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PERPHeads Community Meeting (08/05/2020)

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PERPHeads Community Meeting (08/05/2020)
Hey there guys!

As promised in my last announcement, we will be hosting our first community meeting next week - We hope that you guys can get answers to each of your questions, allowing us to cover information regarding the future of the server and what we are going to do to combat the evident issues that we have been facing.

In order to add some structure to this, we will be asking you to submit questions in advance so we can prepare responses to answer these, with as much detail as possible. Questions will be asked in a random order by those who have submitted it, and done verbally on Teamspeak 3, your question will receive a response from the relevant people in our team, and you will be allowed to follow up on this response if you wish to do so (allowing for a short conversation around your question).

Wanting to ask a question at...

Paralake City Council - Law Reform Round #1

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Hello everyone,

It's that time of year again, when we try to do something with the Paralake City Council. This time we are going to start with small changes, and see how we can build it up to something bigger over time. This will all depend on how much community engagement there is, and how much of an interest there is for other things, such as a new elected council.

Law Reform Round #1
To start with, we have gone through the motions in the Law Reform forum, and selected some based on the following criteria:
  • The changes are not game breaking
  • The can be reasonable arguments for and against the changes
  • They cover different areas of the law
Three motions have been selected from the Law Reform forum for an initial round of voting. These are related to the following laws:
  • ...

24/04/2020 - Community Updates

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Good evening guys.

After lengthy talks within Senior Administration, we are excited to announce changes within the staff team and community. You guys have voiced your issues over the last couple of months, this is our response. The following changes will be effective immediately, all of these changes are subject to adaptation and change dependent on their overall effect in the coming weeks.

New ranks & roles:
  • Community Manager
    It is absolutely understood that there is a distinct lack of communication from the administration team to the community, we're often met with a lot of criticism that there's not enough transparency, there's a lack of movement with prevalent community issues and there's little being done about the dropping player count & toxicity throughout the server and forums. Our Community Manager will handle all of these aspects...

Small Update - 24/04/2020

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Update - 24/04/2020
The following changes will go live shortly.​

Change back to Paralake_v4 due to many community requests.

Listen to this while you read because @Dom_ demands it

Bug fixes/Changes @TinySlayer @Samuel and @Bolli have worked on include:

  • Fixed broken radio stations, with the addition of Area 61 Radio and Venice Classical Radio
  • Changes to the vehicle lights
  • Players can now enter civilian cars when they're on a job.
  • Players can now edit prices of store item they have placed down via the cash register without actually picking it up
  • Store item labels will no longer cause major FPS issues.
  • Spawns for both Roadcrew vehicles and impounded vehicles fixed.
  • Restrained players can no longer test drive cars...
  • Fixed...
Update - 24/04/2020.

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