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    Hello from Micky Dee!

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    Server Suggestion Resisting Cuffs.

    yeah man I can't wait to have to baton the sweater who is resisting a ticket to death because he's doing a minigame to get out of cuffs for free
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    Server Suggestion Resisting Cuffs.

    This has to be the worst idea, how is this even possible to balance out in 200 ping? Cop is already annoying enough with swarms of new players now I have to taser every single one to cuff them? No thanks
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    Server Suggestion Sexual Harassment and Assault Laws

    Have to agree with efan, since it's against rules I say we do not even bother making laws. The entire process of arresting a sexual offender in game could be massively triggering. Especially if there's lack of evidence.
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    Who strikes fear into you and why?

    @Ayjay deserved
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    Who strikes fear into you and why?

    I will not take this jay hatch slander
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    How is everyone doing?

    no, but i know how to get senior admin now
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    How is everyone doing?

    wanna see my tits
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    Register Your Interest - Community Project Zomboid

    Would be play with some mods? Just a few nice ones like more guns etc
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    Server Suggestion Perpheads US based Server

    Rxsm nailed it, monolith is hosted in the US and look how they're doing.
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    Rule of the Month Introduction

    I gotta agree with some others, 3.15 is a really vague and generally fucked rule that isn't enforced for a reason, it needs clarification and rework before it's heavily enforced
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    Seasoned player Punishments are too harsh

    The rules are so stupidly easy to follow, as a new player it's easy to make the mistakes as I did and as most people did, but since then majority of the rules I've broken have been on purpose and if you have been here for more then a few months you should know better. If you are still breaking...
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    Smashed guys, love u all, happy 23

    Smashed guys, love u all, happy 23
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    Smashed mate.

    Smashed mate.
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    What if he runs

    If someone is running from under gunpoint, in RP I'm not going to assume they're breaking a rule, I'm going to assume they have a gun and are about to pull it. Personally I wouldn't shoot them as it'd be an easy IA but you bet the second they try anything they're dead