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Halloween Events - 2021

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Halloween Events Beginning 27th October
Hello and Happy Halloween, this year we are going to be hosting some new events! These events will be hosted by our VERY OWN HELPERS! These events are going to be taking place in the run-up to Halloween and climax with our famous zombie event on Halloween itself! These events will take place in the afternoon/early evening, however, there is no set time for when they will take place.

All winners of events will receive a suitably themed prize!

The order of the events and a small description is as follows:

Murder Event - 27th October

The classic Garry's Mod murder game mode in your own city hall! @LilChicken and @nutrient10 will be responsible for this event.

Obstacle Course - 28th October

A possible aquatic animal-themed game may have some influence in this...

Update Log 20/10/2021 - Halloween

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Update Log 20/10/2021 - Halloween

Another small but amazing update brought to you by @Fredy @Madda and @Samuel

  • You can as usual,
    • Buy hats and costumes at the Creepy Tree
    • Grow pumpkins
    • Craft Candy Packages
    • Craft Jack-O'-Lanterns
  • You can now purchase a pumpkin ornament for a couple of vehicles
    • u63VwPc.png

Other Changes
  • New Players will now receive money instead of Premium when winning free Premium on the wheel at the casino
    • This is so they do not lose the free Premium they get for being a new player.
  • Improved the chat filter...

Community Spotlight - October 2021

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Lucius and Exnem have been working together today helping me out with a couple of events but have done one of their own, namely the Escape Room. I've always thought an Escape Room would be near impossible on PERP and nobody would understand it but today has proven me wrong. Lucius, you've done some pretty outstanding work since helpers took on the role of event team and I really value your efforts in making these non e-sport events.​
Rogue has set up these fishing docks areas in Hicktown a few times which look very snazzy, he has also been mentioned a couple of...​

Update Log 19/09/2021

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Update Log 19/09/2021

A small but amazing update brought to you by @Lelios and @Samuel

Some of these changes are already live but hasn't been announced.

Government Changes
  • You can no longer select the metal type when customizing a Road Traffic Unit unmarked vehicle
  • Paramedics no longer get paid if they hurt/killed the person they are reviving
  • The defibrillators can now actually hurt people

Taxi Changes

Seeing as Taxi Driver is a great first job on the server, as it gives you the ability to learn the map without having to purchase a car, we've now spent some time making small changes that we think will revive the job again.

  • Changed the entry fee to $100
  • Added a HUD for...

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