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Police Department Reform

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Senior Management, Community Management and the Owners have decided the Police Department needs reform in how it is structured and the power balance within the Community. Upon the creation of this post, applications have opened for a new Chief of Department and Deputy Chief of Department. Upon the appointment of this role, the current Chiefs will resign and allow the new Chiefs to take over. You can apply on, alternatively click here. Applications will close in one week, or the 30th of August.

This change has multiple goals:

For no person/s to have an unreasonable amount of control within the community. Think of this change as the Police Department Chiefs becoming another senior team within the Community.
Make communication amongst major parts of the community much easier...

Update log - 11/08/2021

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Update Log 11/08/2021

Police Changes
  • A loading bar will now appear when police seize guns, with the ability to cancel it with C.
  • There is also a five second loading bar for police when they impound a wheel clamped car.
  • The Mercedes has been removed from the Road Traffic Unit as it isn't a very practical or realistic police car.
  • The Road Traffic BMW 340i has had a 10mph top speed buff to compensate for the Mercedes being removed.
  • Lowered the rank requirement for seizing drugs from Planter Boxes and Chemical Tables to Senior Officer.
  • The diamond can now be confiscated by Police Officers, it will be manually respawned by Community Management at XQBank.
  • The ANPR Feature on the Police Computer now has double the range.
  • Dispatchers can now see the employees profile and create broadcasts
  • Police ANPR and Police Busy Status are now togglable by a bind in the...

Community Spotlight - July 2021

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Hello all, welcome to the Community Spotlight for July 2021. We have a bunch of things to showcase this month ranging from community changes and discord, as-well as the usual roleplay acknowledgement and helping new player rewards. We continue to grow as a community with 750 new player connections this month and a healthy portion of those players choosing to settle in to the community, signing up to the forums and discord. We have also managed to reach booster level 3 on Discord which gives us a bunch of new extra features including a custom invite URL and very high quality voice channels.​

A quality car show was hosted on the 22nd July, it had quite a turn out and announced three winners to the show. I know car...​

Refer a Friend System

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We are running a trial of my new Refer a Friend System. It is designed to provide monetary rewards for inviting new players and tutoring them upon joining. You are encouraged to help them when they join as simply connecting is not enough for them to count as a referral, they must be seen to settle in to the community before any reward is issued. In order for it to count you must complete a Friend Referral Form before the friend connects to the server for the first time. You can see a summary of referral rewards below.




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