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Previous thread was "Denied" for being open for too long. Reworded this one aswell as my English back then was weird (Still is)

Discussion Post:

Main Idea: Implementing the function to search for specific mixtures in the F1 menu to make the search of a mixture less frustrating and less time consuming.

Full description of the idea: Implement the function to search for all available mixtures to craft in a seperate tab or in the same tab, kind of like the storage search function.

Why should it be added?: Ever since the gun update the tabs for some mixtures have become really long and cluttered with gun parts, it takes quite a while to find the correct weapon you're trying to look up for or to craft. Having a search function as a seperate tab or in the same tab could help find specific items faster without having to look around or scroll down somewhere just to find that one part you want to look up or want to craft. I am aware that they are sorted alphabetically but it still takes some of my precious seconds away just trying to look up the mixture which can get pretty frustrating, having this would make it a great addition.

Save time and effort when looking up something in the mixtures tab.
More organized (See 'Other additions:' for sub-categories and favorites tab)

There really would be no cons for this, all suggestions take up developer time so it's not really a con either.

Other additions:
Make sub-categories for the "Weaponry", "Weapon Components", "Magazines", "Attachments" and "Suppressors" tab. These sub-categories would be "Pistols" "SMGs", "Assault Rifles" and "Sniper Rifles" which all hold the mixtures for their guns that is labeled in the sub-category.

A favorites tab for mixtures could also be added which holds all favorited mixtures to craft or to look up in a seperate tab which would make your favorite mixtures even easier to access.

How it could look like:
Variant 1 (Without the obnoxious red circle ofcourse)

Variant 2 which I personally like more
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hello please add this, it is very tedious for someone to spend 20 seconds scrolling up and down a page because one component starts with B, the other with T, also means you don't miss something you are looking for.

or just some way to shorten the damn list.
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