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Update Log 14/09/2021

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Update Log 14/09/2021

Another wonderful update brought to you by @Fredy @TinySlayer @Samuel @Madda and @Dank

The changes are already live on the server!

Government Changes
  • Made the Police Mercedes SLS AMG available for RTU sergeants and above
  • Made it so sergeants can see people's vehicles in the police computer
    • This was previously restricted to Lieutenants and above
  • Re-added pistol sights for Senior Officers and above
  • Made it so that firefighters can pick up first aids equipment at the PD

Other Changes
  • Released a completely rewritten version of SCAMBans
  • Updated...

Chiefs of Department Action Plan

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Chiefs of Department Action Plan


As you would have likely seen from other announcements, Super & I have been appointed as the new Chiefs to lead the Paralake Police Department back onto the right track and towards a new level of success.

The main question is, what now? Well, we have many ideas we are to implement in the coming days & weeks that will be described below;

We believe that Transparency is a strong topic in regards to the Chiefs of Department, we will be doing all we can in order to open up the inner workings of our office and give the lower-ranked officers and even the general community more of an insight into what we actually do and how it will be done.​
  • First of all, we will be doing an open Q&A on the discord, in which you all will be able to give us your questions and concerns...​

Community Survey Responses #2

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These are the results of the Community Survey, thought I would tag it onto the community spotlight so you do not have to read two separate posts!​

So first up, Community Management!​

Community Management

Very little area of concern with regards to Community Management, with just 15.3% rating three or lower.​
The complaints we did receive were mainly unproven or not real issues as far I can see. However there is one complaint I will address. I will then go on-to address the areas people want Community Management to focus on.​
We received a couple of concerns that Tyla and I were stagnating and not doing anything. This is completely up to perception and I understand Tyla and I may not be making public changes as often as we...​

Community Spotlight - September 2021

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You have both been recommended by staff for the roleplay acknowledgement reward this month for your cinema creation in the back room of this bazaar shop. It is great to see such enthusiasm especially from new players too. You can both claim $50,000 each when you next see a Community Manager on in-game, and will receive the forum trophy.​
I know you worked with others for this one however they will receive their own section, but quality stuff here with the market stall. It is really good to see. Not only is it just good roleplay ion general it is quite useful...​

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