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Server Events: 02/03/2019

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02/03/2019 - SERVER EVENTS
These events will take place on Saturday.

It's been a long while since we've had Server Events, so next week we're hosting a few for you.

Players will spawn inside a car on top of a platform, when the starting sound plays they will
push all others players off said platform. The final remaining car wins the derby.



PRIZE: $75,000 per winner (of each group)

Just like the Parker Raid event you all know and love, two teams will be given
weaponry to fight to the death. The defending team will be given a basic
defence to fend off the attacking...

Chemical Table Update Log - 22/02/2019

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Chemical Table Update Log - 22/02/2019

After many months of hard work from the entire development team, we are pleased to announce that the Chemical Table update has been released. This is has been one of the more complex updates, stretching some of the limits of what is possible with the engine, with complex and dynamic models that can be added to and adjusted on the fly.

Chemical Table

Chemical Tables can be placed in most properties on the map, but there are specific locations inside the properties that they can be placed. Simply equip your chemical table in a property that you have keys for, and you'll be able to see where it can be placed. Each property has a limit of how many chemical tables can be placed there.

Things that can be placed on the Chemical Table:
  • Propane Tanks are use...

PERPHeads Community Awards 2018 - Results

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After a week of voting, the community awards this year has come to a close. I'd like to personally thank everyone for taking part for the past five years, and I hope you can join us next year for a bigger and better community awards.

Here are your winners for 2018:

Funniest Member

Most Creative

Biggest Troll

Most Helpful

Friendliest Player

PERPHeads Community Awards 2018

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Oh hey, has it really been a whole year since the last awards?

Yes, it's that time of year again, the fifth annual community awards, it's time to vote for most notable players of the year!
Over the course of the year we've seen a bunch of people join us, leave us and every single player has made an impact on the server.

Announcements & Updates:
Xenforo 2
Drug System Update
Event System
TV Update
Katana Update...

Update Log - 10/12/2018

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Update Log - 10/12/2018

The following changes should go live tomorrow morning.
  • The bank vault restocks slightly faster
  • Added a couple of new tools for staff
  • Removed the old dispatcher exam
  • Police are now only allowed to take the pots and water from planter boxes
  • The Car Dealership now asks for confirmation before you sell your vehicle
  • Buffed first aid and repair skills slightly
  • Civilians can now use their bandages directly on other players
  • When there is a firefighter on duty, fires may randomly occur in abandoned locations
  • Fixed the fractions of dollars being handed out after bank robberies
  • Fixed various problems with 911 calls and smoke alarms
  • Fixed players being very slow when being dragged are being tasered or revived
  • Fixed some bullet hits not being correctly classified as headshots
  • Fixed cop slots changing to 8 briefly after the Mayor...

Update Log - 26/11/2018

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Update Log - 26/11/2018
There will be a significant update tomorrow morning, mainly focused around helping various aspects of the server stay balanced at all levels of activity. While I'm not going to go into detail on all of the numbers that we have chosen, then general approach is to aim for low risk resulting in low reward and high risk resulting in high reward if successful. As we have only been able to test balance settings on spreadsheets, once these changes have been live for a while we can tweak them if we receive detailed and constructive criticism on how fair and balanced they are.
  • Added another radio station
  • Added a new event
  • Added a /call command to speak to people you are on the phone with
  • Stopped adverts being anonymous
  • Improved how the Mayor Election runs
  • Mayor can now adjust the Road Crew salary and job slots
  • Mayor can now pay Medics and...

Update Log - 04/11/2018

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Update Log - 04/11/2018

Small set of bug fixes from the last week with a couple of little bonuses...
  • Roadcrew trucks are discouraged from flying
  • Increased the AFK timer for premium players when the server isn't busy
  • Fixed being able to rob the bank while running for Mayor
  • Fixed mayor being able to spawn cars
  • Fixed defibrillator not coping with stacked bodies
  • Fixed TV's breaking parts of the UI
  • Fixed not drowning while driving cars under water
  • Fixed various bugs with chairs
  • Fixed some life alert descriptions
  • Fixed the bank vault not coping well with explosives
  • Fixed NPCs searching people's pockets for knives
  • Flushed away some deprecated code
Thanks to @Super_, @Momo, @nickjedl and @Henk

Server Events: 11th November

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11/11/2018 - SERVER EVENTS
These events will take place on Sunday.

Halloween was a success, so be sure to free some time next Sunday for some more great events.

The concept is simple, you get a gun and a knife.
Your gun only has one bullet, however you gain another bullet after each kill.
Your knife is your other option, but be careful as you can only use that close range.

Stabs and shots are one hit kill, so be accurate.


WINNER (GROUP 2): @Super_

PRIZE: $75,000 per winner...​

Happy Halloween!

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PERPHeads - Happy Halloween!

It's that time of year again, so of course we have to bring you a spooky update.

As you may of already noticed there's a few in-game updates similar to last year.

An infection event will also be hosted at 7PM(GMT) on the 31st.
Growing Pumpkins

  • Pumpkin seeds can be bought from the Docks Pub or Hungriges Schwein Casino.
  • Pumpkins can be planted on a grassy area (maximum 5 pumpkins at a time)
  • Pumpkins can be kept or turned into other items.

  • Pumpkins can be made into candy packages, Jack-O'-Lanterns (with a lamp) or Pumpkin Spice.


Update Log - 29/10/2018

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Update Log - 29/10/2018

A slightly delayed log for the update this morning. Almost every change was from the bugs page or from the ideas and suggestions forum, so keep the bugs and ideas coming!

Hopefully I fixed more things than I broke.
  • Improved organization storage logs.
  • Government issued fire extinguishers can be found in police trunks.
  • Drug planter boxes can be be labeled.
  • Cooked fish now make you feel even less hungry.
  • The mixture menu can now be searched.
  • Replaced the Police Computer Reprimands tab with the new Employees tab.
  • Water tank filling failure message is now more informative.
  • Phone ringtones are no longer as loud.
  • The shooting range can no longer get foggy.
  • Dragging suspects now forces them into vehicles when dragged by passengers.
  • Life alert locations are now more informative.
  • Fixed incorrect life alert locations for vehicle...

Update Log - 26/09/2018

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Update Log - 26/09/2018

It's time for a major update (kind of)... The majority of the updates are bug fixes, but I've included a few little extras for your enjoyment!

There are also some changes for the staff, but nobody cares about getting promoted to staff, so I won't list them.
  • Added customisation preview to the Car Dealer
  • Added ability to toggle the flash on the camera
  • Added a front limo seat
  • Props can be picked up while standing in shallow water
  • Readded the fire engine skins
  • Players now get in the nearest available passenger seat
  • Updated radio stations
  • Added Police Broadcast (/pbc or /policebroadcast, requires a certain rank)
  • Added Courier chat (/courier, works the same as Roadcrew)
  • Added new police ranks
  • Added respawn timer
  • All Officers can now use the trunks of their cars
  • Fixed some police salaries and...

Updated Log 11/09/2018

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Update Log - 11/09/2018

Tomorrow morning a shiny little update will be going live. It's mainly bug fixes, but a few extras have crept in!
There have also been some unannounced fixes in the past couple of weeks
  • @Fredy added the new Battle Royale event
  • Buffed shotgun and swimming experience
  • Made dispatcher messages for warranted suspects more consistent
  • Rejigged some some of the fishing loot chances and added exclusive-to-fishing items
  • Fixed office benches
  • Fixed vehicle disabling & player respawning bug
  • Fixed props floating for many different reasons
  • Fixed drug confiscation and dispatcher logic
  • Fixed some fishing bugs, including when players disconnect
  • Fixed some naughty bug exploits
  • Fixed dispatcher camera pictures
With thanks to:

Server Events: 8th & 9th September

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08/09/2018 - SERVER EVENTS
These events will take place on Saturday.

Hey guys, after an absence of events for a while we thought we'd try shake them up a little.
If you guys have any suggestions for events in the future, small or big, post them below!

Chairs will be placed in a circle, your job is to keep on moving around them whilst the music plays.
When the music stops, you sit down on the nearest chair.
The last two people to sit down is out



PRIZE: $50,000 per winner (of each group)


Update Log - 31/08/2018

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Update Log - 31/08/2018

Another small update went live this morning, with the aim of improving a few areas of the game-play, as well as some bug fixes.
  • Added more Suduko levels
  • Added more staff logs
  • TFU slots now scale based on the number of Officers on duty
  • Due to over pollution of fishing areas, fishing rods now can hook other items as including some rarer and more valuable items
  • All Officers can view the properties of a warranted suspect
  • Added bandages to the default police gear
  • The nightstick can now push people
  • Cuffed players can now sit down
  • Added Roadcrew voice radio
  • Exposure to fire now properly removes the DNA from corpses
  • Fixed explosions not reducing the time a player can be revived for
  • Fixed bug where players would appear crouching while standing up
  • Fixed a couple of exploits
@Fredy also pushed a small hot-fix...

Changes to Senior Administration

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As you may of have noticed, @MrLewis has sadly resigned from his role as Senior Administrator. We'd like to thank him for his hard work and time he has given toward the staff team and the community during his time.

As a result, I've been attempting to decide who would be the right fit for the role, and have come to the conclusion that two Senior Administrators would be beneficial to pushing the staff team forward. This way we can handle refund requests, general community work & staff-related matters more effectively.

I hope you'll join me in congratulating @TinySlayer and @ayjay ツ to their new roles, and give them both a warm welcome to the Senior Administration team.

Thank you.

Update Log - 22/08/2018

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Update Log - 22/08/2018

We have another small quality of life update today bundled together with a whole bunch of things @TinySlayer fixed.
  • Added a visible timer when in jail
  • The backdoor of the PD now opens automatically (like the front door)
  • Added cool down to stim packs and slightly rebalanced them
  • Stolen vehicles can now be entered by the person who broke into them even after leaving the car (until the owner re-locks the car)
  • There is now a column in the org menu showing whether or not a member is online
  • Fixed crafting not giving experience towards the crafting skill level
Changes/Bugfixes by @TinySlayer:
  • Changed default ticket amount to $1000
  • Fixed couriers getting into police cars
  • Fixed phone messenger noise when holding a phone
  • Fixed getting stuck zoomed in with binoculars...

Update Log - 16/08/2018

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Update Log - 16/08/2018

Today we have a slightly bigger update for you that mainly focuses on changing crafting drastically and adding smoke detectors. Here's the full changelog:
  • Reworked crafting to not be as interactive anymore and generally much easier to use
    • You don't have to click on individual components to add them to the mixture anymore
    • Added a nice overview of the mixture that lists all skills required to craft it from scratch and additionally any raw ingredients you are missing to fully craft this item (any intermediate items you already have are taken into account as well)
    • You can now craft an entire item even though you don't have all immediate ingredients, as long as you have enough ingredients to craft any intermediate...

Update Log - 08/08/2018

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Update Log - 08/08/2018

After some time without any updates (mostly because of me being extremely busy) we now have a semi-heavy update for you. While most of the changes are relatively small I think they will improve the experience of everyone a lot.
  • Fixed legs not being shown when you look down
  • You can now choose to whisper in voice chat - limiting the range you can be heard from - by changing the mode using a key configurable in the F1 Menu (default G)
  • When a car is moving at a dangerous speed you now have to double press E to exit the car
  • There is now a call button in the messenger app
  • Removed the fee from doing bank transfers on the phone and upped the max transferable amount to $100,000
  • Fish prices are now 5 times as high, making fishing more profitable
  • Handing yourself in at the PD when having a warrant will now correctly...

Server Events: 20/07/2018

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Server Events: 20/07/2018 - Friday 5PM GMT +1

Hi everyone!

Events to be hosted will be:

TIME: 5:00PM

EVENT: Glass Co Parker Raid
Two teams, one in parker and one in Glass Co. The idea? Try to kill each other as quickly as possible with all the weapons provided for you.

PRIZE: Winners will receive 50K each.​


TIME: 7:00PM

EVENT: Zombie Apocalypse
The suburbs district will be quarinted off, your job? Go in there and eliminate as many of the infected as possible, ammo supply areas will be dotted around the district. Let's just say this sounds easier than its going to be.

Update Log - 27/05/2018

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Update Log - 27/05/2018
Today's update is mainly focused on revamping the new phone as well as releasing new server events.

Full changes:
  • New phone model, now based on the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, (Thanks @Hendricks for helping with the texture)
  • New phone model: (Thanks @Carrot, @StephenPuffs)
  • New minesweeper app with 4 different difficulty settings (most only available on certain resolutions because screen size limitations)
    • ...

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