Forum Rules

1.0 Basic Conduct Rules

All users within this community are expected to adhere and are subject to the following rules of conduct. These rules will be enforced at all times, including instances where a user is communicating with someone who is not a part of this community. These rules are community bound and are enforced over the forum, server and TeamSpeak 3.

1.1 Disrespectful Behaviour

Disrespectful behaviour, in its broadest sense, is not acceptable; users are expected to conduct themselves respectfully at all times.

1.2 Discrimination

Any demonstrations of any forms of discrimination will not be accepted.

1.3 Slander

Slander will not be tolerated within this community; the only time where accusations can be made against other members of the community is within the ban requests/staff complaints and when speaking to an appropriate member of staff - when making an accusation against a member of staff, a higher ranking staff member should be spoken to.

1.4 Causing Problems

Any attempts made by players to cause problems within any community platform will not be tolerated.

1.5 Personal Details and Identity

Players may not leak, attempt to gain, or maliciously use the private and personal details of another player. Details Including (but not limited to) Passwords to accounts, Home addresses, Personal photos, and phone numbers of either other members of the community or their family, friends, etc. These details must be respected and not shared throughout the community in-game, the forums, PERPHeads TS3, the PERPHeads Discord, or steam chat. Players may also not pretend to be another member of the community beyond In-Character names in an attempt to damage their reputation.

1.6 Co-operation and Evasion

Players must cooperate and follow any instructions or requests given to them by staff members, in relation to in-character and community-related situations. If a staff member requests information about an incident, users must respond honestly and without omission. PERPHeads uses an automatic demo recording feature which is not to be disabled or tampered with at any time; recordings will be available in garry's mod/demos. If a staff member requests a demo file, and that demo file was recorded within the last 21 days, you are obligated to upload it (i.e. users may safely delete demos which are older than 21 days). It is the user's responsibility to ensure that there is enough disk space on the drive that Garry's Mod is installed on to ensure that demos record. Staff members must give user’s a minimum of 24 hours to allow the user to find the specific evidence needed for the situation.

2.0 General Forum Rules

The following rules are not community wide and are only applicable to the forums.

2.1 Thread Bumping

Users should not reply to any threads with the sole intention of bringing more attention to said post especially if it’s to attract staff attention.

2.2 Spamming

Users are not to spam any thread or post with random or unrelated content to the original post. This also goes for spamming a user’s profile posts. Reposting something that has already been removed by staff is also classed as spamming.

2.3 Profile Content

Users are not to have an excessive amount of content on their profiles that is there purely to insult or offend a person or group of people. This includes but is not limited to profile pictures, signatures and status updates.

2.4 Unnecessary Posting

Users should not excessively make threads or reply to threads with no real purpose or intent, any replies to threads should be relevant to the post and be constructive where needed. All threads should be made in their relevant forum, anything not categorized should be posted in “Off-Topic”

2.5 Administrative Threads

Users replying to threads in the Administration segment of the forum must have been directly involved in the situation or posting on someone's behalf and be providing relevant information to the situation. Replies to Staff Applications are allowed as long as the post provides feedback and is constructive, not just to show ones opinion. This also applies to replies made to Rule Suggestions, Ideas & Suggestions, Law Reform, Bug Reports and Help & Support threads.

2.6 Rating System

Users must not use the thread rating system to excessively rate another user, this is not limited to negative ratings. Users must not rate a post negatively as a “revenge attack” on the player.

2.7 Ideas and Suggestions

All community suggestions need to be well thought out and planned prior to the post being made. Prior to posting a suggestion, you must make sure it has not been denied within the last few months.

2.8 Thread Titles

When naming a thread users must always adhere to rule 1.1 disrespectful behaviour. When creating a thread in the Action Request section users must include the name of the player they are reporting as well as the rule believed to be violated. When creating a thread in the Ban Appeal, Disputes, Refund Request or Staff Complaint section users must ensure they include the name of the staff member the thread relates to. Users should not include anything else in their thread title.