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  • Some weapon sights adjusted / improved
  • Weapon recoil reduced / manageable
  • Ability to jog while aiming (Decreases the accuracy a lot but should make shooting feel better)
  • Added realistic bullet drop
  • Bullet penetration effects improved
  • Gun sounds now scale properly with distance (less chance to be sniped and have no idea where as the sound didn't play)
  • Added in the Marksmanship skills (less recoil / more accurate at higher levels) about time amirite?
  • Head glitching fix by adjusting the player's view height to whatever they are holding (not 100% perfect but should work) Thanks Garry for making some so bent over
  • Added in the firing range for Marksmanship training (Talk to the NPC at A'Blaze It)
  • Fixed shots rarely not doing damage
  • Shell ejection adjusted
When you select to go to the firing range you will be given a weapon and 5 magazines, but no ammo. So it is up to you to provide that and fill the magazines upon going. If you wish to leave, use the phone on the wall in your stall.

Admittedly the difference between level 1 and level 100 isn't HUGE it should be enough to make it worth your while to train some. I may post pictures of the difference at some point.

If you haven’t already please vote on the ammo types poll (this would make it possible for certain gun's ammo to be cheaper than others, so G3 and M14 might be a bit more practical to use):

Some examples of recoil (A lot worse when not aimed down sights)

29-01-2016 Fix List:
F1 menu now...
Some of you may have seen the teaser video @Fredy posted a few days ago of a new and upcoming phone app. Its name is Tooter, which is basically a Twitter style clone. When you open your phone you should see two new images for phone apps, weather and Tooter.

Upon opening Tooter you will be greeted by this screen allowing you to create a new account (you can have up to 5 accounts).

After you press to create a new account you will be given two fields to fill out, your display name and your handle name. For those of you unfamiliar with Twitter perhaps, your display name is the title which you would like to show to others, and your handle is a quick way for people to reference to you. So in mine I have picked to have my display name be StephenPuffs and my handle also StephenPuffs (these can be different if you wish, but handle must be letters only and no spaces or special characters).

Upon completion press the create new account button again and it will attempt to register that account, however if someone already has the same handle it will give you a message that it is already taken otherwise it will create your account and it will show now in your list of accounts.

To sign into your account simply press on it and it will load up your timeline and other Tooter options. In the top left of your screen you can press to compose a new toot which will open a text area for you to type into. If you wish to mention someone else type @ and then their handle, so if you wished to send me a toot you would type "@StephenPuffs" without the quotes and then whatever you wished to say. If you would like to create hashtags those...

The voice of Paralake City
As some of you may have noticed the team behind ParalakeFM and me have been working on a new radio channel, called ParalakeFM.

As some of you might of noticed, the team behind ParalakeFM have been working on a radio channel for the community. Thanks to the Owners and the work of the hosts we have managed to get the station added in-game for the restart tomorrow! (we did it ph)

How to become a broadcaster
Please head over to our website, and click the Apply button.

We will process the applications as soon we need more broadcasters! (Like right now.)

Current Broadcasters
@moher4 ghost
@LEWIS 088
@Jon Godinn
@John Daymon
@Belg Lmfao
@-=Bilbo Swaggins=-

Thanks guys!

Fully Programmed new years fireworks show with music, 1441 fireworks


19:00 GMT
00:00 GMT
18:00 GMT

Video of the fireworks. ****** For the GEMA plebs

Alex - Creator
Fredy - BETA Tester
Daymon - BETA Tester
Ayjay - BETA Tester, Photoshop Man
BETA Tester = Watched the fireworks and didn't actually do shit

The Paralake Police Department are recruiting probationary officers who are determined and dedicated to fight crime in Paralake. The Department is split into multiple divisions that target different areas of crime or support different divisions in their duties. The Police is one of the most important positions in the City, that's why it requires a lot of dedication, motivation and commitment. Your success is up to you.


Requirements are in place so the Department know they're enlisting able, honest and experienced members of the community.​
  • You must have access to and utilize a microphone which is of good sound quality.​
  • You must have a minimum of 5 days playtime in-game.​
  • You must have a thorough knowledge of the server rules and laws.​
  • Have a relatively clean player history, no warnings/bans in past 30 days.​
  • You must be able to speak and understand English to a reasonable level.​
  • You must be honest in your application, anything false as an attempt to fool the Police Training Officers will lead to an application ban.​


For more information on how to apply which includes a full list of steps, see The Application Process thread.

Applications must be sent via this link:...
20/12/2015 - Paralake V3 & Christmas Update


Good morning all! After months of development, the Christmas update is ready to be released! There are so many changes that I'm sure you all will enjoy and more coming soon. First of all, the map has had some lovely updates, below we'll list them:​

  • Fixed the gap in the overpass railing
  • Fixed the exits signs in CD
  • Adjusted lighting in a lot of places
  • Moved the bench at the church
  • Replaced Projex with a Warehouse (Moron Shipping Co.) @MoronPipllyd
  • Removed the ‘’cage’’ from the doors between Parker and J&M
  • Put lights under the highway in Shady street
  • Put a light in the ally of subs Fredy’s
  • Revamped the Regal apartments
  • Fixed the collision on the vault door
  • Added new kitchen, bathroom and bedroom models for residences
  • Leveled out Flobbers St. and corrected name to Flobbers
  • Added a park area between the Bank and Farm
  • Added a ramp from the water in the harbor
  • Fixed floating rocks in Stonehenge
  • Added a lot of more bollards
  • Fixed floating registers in various shops
  • Made the car dealer symmetrical
  • Moved the bar in the harbor
  • Made elevators stop looping sound
  • Fixed floating hay bales outside farm barn & inside farm storage hut
  • Fixed floating column outside PD lobby
  • Fixed floating chairs in Ol’ Stool
  • Aligned the fish counters in Poisson better
  • Lowered the counter height in Fredy’s
  • Fixed missing texture issues in suburbs unownable houses
  • Moved the junk cars in impound lot to allow easy impounding
  • Removed handicap & emergency parking one side of the hospital (short term parking only)
  • Added more stop signs instead of yield sign
  • Changed low hanging lights in Parker to same as the others
  • Moved steam pipe near cardboard boxes in Parker up
  • Fixed the Illuminati in the skybox
  • Remade the seats inside McUwes and the Restaurant...

Police Whitelist Update 11/12/2015

We're doing a lot of work at the moment with regards to the upcoming whitelist and we've reached an important milestone. It's time to start placing people at different ranks within the Police Department.

Therefore, effective immediately all Police Supervisor applications are closed. Any existing applications will be answered by the end of this week.

We will instead be opening applications to join the Police Department as a Probationary Officer. Please also note that we will slowly begin to place existing Police Supervisors into different ranks within the Police Department. There is no direct equivalence between the current system and the new one; that is to say that being a supervisor now does not necessarily mean you will be a Senior Police Officer under the new system. Some supervisors will be Probationary Officers simply because we can't have a top heavy system where we have loads of ranked people and nobody for them to manage.

This will not have any effect until the whitelist is fully implemented.

This is a really exciting time for the community and the PLPD and we can't wait to get things started. Please keep an eye on this post as it will be updated with more information and a link to the Probationary Officer applications.

  • Supervisors are no longer being accepted
  • Instead you can make a Police application, this may be accepted but will have NO EFFECT until the whitelist is updated.
  • Current Supervisors will be informed of their new ranks in the whitelisted PD for when we push out the update. THIS HAS NO EFFECT YET!
The PERPHeads community are arranging a meetup next year! It’ll be a great
opportunity to meet up with some members of the community. We’re planning on getting a table somewhere. During the day we’re not concerned about ages as we’re planning on having a trip round London.

Countdown Timer

Location: United Kingdom, London, VENUE TBA.

Want to get on the guest list? Please contact Jordan, people will be let invited to the event by Jordan’s discretion. We’re only going to be inviting credible members of the community.

Guest List;

Some of you probably already noticed some of the changes that were added yesterday. Well considering I didn't know exactly when we might roll it out I didn't make an update log but here we go as there are some new changes for today as well.

Organization Update!
Now you can organize your organization more than ever before! (plus that's fun to say) Including ranks, permissions, and more. Your organization will be limited to 250 members maximum and a total of 20 ranks. So here's a run down of the different permissions.

  • Can edit/add organization ranks
    • By far the most powerful permission as it allows a person to potentially create a rank with more permissions than their own and assign themself to it (this may be addressed sometime). So use with caution and only for people you highly trust.
  • Can edit organization information
    • Allows members with this permission to set the MOTD (message of the day) on the main page of the organization window. Only the owner of the organization may change the name of the organization, and the name can not be the same of one already on the server.
  • Can kick members
    • Self explanatory
  • Can access organization storage
    • The storage window slightly has changed to show a new tab for your organization's storage where you can collectively deposit/withdraw items if you have this permission. [​IMG]
  • Can access organization bank account
    • This currently does nothing. We are looking at ways to incorporate this, but we may scrap it in place for something else.
  • Can invite new members
    • Self explanatory

Government radio muting now works fully for all jobs that have access to it, plus we recently reversed an old decision to have the radio be muted on a toggle so now you can. This will be changed later on as to allow the notification that they need to unmute their radio....
Whitelisted Police Department: Information and Q&A


Why hello there guys! A new idea for the Police Department is currently in the works, it could quite possibly be one of the most controversial ideas that has been implemented for a long time which is why I'm creating this post so we can clear up some questions!

Over the past year, the Senior Administration team and I have been trying to solve issues within the Police Department, it's quite apparent that the roleplay on the server can be quite ill-mannered by the Police and it creates a lot of issues with people's experiences. Over the past year we've introduced the Exam for all of the government jobs which was to be the 'safety net' and make sure that people had to use some common sense to become said job. It may not be that noticeable now, but it really did improve the quality of roleplay. After that, we had the idea of introducing the Police Supervisors, it's safe to say that, that has been the best improvement of the Police Department. Now, we're deciding to take it a step further by whitelisting the entire Police Department. To this there are countless of positives and a few negatives, hopefully we can see past the negatives and only time can tell if those will even be negatives. At the moment the Police Board has been set up and are working close with the development team to incorporate the ideas.

The Paralake Police Department
The new revamped Police adds a whole new roleplay opportunity for the community, not only does it tackle bad roleplay from the Police but it adds a whole new spectrum of roleplay. We're currently liaising with XQuality to create all of the playermodels for the different divisions and ranks.

The Police Department will be...​