under the Melee section of the mixtures menu for 5 chunks of plastic.

Poll will be closing 15/12/2016 at midnight - Cast your votes here!

As many of you are aware, for the past 2 years, a community outlaw that goes by the name AyJay hosted the PERPheads Community Awards where members of the community could vote for individuals for awards. I believe this is a great thing to do and gives us a chance to recognize people for their great work. I talked with AyJay and asked him if I could carry it on and he said it's fine.

Example from the 2014 awards

Past Community Awards

2014 -
2015 -

This year...

We had many announcements;
So as someone thankfully pointed out early on in the day, I messed up with the Luger crafting mixture so they could be crafted from a single grip. We looked into it and only 7 total were made until I made it impossible to craft more. Instead of doing anything regarding refunds or removing these, because the number is so few we're just going to allow people to keep those. If desired, we will accept your fully crafted Luger and give you a Luger grip in return so you can ease any guilty conscience you may have today but it is not necessary.

Moving on, I also seem to have forgotten to include magazine mixtures, which is a bit of a mistake :phteven: but it happens. Also there were missing stocks for MP5K and SPAS-12... (this weapon system is a real mess trying to keep track of what parts have been done now because of how modular each gun is :confused:). Attachments should work for all the appropriate guns though, only thing being the MP5K (unlike its bigger brother the standard MP5) it will not accept Acog sights intentionally.

You can also now craft the MP7 and MP9 to your hearts content. Both require Firearms skill level around the 60s.

Now for something I'm sure almost everyone will be even more excited about and should overall change a lot of gunfights and how they play out. Guns are now wayyyyy more accurate than before :dead:, however the recoil for each has been adjusted manually so they may feel a bit different when shot but not totally uncontrollable. The effect on full auto should still produce a spray of lead; only easier to handle at high marksmanship levels. This also means going to the shooting range is now much more beneficial to get your skill up as you're unlikely to miss the target if you take the time to aim at it each shot. I also choked down shotgun spray a lot, so we'll see how this plays out and if it turns out to be too OP then I will widen it out again. "Sniper" rifles are still the most accurate even at low level,...
Well not much was changed other than some more guns being added this time. Maybe a fix here or there, but mostly new guns.

"What new guns?" I hear you ask.

  • .357 magnums
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
  • .44 magnums
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
  • .500 magnum
    • [​IMG]

  • [​IMG]
  • [​IMG]
  • [​IMG]
  • [​IMG]
  • [​IMG]
  • [​IMG]
  • Coming Soon
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
Side notes:
  • The...
First thing to note, Halloween will only remain for one more day.

As many of you are aware, joining the server when it is peak time it can be very difficult, if not impossible for hours. So we have made a way to join to the server in a proper order so you will actually have a chance to do so. This means when we enable it, there will be a queue server in which you will first need to connect to, in which it will automatically put you into a queue to join the main server. In the top right it will display your current position in the queue and how many others are waiting. You will be unable to join directly to the main server while this is in effect. Upon someone leaving on the main server it will prompt the first player in the queue if they wish to join, this option is only valid for 2 minutes. If you choose to not take the slot or miss your chance it will not currently put you into the end of the queue, so if you wish to requeue you will have to reconnect to the server.

Hopefully this will make your chances of getting the slot much higher and you don't have to wait forever on the GMod title page doing nothing. Instead the queue server will presently be running the Cinema gamemode, so you and others can sit back and watch some videos together while you wait. Of course the same server rules apply here, so only appropriate videos allowed and be respectful to one another. Anyways we hope you enjoy this change and will easily connect in a timely fashion.


To connect to the queue server open your GMod console and type: