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Perpheads V5​

I am excited to finally announce the release of the latest iteration of Paralake, V5! Many people have worked countless hours developing and curating this project and we are honoured to deliver this update to the community. This is the first of many steps forward for Perpheads and we hope we can continue to deliver new and improved content to the community for years to come.

Important Note: If you are not seeing the correct content, unsubscribe from Paralake City V4 or any older version of the map, this should fix any conflicts.

Before we get to the changes, I want to explain why it took us so long to finish V5. We started working on the map in late December, but it took us a good four to five months to get to where we are now. One of the major changes we...

Community Spotlight #6 (06/05/2021)

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Hello, this is your sixth Community Spotlight, meaning we have been running these for six months now. Since the last spotlight we have hosted a Community Meeting which a lot of you attended, I believe we got some really good questions and concerns, I hope you all believe they were addressed reasonably. Also since the last Community Spotlight we have rolled out the Content Creator role to a number of people, you can see a list of Content Creators here.


Community Meeting 28/04/2021

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Community Meeting 28/04/2021


We are going to host a Community Meeting on our Discord Server on Wednesday 28th April 2021 at 18:00 BST. The objective of the meeting is for you to ask us any questions you have that the community team can reasonably answer, and to raise any concerns so that we can hopefully address them. In order for us to moderate some of the questions being asked, you will need to submit your propose question or issue that you would like to discuss using this form.

Where and when will the meeting take place?

The meeting will take place on our Discord Server, in the Community Meeting Channel. It will take place on Wednesday 28th April 2021 at 18:00 BST.​

Update Log - 17/04/2021 "Community Update"

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Update Log - 17/04/2021
April Community Update

This is the April Community Update. The aim of this update is to improve the experience for new players and to give new players a reason to actually interact with the community. Everything in this update was requested by our lovely Community Managers.

The updates are as follows:

Player Rewards

  • Players will now be rewarded for joining the forums, steam group, and the discord server.
    • Information about this can be found on PH HELP
    • To claim rewards, list claimed rewards, or get more information about rewards, you can speak to the City Hall Library NPC. In-game Player Rewards are referred to as the City Lottery.

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