Ban Apology (Cheating Attempt Detected)

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Punishment Type: Ban
Appeal Type: Apology
Which staff member issued the punishment?: Cheating Attempt Detected
How long were you banned/blacklisted for?: Permanent

Your Steam Name: Bestfriend
Your Roleplay Name: Lembe Smith
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:155853416

Why were you banned/blacklisted?: I attempted to cheat

Why should this appeal be considered?: So it's been close to a year since I've been banned for cheating, and I would just like to explain my story to which I attempted to cheat. I am not justifying my actions but just giving you insight in why I might have cheated because in a jury there is contexts and degree's to which a person committed a crime and I find this somewhat similar. So I did try and cheat using ESP from this cheat I found, It was my first time EVER cheating in GMOD while having 3k hours on other servers (Which you can probably tell from me getting banned by the console), and there was some major reasons (to me) which led me to doing something very selfish that would have ruined the community's experience all together which I fully accept that it was, and clearly understand now the repercussions of me throwing away a server I enjoyed for something that was ignorant to not understand people I'd be making their experience inferior to mine because I felt like I was inconvenienced, so I'm sorry to whomever I would have potentially hurt from my actions. I've learned & moved on from that mindset and will hopefully bring in a new chapter of myself from being a better person overall to hopefully benefit the server. Now that I've spoken on me fully understanding what I did was wrong, selfish, ignorant and flat out a stupid decision, I'll just repost the context that shows why I did what I did to hopefully show the degree in which I broke the rules in. (If you choose to believe me)


So in fact I did try and cheat by using esp from this free cheat I found, but there is reasons why I did what I did. The first being my time zone is very different from the community so when people usually get off I'm still on playing leaving like 2-4 players online leaving me to be bored, so it was one of those nights for me I was getting frustrated because I was driving around endlessly looking for this other person's base(If you check my scambans it says 2:41AM and that's usually when the pop is low. EST) and I thought fuck it I'll try and esp, and me not knowing anything about anti cheat and cheating in general led it to be a big mistake, and I know that doesn't excuse me from trying to cheat and I'm very sorry for even trying to make it unfair for that person, but we all make mistakes and this was a HUGE mistake on my part and I'm owning up to it. This server/community is nothing compared to these trash aidsrp in the darkrp section and I'll find nothing the same like this server was to me, and I just hope to be back in the server again enjoying myself because it was an awesome experience from the little time I was playing and I just want to be apart of that again. It's been 2 and a half months since I've gotten banned and I'm finally deciding to make a ban appeal to even see if I can get another chance in this server, because in that amount of time I noticed I wasn't playing in a regular server/community and I just blew my joy that I had. In the chance that this appeal does get accepted I'll value my thoughts further In my future of being a member and being apart of that community so that this will not happen again, And If you guys want I can record every single raid/pvp instance I am in for validation, so that I wont even try something like that again.

Additional Information: I've experienced retribution through me not being able to play on the server for almost a year. I'm reformed on the situation and acknowledge the pure selfishness that occurred. please forgive me
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