Forum Rules

Contained within this document are the rules of this forum board and community; these rules are NOT open to interpretation and will be upheld to the full extent and power of the community's staff members. Ignorance, in any form, of the rules detailed within this document will NOT be accepted as a reasonable reason for any violation of these rules.

1.0 Basic Conduct Rules

All users within this community are expected to adhere and are subject to the following rules of conduct. These rules will be enforced at all times, including instances where a user is communicating with someone who is not a part of this community. These rules are community bound and are enforced over forum, server and Team Speak 3.

1.1 Disrespectful Behavior - Disrespectful behavior, in its broadest sense, is not acceptable; users are expected to conduct themselves respectfully at all times.

1.2 Discrimination - Any demonstrations of any forms of discrimination will not be accepted.

1.3 Slander - Slander will not be tolerated within this community; the only time where accusations can be made against other members of the community are within the ban requests/staff complaints and when speaking to an appropriate member of staff - when making an accusation against a member of staff, a higher ranking staff member should be spoken to.

1.4 Causing Problems - Generally, any attempts by an individual(s) to cause a problem(s) will not be tolerated.

2.0 General Forum Rules

All users within this community are expected to to adhere and are subject to the following forum rules. These rules are only applicable and enforceable on the forum.

2.1 Bumping Users are not to post on a thread with the intention to bring it to the top of the category so it gets seen quicker and/or more.

2.2 Replying/Commenting - Users are expected to use the appropriate function when posting on a thread. If what you are posting is nothing constructive to the thread or just something very small, use the comment function. However if what you are posting is something constructive and/or to big to be put into the comments then creating a reply is fine.

2.3 Unnecessary posting - Users should only be posting on a thread if they're contributing to it and supplying something relevant. This also applies to creating threads. A contribution is considered relevant if it offers a commentary or encourages discussion regarding the matter within the thread.

2.4 Constructive supports - Users should only reply to the threads within the Ban Appeal, Warning Dispute, Refund Request and Action Request section if they were directly involved in the situation in question. When replying to Suggestions and Staff Applications users are expected to be constructive with their replies by providing their reasoning.

2.5 Rating system - A rating system is in place so people are able to express their views without having to post. Any malicious usage of this system, like targeting a user and rating their threads and/or posts negatively will result in the permission revoked with no chance of appeal.

2.6 Shoutbox - Users are still expected to follow Basic Conduct rules on the shoutbox, failure to adhere to them will result in your permission to view and post in it revoked.