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Hi everyone! It's been a long time coming but finally the server events are making a return! As normal we will be hosting three events, all of which we hope you will enjoy. The first two have been selected, however we have given you all a choice for the third just go ahead and cast your vote via the poll created (poll will close on the 10th). We hope to see you all there, have a great week!

Katana Battle - Starting at 2PM GMT+0

Cooper Race - Starting at 3PM GMT+0

Yet to be established, time should be around 5-6PM

Katana Battle - Basically like bat battle but with the all new Katana!
Cooper Race - Ever wondered what a mini cooper would be like with the engine of a Bugatti Veyron? Yeah, us to.
Update log 16/01/2018
Sourcebans is finally gone and it's been replaced with SCAMBans (Super Cool Admin Mod).
Since Sourcebans has stopped updating we decided to make our own so we could add more features in the future such as blacklist, rank editing etc. The layout on mobile is currently a bit buggy and the theme will be updated soon
If you come across any issues or have suggestions please open a bug report or PM me or @Fredy
UPDATE LOG - 12/12/2017
Weapon Changes:
Fixed rifle compensators offering no benefit
Flash hiders now offer similar benefits to suppressors
Increased recoil on all 5.56 to be more in line with other rifles
Increased spread on all shotguns
Reduced recoil on some shotguns
Reduced recoil on all SMGs
Reduced recoil on all pistols
Reduced recoil on snipers
Added the ability to attach rifle compensators to all SMGs
Adjusted moving inaccuracy

Bug Fixes:
Delivery could enter any government vehicles as a passenger
Gave police keys to the City Hall
Made the car alarm follow the vehicle
Adjusted the storage chest in Puffermart
Corrected life alert locations
Removed invisible benches at office
Removed option to choose fire engine colors (Always red and white now)

SCAM Fixes:

Losing armor when spectating

Blood trails when bleeding
Reduced strafing speed while aiming down sight
Becoming a taxi driver no longer requires you to own a vehicle

It's that time of year again, the PERPHeads Community Awards - It's the fourth year we've been running these awards, and it's quite amazing to see the changes this community has gone through during that time. We've seen a lot of people join us, lots of people leave, and some people return.

This year we've seen a lot of updates:
Halloween Update
Bank Robbery Update
Couch, Sofa and Bed Update
Poker Update
Courier Update
ATM Update
Bug fixes, silent ringtone, hex codes Update
Paralake News Release
V4 Map Release, new clothing system.
Car Update
Phone Update
Full Police Whitelist

We've welcomed new, and returning staff members.

Did you know?
All players combined have $1,688,982,690 in money (bank and cash)
There's 3,632,670 items in...

Fredy finished his crash restore system, so of course a new rule is needed. Let us know if you find any issues with the crash restore system.​

Rule Changes
  • 2.4 Exchanging In-Game Items funds for Real Funds
  • 3.28 Being Tied-up/Gagged
  • 3.29 Bank Robbery Hostages
  • 4.5 The Mayor
Rule Additions
  • 6.1 Server Crashes/Restarts
  • 6.2 Third-Party Software, Macros and Scripts

Similar to last year's halloween update you will be able to grow pumpkins using seeds you can buy at the Betrunkener Drache pub.

You can then use your grown pumpkins to either craft Jack O'Lanterns or convert them into a package of candy.
Unlike last year's event, you might not want to eat all your candy at once, as it will definitely prove useful on halloween.

I want to give a big shoutout to @Carrot, who helped us revamp the old pumpkin model and also made the model for the JackO lantern. What the candy will be useful for will be revealed tomorrow ;)

UPDATE LOG - 15/09/2017


After lots of preparing and development, we have finally finished something we've been keeping a secret for a while now! You can now head down to the Hungriges Schwein Casino to play a game of Poker, rules of this type of poker follow Texas Hold'em.

Joining the table:
To join the table, press E on a chair.

Currently you can access the low stakes tables, in the near future higher stake tables will be added.
The lowest amount you can put in to start is $2000, and the maximum $60,000.

Your dealt cards & your chips.
You will be given two cards for the game, these will be your cards for the entire game. You can peak at these
cards throughout the game using left click. Don't worry when peaking though, other players can't see your
cards, only you can. Your chips will be on the right side of your cards throughout your time at the table, once you
run out of money, you will have to exit the table and put more money in.

Betting menu:
The betting menu gives you four options, you get a minute to choose an option based on the cards...

04/09/2017 Update Log

The couch and sofa props ingame can now finally be used to actually sit down:


And as a small bonus, we made the bed work too:


Additionally, all of the broken radio stations were swapped out for working ones, and we also got a few new ones:
  • 86.1 Eurobeat The Meat FM (@JC Denton)
  • 90.2 Retrowave
  • 98.8 TeaTime FM
  • 105.7 I Love Radio

And adjusted a few things with the new courier job:
  • Courier is not getting paid by the city anymore, instead all of the NPC deliveries were made more frequent and pay out more money
  • The amount of NPC contracts now gets scaled by amount of couriers
  • Players do not require a car to join courier anymore
  • Players can not order food items when they have more than 20 food items already on them
Thanks to:
@John Daymon

03/09/2017 Update Log

New Courier System
The Courier system has been updated! You can now enjoy a re-worked system which features some cool new additions to how the old system worked, with also an addition of scripted contract jobs from stores and NPC’s across the city!

Head to the Delivery Warehouse to sign up for the job!
(Two Couriers can now be in service, rather than the one slot before)


Wait for an order from another player, or an NPC.
The text message you receive will display the order value and where you’ll be delivering it to.
(You will receive 10% of the order value once delivered)


Collect your package from inside the delivery warehouse
Your package will display the location and what type of client you are delivering to.
You can put up to four parcels inside the van at a time.


Place the parcel inside the van!
Take the parcel to your delivery truck, and place it inside.

Hey everyone, tonight the staff team conducted a meeting and discussed the current rules and what changes should be made, below i'll list what changes have either been recently changed, or changed tonight:

  • 3.5 - Reverted to it's original state - Specifically removed was "if a user disconnects for over an hour then NLR goes into play. Another addition made - Specifically "Players should not use or act upon any information gained from other players which is relevant to their previous death, while their NLR timer is active."
  • 5.1 - Reverted to it's original state - Specifically removed was "user's cannot mug at the drug dealer"
  • 2.4 - Edited - Specifically changed so that "Any in-game items cannot be exchanged for IRL funds"
  • 3.7 - Edited - Specifically removed "Any type of fortification or defense in the bazaar or business shops is prohibited." and added examples within the construction booklet
  • 3.8 - Edited - Changed the elevated platforms section from "Excessively" to "Any"
  • 3.24 - Edited - Added "
    The exception to this rule allows you to talk about OOC related things when it does not affect anyone around you, or anyone openly involved in a roleplay situaion, for example when inside your base or in a private area."
  • 5.2 - Edited - Added "
    unless they have been robbed, scammed, or have loaned the money to/by the player who will refuse to return the money"
All these rule additions should be added fairly soon, hope they're all to your liking, take care everyone!