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Update Log (01/01/2021) - Happy new year!

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First off, an early-happy new year guys! I hope you all have a great start to 2021, here's a few small updates along with a few which weren't mentioned in previous update logs. These changes will go live tomorrow morning.

Here's the changes:
  • 2020 Holiday Snowman added (thanks to @roxie)
  • High visibility vest added for RTU (thanks to @Tyla Jai )
  • Porsche Cayenne police car handling has been adjusted (thanks to @Tyla Jai )
  • Free premium now lasts 5 days rather than 2
  • Announcements can now be toggled (@roxie)
  • Added some new ringtones
    • Ponpon Shit
    • Spongebob Theme
    • Awesome Face Song
    • Megalovania

A few other updates from a couple weeks back:...

PERPHeads Rewind 2020

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After a very tough year for all of us, Tyla and I have created PERPHeads Rewind 2020. I hope you all enjoy, here's to another year of PERP!

See you all next year! Really looking forward to what's to come!

PERPHeads Rewind 2020 - Submit your clips.

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Hi all,

To celebrate a bit of a shitter of year @Tyla Jai and I will be compiling and creating a PERPHeads rewind. Just send us some clips that fall into three categories:

  1. Funny or some sort of comical value
  2. Shows off some nice community spirit
  3. Any sort of "epic" moment
  4. Ideally not some e-sport player resolution

Click here to submit your clips. Preferably with raw footage and no music over the background. However, we will work with what we have. We are also not picky if it doesn't necessarily follow the rules to a T as long as no one was harmed.

Anyway, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Update Log 08/12/2020 & Christmas - 2020

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PERPHeads - A Festive Garry's Mod Community


Here are some changes that @TinySlayer, @Ayjay, and I have worked on, that will go live after the next restart

As usual, we are giving everyone a present during the Holidays. This year, an NPC by the name of Nicholas Johnson will hand out presents. Everyone who talks to him will receive a Holiday 2020 Present.
  • The present can not be opened before 6 PM 25/12/2020 GMT + 0 (UK Time).
  • If you do not talk to the NPC before the above timestamp, you will not receive a present.
  • You can not drop or store the present. It will be in your inventory until you open it.
  • If you are on Santa's Naughty List, he might zip tie you!

And like every year, we have of course added the big Christmas Tree...

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