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PH Burnt Down

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TL;DR: Datacenter burnt down. Server was down for ~12 hours and restored from backups. Up to 24 hours of player progress was lost.

Today at 1 am GMT @Bolli called me and woke me up to notify me of degraded server performance. We suspected a DDoS attack was taking place and attacking our website/SQL Server.


However, as it turns out this was not the result of some DDoS attack but rather the results of the server overheating and the CPU throttling its frequency to compensate for high temperatures that were caused by the server and the entire datacenter literally burning.

As it turns out, the entire datacenter our server was hosted in went up in flames yesterday. The datacenter we were using was made up of 4 buildings, SBG1-SBG4...

Performance Update

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TL;DR: Over the past few days we released several updates that addressed performance issues and stutters. Some more issues will be addressed in the future, hopefully making performance even better.

@Bolli told me to write an effort post about these updates, so in case you are really interested, here it is. This is somewhat (although not extremely) technical, so it might not be that interesting for normal players to read.


FPS on the server has always been one of the major issues of the gamemode. Everyone just accepted that perp FPS is bad and never really looked at how to improve it. A lot of this was due to the fact that perp was not a well coded gamemode (and spoiler, most of the fps issues were in the very old parts of it) and people did not want to look at the utter mess some of the code is in. It is also always a lot more exciting to...

Community Spotlight #4 (02/03/2021)

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Tyla Jai here, your latest and greatest Community Manager - presenting you the fourth Community Spotlight, a recap of February 2021! We have a lot in the works including a CS:GO Tournament which will be open for registration hopefully in the next few days with the help of our newly launched Event Team.

Roleplay Acknowledgement

This is an opportunity to recognise some players for their roleplay this month. If you ever spot anything in-game that you think should be featured here then make sure to post any videos & pictures or consider making a recommendation on the forums! This month we will feature:​
Tinky was responsible for hosting a Car Show which had quite a few attendees.​
Well done mate you can claim your $50,000 reward by...

Update Log - 26/02/2021

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Update Log - 26/02/2021

Good morning guys! Some of you may have noticed already that an update has gone live today. This update contains only a few small changes, as we prepare to release some slightly larger changes in the near future (thanks for staying patient)

  • Added flashlight indicator to inventory wheel​
  • Added pickup and drop animations for cash​
  • Added a separate sound for when a staff member creates a report with a user​
  • Government radio, panics and organization chat are now blocked whilst performing an act (i.e. surrendering)​
  • Store items now only display text when you are looking directly at the item(s)​
  • A few debugging tools added​
  • A few fixes in how net messages are sent​
  • A few other bug fixes​

If you...

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