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Premium features

  • 1. Access to the phys gun to freeze and rotate props.
  • 2. Access to premium cars, including the Ferrari 458 Spider and the Bugatti Veyron.
  • 3. Access to accessories - Show other players that you are pumped by buying accessories like a tophat or shades.
  • 4. Carry a default weight of 250 instead of only 150.
  • 5. Grow more drugs (12 max instead of 6).
  • 6. Earn more money - get 2 times as much as an unemployed citizen and 1.75 times more as a government employee.
  • 7. Always get a government car regardless of the limit the mayor set. (Except Speed Enforcement)
  • 8. Custom clothing, taboo, imagery and symbols for your clothes.

Please note: 

No refunds will be made in case you get banned from the server for breaking the community's rules.
If you got banned and think that your ban is invalid visit and create a ban appeal.