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Small number of fixes and changes for this weekend including new items. We may add more later on but for now these were added on quick notice by @StephenPuffs as there are some items that are included but uncraftable/obtainable other than by a senior staff member. If you find any bugs please report them to myself or post on issue tracker here:


Stim Packs now weigh over 50% less

Adjusted the VIP physgun (What's 'wrong' with it is that there is a limited range on it to avoid prop climbing/push/surf)

Reduced the chance of rain

Fixed the Book of Law background


Added 7 new props

*Mini StephenPuffs not included

Wall Mounted Shelves - Crafted
Short Wooden Fence - Crafted
Short Chain Link Fence - Crafted
Wooden Beam - Crafted
Metal Shelves - Crafted
Desk Globe - Bought at Chaddy's
Iron Girder - Bought at Safety First

Thank you @Sdac2 for suggesting some of the props

Server Update: 5/2/2015

The dev team has just released a new update that includes mostly fixes and some smaller changes. As always please put in the bug tracker any issues you may find.

Fixed binoculars

Fixed fire extinguishers

Fixed the volume of knocking

Improved the anti-stuck

Increased brightness when it’s raining/night

Adjusted some crafting timers

Fixed shop signs not displaying at times

Fixed jailbreaks

Readjusted sniper scope sensitivity

Fixed metal detectors

All life alert locations redone (more precise)

Filled guns now stack on top in storage

Fixed pistol ammo displaying in storage

Fixed both grenades (I’d suggest you don’t forget to throw)

Phone fixes/changes

Behind the scenes code cleanup

A lot of general bug fixes

Stuff no one remembers but should help regardless


Made it so you recover stamina faster when sitting down or standing still

Made it so you can select your face properly

Made water bottles drinkable (although no price adjustment)

Added the ability to select which accessory you want to remove

Added big gardening pots for big drug plants

Removed 3rd person from chairs

New drunk effect from beer (hope you have a strong stomach)​
Server Events: 19/04/2015 - Sunday 4:00PM BST+0


: 4:00PM

EVENT: Duck Huntin'

Winner(s): Heatz [Eddie Stallone] & BA98 [Ben Anderson]

Prize: The successful hunter: M24 Sniper Rifle

Description: People that would like to participate in the event will be placed on top of the city office and will be instructed to line up along the edge of it facing the car dealer. One of our trusty throwaway staff members will be placed at the car dealer car park and will be instructed to run around like a headless chicken. When the all clear is given, participants will be automatically given an M24 Sniper with unlimited ammunition then have to attempt to kill the poor Duck, due to the render distance you won't actually be able to see him so winning the event will be down to luck. The person who successfully kills the duck will receive a free M24 Sniper Rifle to take home with them!

TIME: 5:00PM

EVENT: Beach Derby

Winner(s): Venomine [Lamar Carter]

Prize: Last car standing '$75,000'

Description: People that would like to participate in the event will be instructed to take their cars to the beach. A platform is built which is erected above the sea, same place as the 6x6 event. One by one, people will start having their cars brought up to the platform by a staff member and everyone will be placed next to each other and the same on the other sides of the platform. When the go ahead is given, everybody then just unleashes into each other until there is only one car left on the platform.

TIME: 8:00PM

EVENT: Suburbs Deathmatch

Winner(s): Blue Team

Prize: The surviving participants on the winning team receive '$75,000' each

Description: Suburbs Deathmatch is located at the Suburban District believe it or not, there are 2 teams and everyone is given a Primary and a...​
04/04/2015 - Server Crashes Resolved

As all of you have noticed already the server kept crashing for the past few days and some guy has claimed to be the one causing them. I have found out how he was doing it and completely blocked all attacks like this from happening again.

For anyone who wants to know a bit more:
The DoS attack that was used to crash the server was most likely something called a TCP SYN flood attack (You can read up on it here). As soon as someone tries to connect to a server through TCP (rcon as an example) the server sends a response to the client which the client has to respond to for the connection to open successfully (that way people can't fake their IP). The problem here is that the server pretty much stores the request for some time to wait for the client's response. A TCP SYN flood just spams tons of these requests without ever responding to the server. Unfortunately there is a limit for these stored requests so as soon as it reaches the limit the server crashes (probably because of bad coding on Valve's side). To fix it I just blocked all TCP connections to the server (no rcon anymore :( ) through the firewall

ADHD version: Server won't crash all the time anymore.​
02/04/2015 - Frequent server crashes


Good evening guys, if you were on the server yesterday evening or today, you will have noticed that server seems to be crashing every 5 minutes or so. The owners are aware of the issue and are currently working on a fix for it. The website and Team Speak 3 are not impacted. For all premium players, 2 days of premium will be added for you for compensation for the 'down-time'. Overall, we're sorry for the inconvenience caused by this!​

Hi guys, we have finally resolved the issue that the last Garry's mod update caused and the server is no longer crashing every 10 minutes.
We have given all premium users an extra week of free premium, since the server was pretty much unplayable last week.
Quick update to fix a few problems as well as a couple changes, nothing major but may be one of the most helpful.

  • You can leave organizations again (left some debugging code, oops) (Thanks to all who reported this on bug tracker and elsewhere)
  • Magic mushrooms can be picked by all police officers (Keep this rule in mind) (Thank you to maxh13 (I don't know your forum name) for reporting HERE)
  • Drug crafting time reduced by 60%. I may change some other things later on regarding the whole crafting time right now, but this is probably the most important and what people object to the most.
  • Reverse lights, when backing up your car will switch from full red lights to having a sort of white look as to indicate the vehicle is moving backward. (Thanks to @ThomasGeorge for suggesting this HERE)
  • Items now orient to match how are you are looking when dropped/spawned. (i.e. Annoyed with placing police barricades then always having to rotate into position with physgun or fists? Now they simply face away from where you place making it much simpler to quickly block off a road or area.)
  • Some items have had their weight in world changed so they aren't knocked over or pushed out of the way as easily.
That's all for now. If any prop isn't rotated in a decent fashion add to a list and send to me, so I can fix. I did a lot of major things, but may have missed some others that may be needed.
Another update I put together, which took up most of my week tbh, but I'm sure they'll be appreciated. I may take next week a little bit more relaxed as I've not had much time to do anything but course work and develop, so need a few days off. I'll probably just do more vehicle updates if I do anything, which although won't change most people's time on the server it's still necessary to do so I can predictably do anything further with vehicles down the road (no pun intended). Obviously any huge game breaking flaws and bugs I'll fix up regardless of this. Anyways you've heard enough about me, onto the important part... What's this update about?

  • Shop signs! I'll admit I got the idea of what prop to use from another server, but I have coded it and made it work all with my own ability, not copied from somewhere. When you go to purchase any property that would be deemed a shop, mostly bazaar and row of stores along next to it, a window will appear asking you to give a store name and description. Obviously you should make these names and descriptions realistic and not mingey. The signs are not an item which you can purchase by itself as I saw little reason for that, instead you'll notice one hanging down from somewhere in each shop all the time, but only with information after purchase. You'll notice for now the business hours listed are 00:00 - 23:59 because we don't have any system for specific business hours yet by law, however this may come into play more when the NPC shops close at night, for now just a placeholder.
  • Tickets and handcuffs now roughly have a model which you can see in the officer's hand. This isn't perfect but it is good enough to me because we don't have proper models to use for those. (Don't mind the text on the ticket, it's from HL2)
  • Leaving either an organization or job from the city hall NPC will now take confirmation before doing so. Thank you to @Creepis for...
Alright folks as mentioned a few times, this is another update that's mostly tweaks here and there not much new although one big thing. (At least time I won't be making the update post from my mobile which was a real treat last time)

  • IMPORTANT! Holding B will now transmit on the government radio instead of being a toggle switch which was unreliable basically. Your normal talk button will be local talking as usual.
  • Benches outside the Fredy's on Sunset Blvd. have seats added which allow you to sit on them.
  • Several vehicles have had their exit position altered which hopefully should result in players not getting stuck in them. If you continue to experience this with your vehicle please post here with your vehicle make and model:
  • Sound volume on the phone messenger should be quieter and easier to tell if it is yours or someone else's.
  • Whisper and yell were mixed up of auditory range after last update (oops)
  • Door alarms now function better than ever and are automatically on the police department and other official buildings. For privately leased buildings you must place your own alarm system.
  • Warranted people can now talk to the NPC at the PD front office to turn his/herself in which will relay a message to all emergency services from "Dispatch". (It occurs to me now that the dialog may be incorrect by what is said when doing so, but that will be addressed for a future update although should be obvious)
  • As lieutenant and sergeant are both whitelisted jobs it is fairly safe to assume that any player qualifying for this has been police in the past. Thusly you are now able to join those jobs directly from citizen as it would be simply "resuming your duty".
  • Lieutenant and sergeant are now able to use the Colt M1911 from the police armory.
  • Secret...
Alright this is going to sound like a rather minor update but it took a number of hours to complete. Bolli can attest to that as he helped me complete the last quarter or so. I was amazed just how many there are scattered in the map. What is @StephenPuffs talking about you may ask, well read on.

  • Benches and seats found throughout the map can now be used. (Same key to enter your car when looking at it)
  • Senior admins+ now have the ability to change your clothes to several different team colors for events and such where color coordination is important. (This change isn't permanent, only until they revert the change or you rejoin)
May not seem like much but it's very tedious work to complete them all and test. There may be one or two that you get stuck when standing up, so if you find one like that please report immediately.

@Carrot enjoying a beautiful day in the market.
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