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Paralake Police Department Reform

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Hello everybody,

At the start of this week, an update went live to trial a 'prewhitelist' system for the PD. During this week, all Officers that weren't blacklisted were given the rank of Sergeant and were able to become TFU provided they had premium. This week is coming to an end and as a result, the community will be able to vote on ideas for the future of the Police Department and what system to use moving forward.

This vote is incredibly important and whatever the outcome will result in drastic change to the Police Department.

When can I vote?
The poll opens on Sunday, February 23rd at 11.59 p.m. and closes again on March 1st at 11.59p.m

How can I vote?
Similarly to the Chief elections, you will have to vote In-Game using the computers inside City Hall where you will see the motions for the...

Update Log - 20/02/2020 (Org Update)

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Update - 20/02/2020

Hey there!

These changes will go live after tomorrow's restart.

While reading you can listen to some Elton John...

Organization Update
The update we have all waited on is finally here. We are releasing the base of the new organization system to gather community feedback before we continue development. There is a lot we want to do with organizations, but we feel it's important to gather community feedback, so we don't develop something the community doesn't want. Therefore, I ask that you post ideas and feedback after you have tried the new system out. We will start by releasing the first 20 levels, so we have time to adjust the amount of xp organizations gain, if needed.

  • Organization XP and Levels
Every organization will now be able to gain and lose xp (experience). When an...​

Prewhitelist Trial

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This update will go live on 16/02/2020 at server restart

Hey there guys, just a small update today but it's regarding a relatively contentious issue so I thought I'd post something to explain.

An idea was posted by @BigBenji last month, this idea was regarding the police department. As we all know, many players have raised multiple issues with the way the department has impacted the server, the idea to implement drastic change has also gained traction as of recent. Todays update will implement a former version of the Police Department, showcasing a similar structure to what we had before the complex police system was introduced and a whitelisted form of policing was live on the server.


Update Log - 07/02/2020

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Update - 07/02/2020

Hey there!

These changes will go live on Friday (07/02/2020), íf everything goes as planned.

While reading you can listen to some Elton John...

Organization Update
The update we have all waited on is finally here, or at least some part of it. We are releasing the base of the new organization system to gather community feedback before we continue development. There is a lot we want to do with organizations, but we feel it's important to gather community feedback, so we don't develop something the community doesn't want. Therefore, I ask that you post ideas and feedback after you have tried the new system out.

  • Organization XP and Levels
Every organization will now be able to gain and lose xp (experience). When an organization have gained enough XP they will level up. The required XP for...​
Organization Update.

19/01/2020 - Changes to Senior Administration

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Good evening!

Sadly, @TinySlayer has decided to resign from his position as Senior Administrator. He did a lot of work for the community and senior administration, and he will be missed. To help me and @Bolli push the staff team forward, we have decided to promote a new Senior Admin.

I hope you'll join me in congratulating @Collier to his new role, and give him a warm welcome to the Senior Administration team!

Update Log - 28/12/2019

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Hey there!

This update will be live tomorrow at 5AM UK Time.

New Impound System
We have made some changes to the impound system. Instead of having to wait for the RC at their station, you can now pay the RC NPC to get your car back.

When RC boots your vehicle they will bring it back to the impound lot, they will then talk to the NPC to impound it. At this point you as the vehicle owner will receive a notification informing you that your car has been impounded. When the vehicle gets impounded at the NPC it will get despawned and you will be able to spawn other vehicles.
You will not be able to spawn the impounded vehicle until you pay the NPC $500.

And as can be seen in the images within the spoiler, we have added a wheel clamp model.

Update Log - 18/12/2019

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Hey there!

As you've likely noticed, a few days ago we changed the map from Evocity to the first iteration of our Paralake map (rp_paralake_city_v1), since then we've fixed a few bugs with the map and we've also got a couple festive suprises for you. This is also the first update @Samuel has written some code for, so welcome him to the dev team too :p. Here's the full update log from the past few days:

Christmas Updates:
  • 2019 holiday doll added (these can be obtained from Curly the Penguin who is hidden somewhere in the map)
  • Snowman added
  • Old & some new Christmas jumpers added
  • Enabled christmas tree

PERPHeads Community Awards 2019 - Results

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There goes another community awards, a sixth to be exact! I'd like to thank you all for taking part in the awards for another year, next year is going to bring a whole bunch of cool new updates which we can't wait to share with you.
We also hope to see you all this time next year for the 7th annual commnity awards!

Here are your winners for this year...

Most Popular

Best Lurker

Funniest Player

Most Toxic

Most Creative

Most Caring

PERPHeads Community Awards 2019

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*cough cough* drum roll please...

After a rocky few months of uncertainty this year, we have bounced back in fighting form and we're here to celebrate a 6th iteration of the PERPHeads community awards. We've lost a few, gained a few and @Bolli is undenibly still useless. We hope to bring you some brilliant updates early next year, along with map updates, new jobs, new features and plenty other suprises that we can't wait to share with you.

2019 Updates & Announcements:
Chemical Table Update
Update Log (03/03/2019)
Update Log (09/03/2019)
PERPHeads Player Appreciation...

Update Log - 26/11/2019

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A few weeks ago, we re-released evocity_v33x_perpheads, a former map used on the server back in 2013. We hope you guys are enjoying the change in scenery, it seems to have got you guys playing the server again which is brilliant to see. As said in the original release post, there were a few small bugs which we have now fixed, along with a couple other features we've added to the map.

Here's a full list of changes:
  • Fixed hole in the industrial area
  • Increased general lighting in nexus
  • Moved shooting range to allow it to be usable
  • Removed remaining ambient noises
  • Added areaportals to improve performance in the city
  • Fixed apartment doors
  • Fixed PD doors being too loud
  • Added bank vault to city bank to allow for bank robberies
  • Added bank sign
  • Lowered the skybox
  • Lowered the nexus' overall height
  • Removed Izzies poker tables, allowing for functional ones to be placed
  • Optimized...

Update Log - 9/11/2019

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After an excruciating week of setting up our first map change (as voted for in the poll), we are finally done!

The first map in the pool is Evocity, we hope you enjoy a little nostalgia! Please note that there may be some issues/bugs with the current map, we are aware of these and we'll be working hard to push out fixes over the next few days.

We hope you enjoy this little update, we also have a number of other great updates in the works which will be released soon!

A special thanks to these people for making this update possible: @Yoghurt @Madda @LEWIS 088 @Fredy @SpaceShots

Happy Halloween - 2019

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PERPHeads - Happy Halloween!
Halloween Event - 31 October 6PM GMT +0

Our spooky Halloween content has been enabled.
If you have a costume since last year you should be able to claim it without spending any more of your precious candy bars

Growing Pumpkins

  • Pumpkin seeds can be bought from the Docks Pub or Hungriges Schwein Casino.
  • Pumpkins can be planted on a grassy area (maximum 5 pumpkins at a time)
  • Pumpkins can be kept or turned into other items.

  • Pumpkins can be made into candy packages, Jack-O'-Lanterns (with a lamp) or Pumpkin Spice.

  • Candy is obtained by creating Candy Packages in the Halloween section of the mixtures menu.
  • Candy can be eaten, stored or used to buy novelty outfits over...

Map Rotation

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Hey there,

A recent suggestion was made not too long ago by @Dom_, where he suggests a map rotation. We have decided to give this a go, to try and give some variety to the game. The purpose of this post is to give you a chance to vote on which map should be the first one, and how often they should switch around.

This is currently being worked on by @Bolli, so hopefully it should be ready in the near future.

Rule Changes 14/10/2019

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There has been some minor updates to the following rules: 3.4, 3.18 and 5.3.

3.4 Putting your Life at Risk

A few examples has been added to the rule, to hopefully help clarify it a bit more.

3.18 Storages and trunks

The rule now specifies that this also includes government officials, this has always been enforced but this should help clarify it.

While their life is in immediate danger a player must not use their storage boxes/trunks to avoid losing valuable items that the player is currently holding on their person, this is also including the confiscation of firearms or illegal items whilst on duty as an LEO. This also includes detaching weapon attachments with the intention of avoiding their loss.

5.3 Raiding

Civilians can now return to raids where they died, as long as it is the same raid/RP sit.

Civilians are not allowed to raid, or assist others who...

SERVER EVENTS - 05/10/2019

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05/10/2019 - SERVER EVENTS

Been a while since we have done some events, so it's time to host a few!

Each player is given a bat, the goal is to knock everyone else out and be the last man standing.

TIME: 6:00PM BST (GMT+1)

WINNER (ROUND 1): Whitetiger
WINNER (ROUND 2): Team Blue

$50,000 for each winner

One in the chamber tests your ability to aim quickly and precisely. If your bullet hits, you'll kill
the player and get another bullet in your magazine. If you run out of bullets, use your knife!


WINNER (ROUND 1): @Al Capone
WINNER (ROUND 2): @Al Capone

$50,000 for each winner

Participants are teleported onto of a floating wooden platform, that slowly decays.
Each player is...​

Update Log - 24/07/2019

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Update Log - 24/07/2019

An update went live this morning. It mainly contained bug fixes, but it also contained and important piece of code in preparation for something that I have been working on.

Here is the change list
  • Added automatic Job Playtime tracking, meaning that I don't have to spend time running a report for the PLPD
  • Added the Police Handbook to the Police Computer (Note: You need to be on a Chromium enabled branch for this to work)
  • Added to the Police Computer, including an automatic login system
  • Added computer desks in the City Hall that allow access to, which includes an automatic login system
  • Changed the entire back-end of to Python to make it much faster and easier to develop
  • Changed the Dispatch office doors to be slightly harder to break into
  • Fixed radio...

Update Log - 03/07/2019

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Update Log - 03/07/2019

A new update just went live, with a very long list of changes! All of this has been possible due to the hard work by @Carrot, @Fredy, @Bolli and myself. This is also the first update that @Ayjay has helped to write some of the code for.

Firstly, we have added Vehicle Registration Plates:

Here are some of the features of the new plates:
  • All cars get given a random plate when you purchase them
  • Most job cars have their own distinctive plate, including the badge number for the PLPD
  • Custom plates can be purchased at the City Hall front desk
  • Vehicles no longer display the owners name on the HUD
  • The police computer can search for vehicle owner by the car registration plate
  • The vehicle registration will appear on the HUD...

SERVER EVENTS: 30/06/2019

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30/06/2019 - SERVER EVENTS
These events will take place on Sunday.

Hey, we're doing some events this weekend, make sure you stop by!

Just like the much-loved Parker Raid, one team will spawn inside a base (office) and have a basic defence.
The attacking team will be tasked with raiding the office, and killing all individuals inside.



PRIZE: $25,000 per winner (of winning team)

Parker raid is simple. Two teams fight to the death in a giant raid on the Parker and Glass Co buildings.
The defending team will be given a basic defence and a gun, the attacking team will be tasked with raiding the property...

Update Log - 16/06/2019

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Update Log - 16/06/2019

An update went live this morning, here are the changes!

After the first phase of weapon balancing, I have gone through every pairing of firearms to make sure there is always at least reason to choose one gun over another. Previously there were several weapons that were worse or equal to another in every variable, but costed more. This is no longer the case. The following changes are to make this happen:
  • Reduced the recoil of the Spas-12
  • The MP7 Grip now requires 3x25% Refined Metal and1xChunk of Polymer
  • Fixed bug in the crafting mixtures of the following magazines: HK45, MP7, MP9, MP5K
  • The HK45 now requires an additional piece of metal
  • The Luger now requires 1x25% Refined Metal instead of 1x50% Refined Metal
  • In varying amounts, reduced the recoil of the following firearms:
    • FN SCAR-L
    • Colt M16A4
    • Famas G2
    • Enfield L85 A2...

Update Log - 31/05/2019

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This is an update that @StephenPuffs and @Fredy have been working on for a while, although few gameplay elements were changed, a very intricate day/night cycle has been introduced. A few other things are included in this update.

What we've done:
  • Realistic day/night cycle (longer days during summer, longer nights during winter)
  • Visible moon with phases.
  • Clouds
  • Solar system model
  • Emote wheel with selectable acts
  • All car sounds have been levelled due to being too loud (thanks to @Bolli, if there are any missing or broken sounds submit a bug request or contact @Bolli)
  • Lighting has been improved generally
  • Weather effects have temporarily been removed (will be included in future update)


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