Update Log - 15/09/2017

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UPDATE LOG - 15/09/2017

After lots of preparing and development, we have finally finished something we've been keeping a secret for a while now! You can now head down to the Hungriges Schwein Casino to play a game of Poker, rules of this type of poker follow Texas Hold'em.

Joining the table:
To join the table, press E on a chair.

Currently you can access the low stakes tables, in the near future higher stake tables will be added.
The lowest amount you can put in to start is $2000, and the maximum $60,000.

Your dealt cards & your chips.
You will be given two cards for the game, these will be your cards for the entire game. You can peak at these
cards throughout the game using left click. Don't worry when peaking though, other players can't see your
cards, only you can. Your chips will be on the right side of your cards throughout your time at the table, once you
run out of money, you will have to exit the table and put more money in.

Betting menu:
The betting menu gives you four options, you get a minute to choose an option based on the cards you have.

You can check, call (match a raised bet), raise (raise the current bet), go all in (bet all playable money you have
in the current game) or fold (put no money in and sit out of the current game until a new one starts)

Community Cards:
Cards will be dealt in Texas Hold'em order, the flop (first three cards), the turn (fourth card) and the river (fifth and final card).

You can view the middle cards at any time through the game using right click.

The Reveal & GUI:
We attempted to keep everything as clean as possible, hence us having a more 'interactive' poker game rather

than just video poker. Throughout the game you can hold shift and reveal a GUI at the top of your screen,
you can view how much money is in the pot, and also your current playable balance.
At the end of each game, everyones cards will be shown.

Leaving the table:
You may leave the table by pressing ESC, this will make you lose any money which you have put into the pot within the current round.


  • Hungriges Schwein is no longer purchasable, however will be open for public use as a casino.
  • You need a minimum of 2 players to start a game of poker.
  • Players have 1 minute to make a choice whilst in the betting menu.
  • You will not get AFK kicked whilst in the casino chairs & playing a game.

We hope you enjoy this update, it's something we've spent a long time on and are extremely excited to see you all playing. Expect more updates in the near future!

P.S. There might be some bugs, but they will get fixed over the next few days.

Thanks to:
@Carrot for making the poker chip/card models
@ayjay for making this post + testing
@D3V for testing

@John Daymon for testing and assisting me to not get sidetracked
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I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see @LordTyla setting up a Gamble Aware org blocking anyone's entry to the casino.

What's the chances of having a slots machine, Fredy?
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England, Norfolk
The devs have made some amazing updates guys and I think you deserve a pat on the back and a bit of a break. To make it different you could possibly add bonuses for winning with lets say a flush or four of a kind. Maybe even a leaderboard for the best hands would probably take awhile before someone gets a royal flush three years playing poker and not one witnessed.

Any plans for slot machines, blackjack or other games?


i love irish people
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I thought this was another mraaron troll for a second there


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I was making my app at the same time that I offered advice on what was wrong. Sadly I was shut down multiple times, just like you are being now
Fairly certain he left the community for another akin to Melonstick. Users who don't associate themselves with the community properly and use it only as an opportunity to flame or troll others don't last long in my experience, don't worry @ShadowJoey .