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Update Log 10/11/2021 - City Update

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Update Log 10/11/2021

Another amazing update brought to you by @Tyla Jai @Efan @TinySlayer and @Samuel

Seeing as this is a major change to the gamemode, we do expect a few bugs, and we would appreciate it if you reported any bugs you find as soon as possible.

City Changes
  • An entirely new city management menu for the mayor
    • 8G2Cd7g.png
  • Several changes to how taxes work
    • List of taxes
      • Sales Tax
        • Maximum is 25% and the minimum is 1%
      • Income Tax
        • Maximum is 75% and the minimum is 1%
      • Fuel Tax
        • Maximum is 25% and the minimum is 1%...

PERPHeads Community Awards 2021 - Vote!

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Hello all, I am very excited to be running the PERPHeads Community Awards for 2021. This year, we are celebrating 27 different categories for our eighth annual Community Awards. I hope the increase in categories this year will make more members of the community feel included in receiving an award. This is the first time I have ran the Community Awards since becoming Community Manager, and would like to put my thanks out to everyone who has shown support towards Ethan and I around all the changes and events we have made this year. Anyway, there will be some information on how to submit your vote in the Community Awards 2021 below, but first I would like to reflect on the changes this year.​

Rule Changes (02/11/21)

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Hi everyone,

As a result of a short discussion in the most recent admin meeting, we have undergone 2 minor rule changes to the rules surrounding raiding and mugging.

Rule Changes
  • 5.1 - Mugging
Players are not allowed to mug more than 3 times in any 60 minute period; nor can they mug the same player twice, within any 60 minute period. Players may only mug other players in a realistic manner, for example mugging someone in the middle of a street is not realistic. Muggings should only take place in locations which are out of the view of the public. Players may not be forced to move out of public view under gunpoint prior to the mugging.

Whilst participating in a Mugging all players are expected to adhere to rule 2.5, this means that causing any unnecessary and unreasonable harm or damage to a player or their possessions is prohibited.

Items such as: Barricades...

Community Spotlight - November 2021

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At the time of writing, he is the newest member of the Helper Team. LilChicken created an outdoor cinema by the City Hall which was certainly a cool creation. In addition to this, LilChicken has been very motivated as a Helper, especially in the events side of things.​
Angel Gorrell is consistently creating nice bazaar shops such as the one in the photo below. Even at the time of writing now Angel has a bazaar shop up and running. Bazaar shops enable our newer players to get their hands on items they otherwise wouldn't be able to access, so thank you for this. You can claim $50,000 next time you see me in-game by making...​

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