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26/06/2020 - Community Photographer Event

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26/06/2020 - Community Photographer Event.

Hey guys,

Recently @flugs has put in some work and managed to make it possible for us to update the loading screen photos. As they are all quite outdated, we'd like to ask you guys to send in your best screenshots for a chance for them to be used in our new bundle of loading screen photos.

How to participate

To participate simply send me a PM with your screenshot (can be multiple) and also feel free to post them on this thread.

Preferable settings
- Highest model/texture detail
- Max AA
- Max AF
- 1080p
- Resolution 16:9
-No in-game or text hud visible.

What kind of screenshots are we looking for?

We're looking for photos which highlight the best features of the server, such as the custom weapons, vehicles, custom drug system and more. These photos should look attractive to potential new players...

20/06/20 - Community Updates

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Community Updates - 20/06/20
Missions/Quests, Roleplay Props, and Recent Events Regarding the CM Vote.

Good evening guys,

The Development team has recently been looking into implementations to the server that would help new players learn the game mode easier, the ideas the devs have in mind include a tutorial type system (missions/quests) which would guide new players through their experience on the server.

What the quest system would look like.

New players would have simple tasks which they will be guided through to teach them new aspects of the game, such as crafting, drugs, legal jobs, and the player economy. The quests will be fairly easy and would reward the player with starter items such as planter boxes, workbenches, and a car. Players would be directed to the quest by an arrow, likely shown somewhere in the inventory wheel menu, so that there isn't constantly an annoying...

[UPDATED] Staff Responsibilities - 18/06/20

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18/06/20 - Staff Responsibilities


The Head Administrator is responsible for the entire staff team's performance and management, this includes overviewing the work of the staff team, ensuring that everyone is fulfilling their role to an acceptable standard and that tasks such as staff complaints and staff applications are carried out. The Head Administrator can also carry out other administrative tasks if they wish.


Senior Administrators assist the Head Administrator in ensuring the performance and management of the staff team, this includes dealing with staff complaints, dealing with disputes and staff applications, whilst also updating the rules to ensure for quality gameplay. Senior Administrators may also carry out other administrative tasks such as appeals and...

18/06/2020 - Community Updates

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18/06/2020 - Community Updates

Good evening everyone,

As you all would have noticed, I have taken on the role of Community Manager. The process behind me getting this role, was a discussion between the Senior Administration team in which they chose a candidate they saw fit to hold this role (as @TinySlayer explained here). I'm extremely honored to take on this role and as someone who is passionate about this community, there are a lot of things that I will be looking into and changing.

Changes to the Community Manager role?

A couple of changes were made when I was given this role, meaning that I can still do administrative work. This being said, in my eyes a Community Manager is someone who represents the community to the staff team, making sure that the community is...

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