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    whos that?

    whos that?
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    @Hayden rtu worthy? lmao

    @Hayden rtu worthy? lmao
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    blue suits you man xx

    blue suits you man xx
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    no more blue :(

    no more blue :(
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    Server Suggestion weather Already been a suggestion for this
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    Rogue / Rotonde Kreisverkehr

    helper for a week and you think you are somebody smh
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    Rogue / Rotonde Kreisverkehr

    I once seen him listening to music and making meth in the back of McUwes. Hes the drug kingpin of Paralake!
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    HL2 sounds used on PH (Bobby Pin, Crowbar etc.)

    make sure to update it, clearly has keys option now :rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    Traffic Signs Change?

    EU just looks better
  11. Mina that actually you tho?!? that actually you tho?!?
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    64 already :oldman: :oldman: :oldman: :oldman: :oldman: :oldman: :oldman: :oldman...

    64 already :oldman: :oldman: :oldman: :oldman: :oldman: :oldman: :oldman: :oldman: :oldman: :oldman: :oldman: :oldman: :oldman: happy birthday my g
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    shut up

    shut up
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    Server Suggestion Server Wipe

    Has more cons than pros. Wiping would cause a lot of people to leave the server and only the people who want to grind again will stay making it exactly the same as before the wipe within a week if not less.