Cash Giveaway

no one even commending you for doing this, sad to see someone do something like this off their own back and get so many replies but not one thank you. I'm sure i speak on behalf of everyone who has entered, thank you for doing this, the community should be as friendly as you are @Brikaas :)
He’s just thiccass
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Good evening everyone!

All slots have been taken! Thank you all for taking part of the giveaway!
The winners will be announched within the next 10 minutes.

Did you win?
Try to find me ingame near City Hall and claim your prize! $$$

Did you lose?
Dont worry, I will host more of these kind of events in the future.

Goodluck to everyone and enjoy!
Whoever gets the 150k better be a new player or someone who is not very strong financially wise. If whoever gets 150k I hope you at least give some of it to people who struggle to make 10k let alone 150k.