Vault of Memes

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The Vault of Memes is an organisation from the PERPHeads community that was developed with the intention of keeping secure the best memes that the community has, without it getting into the hands of the filthy corrupt staff team who will ban people for them in some cases. The Vault of Memes is guarded by a team of Royal Guards who work tirelessly ensuring that vault laws and policies are followed and that nothing is leaked from the vault. Members of the community can receive access to the vault on three different tiers.​


Silver Access
Permits access to the Silver Vault which contains the majority of memes which if leaked, it would be unlikely that any warnings or bans would be issued but may still occur as a result of leakage. This is the highest security tier for any serving staff members that would like to be in the Vault.​
Gold Access
Permits access to the Gold Vault which contains sensitive memes which if leaked to the staff team, may result in a several month or permanent ban to the content creator. As a result, members of staff are not permitted Gold Access and community members must be highly trusted by the Lords of the Vault.​
Platinum Access
Permits access to the Platinum Vault which contains extremely sensitive content which would result in a community wide ban to all those involved if leaked to the staff team. Both staff members and community members are not permitted to view the Platinum Vault unless they have been on the inner circle for 2 years or more and have gained full trust from the Lords of the Vault.​
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