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    What happened to the Germans?

    I'm here
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    hi am woosh

    hello woosh
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    Refund Request (avirex24)

    Your Steam Name: avirex24 Your Roleplay Name: Klaus Schneider Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:34337324 Reason for Request: the complete story is listed in this thread Requested Items: 12x pots 1x L85 Enfield 1x STANAG magazine 12x...
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    Doing a giveaway for fun :)

    normal, 18
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    Post your favourite song at the moment and I’ll gatekeep it like a narcissistic douche
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    Server Suggestion Dispatch Map overwork

    Suggestion Title: Dispatch Map overwork Suggestion Description: Overworking the currently Dispatch map. During an emergency as firefighter or medic its sometimes confusing to excactly locate the fire or body, currently you can only do that while looking on the Map on the gov PC inside an car...
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    Different Speedlimit on Intersection

    Type of Bug: Map Description of the Bug: The speed limit is different for each direction How to reproduce the Bug: drive between PD intersection and city bridge Time Stamp: 05.06.2022 13:00 Errors: N/A Media:
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    Hospital Stop sign

    Type of Bug: Map Description of the Bug: One of three exits of the hospital are not covered by an stop sign How to reproduce the Bug: N/A Time Stamp: 05.06.2022 12:00 Errors: N/A Media: on the last picture