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    Favourite player Aaron

    Love you too
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    Favourite player Aaron

    Oh god not you
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    Tattoo showcase

    Got these done recently
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    Lil Sam's Enforcer application.

    STEAM NAME: Lil Sam STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:97474497 AGE: 22 WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE AN ENFORCER?: I have wanted to apply for Enforcer for a while now since returning after my few year break. Since returning back to the community I have thoroughly enjoyed playing on the server I have met so many...
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    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
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    steelo's Enforcer Application

    From all the time I have seen Steelo play all he has done is shown how much he understands the rules I think that the sever would benefit a lot from him being a staff member
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    Fifa 23 Teams

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    Fifa 23 Teams

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    Encounters/Experiences IRL with Police

    I fell asleep with a girl after smoking a bunch of weed in my car I had about 10gs in pots on me I only got a caution for possession. Another time I was kind of high and I got stopped for waiting outside McDonald’s waiting for my friends to finish working I had weed in my grinder which I was...
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    Yes this is a public staff complaint not a joke 100%
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    Cap, you slayed me every round
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    This guy slayed me during every event so I couldn’t win but oh well. Thanks for hosting events and making a fun evening @A1L
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    Goodbye for now

    Free Dom :(
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    Big ups, last night was fun
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    Warning Dispute (Ellie)